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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Things to do before turning THIRTY!

Hi Folks!

As we enter the year 2016.... wait it's April so why do I feel as though the year has only just started still? My goodness this year is going way to fast! Well as it's 2016 and in exactly five months I must also come to terms with this being the year I will turn 30years old. Oh my goodness! Can you believe it?

So I wanted to do a post based around things I personally believe we should all try to do before we reach another milestone in age and some of them I have been lucky enough to achieve. But here is just a few that spring to mind....

Pass your driving test
And start driving asap.. I left this for so long but so happy to finally be able to get on the road and go wherever I need to go whenever I feel to. it gives you such a confidence boost and indolence, don't leave this too late.

Get a tattoo
I currently have five tattoos and I want so much more. All my tattoo's mean something to me and I definitely believe that if you get a tattoo it should mean something to you or be something you won't regret in your fifties or sixties.

Be a Maid of Honor
I am lucky enough to have been appointed main of honor three times in my lifetime and will be MOH for the second and third times in 2016 and 2017. You can keep up to date with this here? Make sure you check back for updates on How to be an awesome maid of honour too!

Spend time being single
We all want to fall in love - and there really is no rush into creating a family life for yourself and to those that achieve earlier on in their twenties I take my hat off to you. But I really do feel as though we need to spend time unattached to grow as people, learn the ways of life and get to know our own personalities. Once we are truly in love with ourselves, we can then allow others to love us.

Visit 30 countries
I won't accomplish this by my thirtieth however I think its a great idea and I decided to list my visits below (Including where I live the UK) and my figure is 13 - almost half way there but not quite. If you have the travel bug this will be an easy target for you, I however do not suit a backpack and hostels
United Kingdom

Visit somewhere amazingly huge and influential like New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo or Sydney
I've been to NYC which was amazing and you read about it here but my lifetime goal is definitely Tokyo! One day I will learn Japanese and I will visit all of these amazing places. I would advise visiting at least one by your thirtieth birthday.

Start your pension Plan
OK so you're probably thinking it's a bit early to be discussing retirement, but I think the fact we have been alive for three decades - which have flown by very quickly - calls for us to really think about our future. I'm not sure about you but I want to be financially stable when I retire and not have to worry about anything. So the sooner you sort this out, the better and future you will thank you!

So, what do you think? Leave a comment or contact me via social media, I'd love to know your thoughts.


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Ella Whitehead said...

Great post lovely! I definitely want to travel more and get a tattoo!

Ella xx

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