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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Health & Fitness: My Juice Plus Diet Journey

Hi Beauties!

So hands up; how many of you out there are struggling to loose the pounds? If your hands up then I was once there with you all and I was also of those who loves food a bit too much and hated working out; actually I still do love food and hate working out.

But I wanted to do a post based on my Juice Plus journey, for those of you who haven't heard of this brand of weight loss supplement then it is made of essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables. Not only that but it provides a fab variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, smoothie recipes and detox plans to help you on your journey. And as you can see it is working for me...

Here is my three months progression - and my journey hasn't ended there AT ALL. I have been working out twice a week for the first part of the dieting, recently I have relaxed a bit because I don't want to depend on this diet. I know all about crash diets but this is a way to completely change the way you eat and look at food.

I have my holiday in three weeks so I'm doing well to maintain the position I am currently in, I will start working out again and I am hoping the next time you see my in next to nothing on my blog I'll look hot in a bikini at the beach. So here's to the next three months of healthy eating!

Anyone else tried Juice Plus? Leave me some links so I can see your journey.

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