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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Spartoo: Fiorelli Handbags

Hi All!!!

So this weeks 'Spartoo Spotlight' is all about Fiorelli handbags and I think it's safe to say we all know about these. I love that Fiorelli is stocked on Spartoo and I had to make a quick post about it for you all and with the current offer Spartoo has to give - 20% off selected Fiorelli bags - this post is a must.

What I admire about this brand is the wide selction of bags of all sizes and styles. Although we are more likely to see classic, simple and chic styles with Fiorelli, there is something about them that intrigues me. I like that there is wide selection to choose from even if some of the items maybe slightly 'plain' for my own personal taste. We're all different, but we can all appreciate a well made handbag when we see one.

The bags I have chosen to show you are a handful of my fav picks that Spartoo sell.....

I also picked these four bags as they are spot on with the current trends that are around at the moment. Although you have to pay a bit more for this brand, it is so worth it!! I have a friend who is obsessed with purchasing Fiorelli bags whenever she gets the chance. I'm sure she will like the sound of 20% off when I mention it to her ;o)

My favourite bag out the selection has the be the Cedar Violet .... I think i'm in love!
What do you like?


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Outfit of the Day: Winter's on it's way!!!

Hi All!!!

Soooooo i'm loving them more and more every time I wear them, here is another outfit tailored around the boots.....

Jumper: Hypnotic
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Office
Necklace: River Island
Beret: Oasis

A couple of close ups.......

I love this necklace.....

I decided to mix up the leopard print with splashes of red as this look is everywhere at te moment when animal print is mentioned for the A/W trend.

This outfit also kept me very warm today, regardless of the miserable weather!!
Hope you liked!


Friday, 24 September 2010


Hi All!!

Just spotted these Givenchy boots from the 'Legacy' range in the Spring 2008 collection...

After seeing them in the music video 'Official Girl' by Cassie featuring Lil Wayne, I am trully in love! I know they received mixed reviews... but i'm all about out of the ordinary!

I wish I owned them!!! ♥


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Stylist Magazine: Feline Fashion

Hi All!!

I was checking out the Stylist site and came across a cute idea of some adorable cats modelling jewellery! Stylist are giving us fashionistas the opportunity to download these images as backgrounds for our pc/laptops.

The images are beautiful and really shows the cats at their best (i seriously mean that!!) and also the jewellery is so BLINGIN'!!! The whole concept it a wicked idea!
Just take a look at these....

If you fancy having these as your backgrounds then visit Stylist now to download them!

Outfit of the Day: Fierce!!

Hi All!!

I finally built up the courage to wear my leopard print thigh high boots today so I obviously had to show you my outfit.....

Cardian: Ted Baker
3/4 Top: H&M
Jeans: Vero Moda
Belt: Primark
Boots: Office

I got a fair few looks with this attire, but who cares!!

Hope you liked!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Outfit of the day: Work!

Hi All!!

Here's a lil outfit post of what I wore to work...

Top: Topshop
Jeggings: Topshop
Flats: Barratts
Pashmina: Market

Something casual but I still make an effort I guess? I don't know about you, but I like my hair like this too hehe!!


Spartoo: Xti Boots Review

Hi All!!

As stated before you guys will see me post alot about the website Spartoo over the next few months. I am already a big fan of the site and if you ever want to view the wicked items they sell then you can always either click on the links I provide in these posts or click on the link down the right hand side of my blog which will always remain.

Now I have been given the delightful opportunity to review some items from the generous people at Spartoo too. So given the chance my first item to review had to be a pair of shoes and so I ordered these babies....

Xti Emelyn Grey Boots
(Also comes in black and navy)

I have recently been eyeing up a few cowboy/biker style boots but hadn't found the right pair so when I saw these I couldn't resist and decided to order them. Xti is a brand I had never heard of before so again Spartoo has given me a wide range of brands to choose from.

The distressed style teamed with the studs and straps give the original style of cowboy boot we all know an extra 'umph' and without these, I don't think they would look so good. The height of the heel is perfect too, doesn't look too high so I can totter about in them all day long and not feel like I am towering over everyone.

When they arrived I was very pleased, they looked just as they did on the site...

I wore them to work and got a few compliments on them which was nice. They were so comfy and I said to my friends 'these boots are definately getting a good review'. Here is a lil pic of what I wore with them yesterday....

Casual outfit for work
Top: Primark
Leggings: Accessorize
Boots: Xti

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Should I post videos?

Hi All!!

I'm not so sure, what do you all think?

If you would like to see video's posted by myself via You Tube, what would you most like the topics to be about?

- Shoes
- Outfits
- News
- Beauty
- Random
- Mish mash of all of the above?

Please leave a comment, thank you ♥

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Nails ♥

Hi All!

I got my nails did for my birthday.....

The question is: Leopard or Giraffe print? hehe!!

Trends: Knuckledusters

Hi All!!

So heres a trend I have noticed quite a bit recently are Knuckle dusters, and not just any brass made dusters I mean quirky, original and out there rings.

Just have a look at these....

Star Cluster Ring

Leopard Ring

LOVE ring

Now you may not have guessed this but I have always wanted to own a knuckle duster, so I am very happy that the girls at work bought me this one for my birthday from River Island....

Will you be purchasing a knuckle duster?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

My 24th Birthday: Gifts

Hi All!!

Here's a quick post of some of the gifts I received for my birthday......

Motel Dress

Aqua Couture Dress

Miss Diva Shoeboots

Swarovski Headphones

River Island Knuckleduster

Miss Selfridge Earrings

Topshop Earrings

Lipsy Earrings

River Island Earrings

House of Fraser Bracelet

Eylure False Lashes

Armani Bag


My 24th Birthday: The Dresses

Hi All!!

So I officially turned 24 years young on Thursday 16th September...... OMG!! I have been off work all week chillaxin and it was a wonderful birthday. But no birthday would be complete without not one, but two birthday dresses and partying it up!

So here are a few photos of my birthday dresses......

Dress: Aqua Couture
Heels: Miss Diva
(Dress from my mom)

Birthday dress number two....

Dress: Motel
Heels: River Island
Feather Clutch: Barrats
(Dress from my boyfriend)

Hope you liked them as I sure do!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aviators hide everything!

Hi All!!

Here's a photo of me at around 8am this week on my way to work, why I took a photo of myself this early in the morning on a weekday... I have no idea haha! All I know is that I love that you can't even tell how tired I am in this photo. Aviators with reflected lenses do the trick perfectly....

Aviators: Primark
Flower in hair: Boots
Headband: Primark


Hello Kitty by Victoria Couture ♥

Hi All!!

I came across these delightful Hello Kitty bags designed by Victoria Couture on the brill website Spartoo and they have really grown on me.

I'm not one for cutesy kinda of bags, but there is just something about Hello Kitty that I think you will all agree makes any female of any age secretly, if not aloud find themselves loving their stuff. It's just something about the style, texture, glitter and not forgetting the bold kitty logo... thats the best part.... that gets us weak at the knees. I can never resist browsing the stuff and there is such a wide range of items in the Hello Kitty brand it's really hard not to, it's definately an empire in it's own right.

Myself, I own a purse from the range and have always wanted a big chunky necklace but when I came across these bags and I thought 'Mmmm me likey!' Isn't it funny that when I was a little girl I used to walk around using my moms 'grown up' handbag when playing dress up and now as an adult myself, the idea of walking around with a child like bag is definately quite the opposite. You somehow revisit your childhood with these styles of bags, but when you see a fellow fashionista tottering around town with something by Hello Kitty on their person, you know she enjoys quirky!

Here are just some of the styles of bags I mean and I thank you Spartoo for having such a big selection of bags on your site....

What do you think? Quirky or Childish?

Monday, 6 September 2010

A day at the races ♥

Hi All!!

So I went to Ladies evening at the horse races on Saturday night with some of my family fo my Nans 65th birthday! It was brilliant and I wont a lil bit of cash too *whoop*

Here are some photos from the event:

Waiting to eat :o)

My mom
My first winning horse: Fantasy Fighter!!

Outfit of the Night
Dress: Lipsy
Fascinator with netting: Claires Accessories
Fascinator with feathers: Bridal shop
(Yes im wearing two hehe)

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