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Friday, 25 June 2010

My nail extensions!

Hi All!

I had my nails done today by my boyfriends sister, Dawn who has her own business. I have only ever gone to her to have them done, she is wicked and has often competed in the Nail Olympics and came 4th in 2008!! Today I just wanted simple white tips with a silver design and this is what she did for me.....

The tips are longer then I usually request but im sure ill manage somehow doing up buttons etc haha! I like that I stil have the classic french manicure but with a little bit extra :o)


Outfit of the Night

Hi All!

Here is a recent Outfit of the Night.....

Top: Vero Moda
Skirt: Primark
Heels: Bertie
(Click to enlarge)

Here is a close up of my make-up...

Hope you like ♥

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The items of clothing men hate on women!

Hi All!

So I read recently that although us women love our fashion and own a fair few items in our wardrobe that are often said to be 'staple items' there are many men out there who HATE them!

I found this quite amusing, but can also relate to some of the items because my fella dislikes a few of these too. But also shocking as I and many women I know own some of these items!! So here is the list some men reckon we shouldn't wear if we are trying to impress them....

Big Sunglasses
Their verdict: Men don't like us hiding our eyes, they say we often wear sunglasses too big.
My verdict: Who doesn't love a big pair of sunglasses be they Gucci or Chanel, they top off an outfit and yes we hide our eyes, especially when we're hungover :)

Their verdit: Too many women wear them and leave nothing to the imagination! They show every detail of thigh and bum if not covered and on some women, it is not flattering.
My verdict: I agree with the latter part of this reason, however they are just so comfy we cannot resist.

Their verdict: They cover too much skin
My verdict: You men are far too fusy, first you say no leggings they show every detail and then you say no tuxedo they cover you up... make your bloody minds up!

Hareem Pants
Their verdict:
They look like nappies
My verdict: Haha have to agree but i did buy a pair, purely for my holiday to Egypt!

Their verdict: They take too long to put on and make us look short
My verdict: Oh please do SHUT UP!

Their verdict:
Bob the builder attire
My verdict: Not something i'd wear myself but worn with the right accessories makes a nice summer outfit.

Their verdict: Women wear them all year around and they are so un-sexy
My verdict: Couldnt agree more, i think they are Ugg-ly!!!

Their verdict: Women look shapeless and like a toddler or a 70's mom
My verdict: No other words except: I love them!!!

(All images taken from

So what do you all think?


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Outfit of the Night in Blackpool

Hi All!!

It was my Uncle's birthday celebrations last night in good old Blackpool, the majority of my family travelled up there and hired out one Bed & Breakfast and four rooms in another!!! Yes there really was that many of us hehe. It was an amazing night full of drinking, flaming sambuca's, dancing, shoe swapping, Moet and a girl breaking her own leg on the dancefloor (im not kidding you!)

Anyways here are just a handful of pics from the night and my outfit...

Heels: Topshop
(actually my aunties heels that we swapped half way through the night haha)

Me and mine ♥

Front: My mom, me, karina, hayley & shanice
Back: aunty sue, aunty jeanette & aunty emma

Birthday boy, Moet & my momma


Good times!!!

Friday, 4 June 2010


Hi All!!

I haven;t posted my recent hauls in a while so I just thought it best I show you a few new additions to my wardrobe from the past few weeks....
Aztec bodycon dress £12
Watch out for a 'Outfit of the Night' very soon!

Bow pattern bodycon dress £10
Crop Top £8 in the sale

Neon Green boob tube £2.99
I wear these as bodycon skirts though, saves money and does the trick

Not much but it's something :)


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