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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Brum Bloggers X Oasis Bullring 'Wild and Wonderful' Collection

Hey cupcakes!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a fabulous event hosted by Brum Bloggers and Oasis Bullring to view the new collection inspired by one of the Natural History Museum displays.

The collaboration is called Wild & Wonderful and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The pieces in the collection are a variety of dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and accessories so something for everybody.

The main focus of the designs are the cute pastel floral designs, Minibeast prints and sometimes a mixture of both.

Now being local to Birmingham I jumped at the chance of viewing this collection and also seeing what else Oasis has in store. A little backstory, I used to shop in Oasis all the time until the Wolverhampton branch closed down. Major sigh! My favourite pair of jeans used to be Oasis jeans.... now this was very much when I was two stone lighter mind you... where are those jeans now actually?

When I looked around this bag really caught my eye, it seemed so perfect for my current job role as an Animal Educator and I felt as though it was calling me to purchase it. Do you think I bought it? I'll reveal down below!

We were given the opportunity to try on any and everything in store and try and mixed the new collection with it's own items or in store.

Here is what I choose to style and wear, tell me your favourite....

 Finally we were lucky enough to have lush food provided by Bills Restaurant, Smashbox offered a free makeover and provided us with free lipstick and to top that all off we got 20% off in store and access to a complimentary VIP styling.

What do you think of the collection?

And my new bug bag.... yup I bought the bag covered in Minibeasts and I can't wait to use it for work. If you want to see more about this event you can search #bbxoasisbullring or Brum Bloggers website!

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Unpredictable Spring Fashion

Hi Lovelies!

Does anyone else feel like Spring weather is really irritable when it comes to fashion? Like am I wearing knitwear or am I wearing light clothing?!!

Luckily for my day job I have a uniform - t-shirt/jeans/ankle boots - so thats consistent. But I find on the evenings/weekends I literally don't know what to wear because one day it's raining and I've got my heating on full blast in the car and the next day it's the AC turn. I just can't win!

Well, recently I wore an outfit that was a mixture of both warm and summer wear and I just want to quickly share it with you...

Jumper - River Island
Pleated Skirt - Primark
Sandals - Primark

How do you dress for the unpredictable Spring weather?

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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Photoshoot: Directed by a 9 Year Old

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Belated Easter!!

I had a fabulous outfit on Easter Sunday that I wanted to share with you guys on the Gram however I obviously needed someone to take the photos. Luckily for me my cousin, Natasha offered to do just that and then her son, Archie wanted to get involved too.

So Archie pretty much directed this whole shoot from where to look and what to do with my bag. You will notice there are slight changes to the outfit too but all items and where you can get them will be listed for you.

 Now, no more chatting here are the results....

Coat - River Island
Dress - Ichi
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Steve Madden

Shoes - CelebrityShoes4U
Belt - Dolce and Gabbana

I even got Archie to take a couple of photos which he loved! We almost had an accident of the camera being dropped but we were very quick haha!

I think both Archie and Natasha did a fabulous job and I might have to pay them next time haha! What did you think?

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Monday, 26 March 2018

EyeWake Gel

Hey Lovelies!

I recently received this new eye gel from the team over at EyeWake to review and I wanted to share with you my thoughts with you.

I'm always happy to receive items to review, especially from brands I'd never heard of so when I was presented with this opportunity I definitely wanted to be one of the first people to experience the product. I read up a little bit on this collagen gel before I received it, and as you can see it arrive during our last dramatic snow fall.

I opted to test this product out as part of my evening routine, rather then in the morning. This is a personal preference of mine as I believe a lot of skincare products work best and have a better chance of 'working their magic' overnight on my skin.  It is also because there is no make up covering the gel and I myself want to see the affects of what I am using.

The product arrived very quickly, even during the delayed post with the snow, and I was happy to receive a a full size bottle as you never know if you will gain a tester size product for reviews.

The packaging is pretty simple and it has a great pump which gives around a pea sized amount. I've always been told in a lot of instances with skincare that a little goes a long way, and it is true with  EyeWake.

I found more then enough product is given with each pump and was surprised at how refreshing and cool the actual gel is at application. I noticed over a few days of use that my eyes looked brighter and feel awake!!

I don't know if this improves dark circles as I have yet to witness this improvement on my skin but I will say it immediately reduces puffy eyes.  I have suffered with extreme eye puffiness recently and I reached for my EyeWake to sort the problem and it really works!

Not only does it work, but it's cruelty free which is always great to know and the business donate 5% of profit to Women's Aid Charity!!

Have you tried EyeWake?

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Body Confidence

Hey Y'all!

Over the last year I've put some weight on... straight to the point no messing around with this post!

But it's very true I have and although it's not drastic amounts, it is noticeable for me. It's at least one stone and my clothes are tighter and therefore I am having to purchase bigger clothes. But I have to say I'm kind of past the whole 'oh my goodness, I really need to loose weight phase'.

I've accepted that I'm on the curvy side and for any photoshoots I would be classed as Plus size because I am Size 12, this doesn't bother me in the slightest however ten years ago it really would have.

But now I'm so past caring, why? Because ten years ago I was all about impressing other people. I cared more about what I looked like to them, part of this was in my early twenties I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.

My partner of the time would constantly make me aware if I put on the slightest but of weight on my stomach or thigh area. That I really needed to work out with him and watch what I was eating. However I'm sure if the weight went straight to my chest is would have been classed as a win?!!! Strange how people pick what they find attractive on you and how we find their thoughts more important then our own isn't it?

I was hard on myself in my early twenties just to please him and others and at the time I thought I was pleasing myself.

Now I am in now way claiming that people shouldn't work out or stay fit and healthy, that is not the point on this post. I don't have time right now to work out and have no real desire to do so either.

This is my body today - I have stretch marks, cellulite and a belly podge - but I love every inch of my body! Any 'improvements' by working out in my eyes are just a bonus....

I think I know how to dress well for my figure of today, I think that's a great way of showing body confidence. Not feeling like you can't wear certain things because of your weight, and if something is a bit tight fitting for me I will rock it, adapt it to compliment my own figure.

I could go into this much deeper, and maybe I will one day.
Tell me about your body confidence.

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