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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Christmas Giveaway **NOW CLOSED***

Hi All!!

I am finally posting about my Christmas giveaway which I have been dying to share with you all for a couple of weeks now. This is something I really wanted to do as the year is coming to an end and it's another year that my blog has grown in so many ways. I have gained so many more followers, reviewed some great products and just generally grown as a blogger as I post a lot more often then I used to. I thought this would be a nice way to give back, although I am aware only one of you will be winning these goodies.

So here are the items I am giving away....

The Giveaway
Burts Bees Tin
2x Lush Bath Bombs

Take a closer look at the items....

Day Cream, Night Cream, Body Cream, Hand Salve

Cinders Bath Bomb
Lily Lush Pud Bath Bomb

How to enter:
♥ You must be a follower of my blog via blogspot/google friend connect
♥ For an extra entry you must be a follower of my Twitter account and tweet 'I have entered @Doma_Nikki christmas giveaway with Lush and Burts Bees goodies here'
♥ You must comment under this post stating you would like to be entered into the competition
♥ For two entries simply make a quick post about the giveaway linking back to my blog

Competition cosing date: Wednesday 14th December 8pm (GMT
I will post anywhere free of charge!
The winner will be picked via names out of a hat
I will state who it is in a post and then we will go from there!!
(Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!)
Okay... good luck!!!


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photoshoot: Pin Up/Headshots

Hi All!!

As mentioned previously before I did a photoshoot with photographer Neal Shaw this weekend and here are a few shots from it...

I love working with Neal, he is so talented and fun to work with. We have previously worked together before so I knew I would gain some great images for my portfolio. You can see more of his work or more of my modelling here on my website. Other shots taken by him are with the, bridal, bowler hat and orange dress.

What do you think?


Monday, 28 November 2011

Upcoming Posts

Hi All!!

I have a few posts that I want to share soon but haven't got round to posting them yet. I really hope I get a new laptop for Christmas, my home PC is so old and slow it really puts me off blogging and I only get access to my boyfriends PC everyonce in a while :(

Anyways I wanted to do a brief post of what will be featured here in the next few days, and it's also a great way to remind myself of what I need to be posting....

♥ Review: Feather Punks
♥ Images from my Pin Up/Headshoots Photoshoot
♥ Christmas Blog Giveaway
♥ Face of the Day/Outfit of the Day
♥ Top Tips: Christmas Presents on a Budget
♥ Christmas Shopping Inspiration

For now here's a photo of me whilst at my photoshoot, with a whole lot of hair and wearing one of my favourite lipsticks MAC 'Girl about Town' and my Aqua Couture dress...


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nails: In the Nude

Hi All!!

Yesterday I changed my nail colour to a nude shade purely because I had a photoshoot booked and it wouldn't have been ideal to have those Christmas themed nails that I showed you all here. I prefer to have nails that stand out but it's aso nice to have something simple and calming every now and then....

Nails Inc: 'London'

As mentioned above my photoshoot yesterday was with the talented Neal Shaw and you can check out his work here. Here is a sneak preview of one of the outfits I wore....

Leotard: River Island
Suspenders/Stockings: Birmingham Market
Lipstick: MAC 'Russian Red'

If you are following me on Twitter (@Doma_Nikki) then you will have already seen this photo and possibly one of the first shots of the shoot. I won't post it just yet as I am waiting to receive more images from the shoot so that I can do a full blog post! I am so excited to show you all though so watch this space!


Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Countdown

Hi All!

As it is 25/11/11 I want to do a post because on this date next month it will be CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! So it is officially 29 days until the big day (listen to me sounding like it's a wedding or some sort) and I am really excited now and wanted to share some images I found on good old Tumblr....

Christmas Decorations

Candy Canes

Twinkle Lights

Santa Costumes

Christmas Movies

Christmas Pressies and Goodies

I love these, really makes me feel excited for this season. If you think i'm overreacting slightly now then wait until it gets closer to 25th December!!!

I also mentioned on my Twitter account (@Doma_Nikki) earlier this week that I will be having a Christmas Giveaway so watch this space for that announcement and to see what prizes I will be giving away. I will tell you though that they will all be Burts Bees and Lush goodies :)

Images sourced from tumblr

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Company Magazine Giveaway

Hi All

Just wanted to let you all know that if you buy this months Company magazine you will get a free Build it/Lash it Mascara....

I've got mine!!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nails: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hi All!!

December is next week and I am getting so very excited for Christmas and everything that is associated with it. So to get myself into the mood I decided to paint my nails with this theme......

Nails: Kiss 100 in 'Short Square'
Red: No7 'Salsa'
Green: Nails Inc 'Emerald Street'

Once I got to work I thought I would take another photo of my nails wearing these Christmas rings that came with some cupcakes a colleague bought from Greggs...

How cute!!!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Outfit Inspiration

Hi All!!

The Christmas part season is almost amongst us, I think I will be posting a few inspirational outfits as the weeks go by. You never know you may just see something that might perfect your very own party outfit.

The first outfit is something I would wear as we all know I love sparkly things.....

Dress: Asos
Heels: Schuh
Ring/Earrings: Topshop
Belt: Zara

So all items are high street brands, I think this is an easy look to achieve. I just adore these sparkly shoes as you might remember I own myself and I just can't get enough of them. Pefect heels for Christmas outfits.

What do you think?


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Video Blog: My Hair Journey Part 2

Hi All!!

If you remember earlier this year I did a video post on my YouTube channel to show you all what my hair looks like without wearing any hair extensions; I also did a blog post here. Well today I have posted another video for you to see the progress of my hair journey so far, check it out...

Firstly I wanted to say what might work for me may or may not work for others. This is purely from my own experience with using these products.

I like how in the comparison photos you can see the difference in texture, my hair looks healthier and you can see a slight difference in length.

Here are some more photos...

Here are the Products I use.....

I am so happy my hair is getting back on track, i've got a long way to go yet but i've started somewhere and happy with the progress. Anyone got any tips?

What do you think of my hair's progress so far?


Outfit of the Night: Tailored Red

Hi All!!

Here is a recent outfit I wore on a night out, I wanted to try something different to what I usually wear on a night out. Just so you know I am really really really into bow-ties at the moment, i'm not sure where this new found love has come from but it's here and I think it's going to stay for a while. I have even recently worn my boyfriends black bow tie but have now purchased a nice little silver one for myself just so he doesn't get fed up of me wearing his haha.

This outfit is an example of the Tailoring trend that I blogged about here earlier this month. I love masculine tailoring and I thought I would do my own little feminie touch to the style....

Sorry this isn't that clear of a photo, my camera has been playing up quite a lot recently, I dread to say it but I think I need a new one... again.....

Skirt: River Island
Sleeveless Shirt: Jane Norman
Heels: Schuh

Blazer: ASOS

Bow-tie: Topman

I decided to do my hair pretty simple and just straightened it with a side sweeped fringe. I will be doing a review of some new hair straigtners I had for my birthday, they really are the best so watch out for that....

What do you think?


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stylist Magazine & Topshop Discount

Hi All!!

If you get a chance to get one of the last of this weeks FREE Stylist magazines today at your local train/bus station then make sure you pick one up!!!!

I picked one up yesterday and inside there is a Topshop discount promotion page which has a little card stuck inside for you to take with you next time you go to Topshop. With this card you could get any of the following discounts 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% off your next pruchase. It all depends on the symbol printed on the card.

Discount only applies between 16th November and 22nd November.

I hope you all manage to get one

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Autumn Images

Hi All!!

I thought I would show you some images I took today....

I love Autumn, I love the way the leaves change colour and I think these are some great images of the farm life at the moment. The house is always so cosy with that fireplace, thats my step-sisters kitty 'Tumble Tots' and of all the things to photograph; the oven but it constantly radiates heat and keeps the kitchen warm! I love it! Not forgetting Poppy the working dog, she's so cute and loves to go on walks around the farm :)


Outfit of the Night: Masquerade

Hi All!!

Last night I went to my friends 21st Birthday party and the theme was 'Masquerade' you might remember I did a post about which mask to choose here well I didn't choose any of those masks!

Here is what I wore.....

Dress: Aqua Couture
Heels: Schuh

An here is a close up of the mask I wore...

Mask: Accessorize
Feather Clip: Primark

I went for this, soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it as it was so original, I have never seen a mask like this before. I teamed it up with the feather slide I had seen in Primark which was a bargain for only £1!!!

I was also talking to Kayleigh who attended the party and thought I had to post her outfit too...

I hope I can find a photo of Annmarie's outfit to show you guys but heres a peek of everyone in the limo....

Hope you liked!


Friday, 11 November 2011

BBC Children in Need Style Challenge

Hi All!!

So this year BBC Children in Need have teamed up with Debenhams, to challenge five celebrities to design a clothing collection all to raise money for a great cause! The celebs are as follows; Alexandra Burke, Tamara Ecclestone, Patsy Kensit, Chipmunk and Kevin Pietersen!! These guys will unveil statement styles in a new limited edition collection for Debenhams in aid of BBC Children in Need.

The collection will be assessed by the design and buying teams, with the best pieces being chosen to go on sale in branches of Debenhams across the UK and online, all to raise money for this year’s BBC Children in Need campaign.

Check out the video...

To vote for your favourite design, text the celebrity's name below to 80588, texts will be charged at £1.50 per message plus one standard rate message, 90p will go to BBC Children in Need.

Text the word:
'ALEX' to vote for Alexandra Burke
'CHIPMUNK' to vote for Chipmunk
'KEVIN' to vote for Kevin Pieterson
'PATSY' to vote for Patsy Kensit
'TAMARA' to vote for Tamara Eccleston

Or enter free by posting your vote to PO Box 1000 London W12 7TS The vote closes at midnight on 21 November. You must be over 16 and have the bill payer's permission. The winner of the vote and the competition will be announced online on 25 November.

Also if you are around tomorrow night the unveilling of the creations will be taking place with drinkies or you can join the conversation about the project on Twitter! #CiNFashion

For more info just click here


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Celebrity Style: Amber Rose

Hi All!!

If you haven't heard of this women yet I am not too sure where you have been? I have only really been noticing Amber Rose' style in recent months but have been well aware of her presence on the hip hop scene since she first stepped out as the girlfriend of Kanye West. At present she is dating Wiz Khalifa- but my post is not about her personal love interests, it is about her personal STYLE!

Being a curvy girl myself who adores all things tight I love what she steps out in on the red carpet and on her nights out. And lets not forget her platinum blonde shaved head, how many people can pull that look off? A very small number I think! Although I am not really a fan of people who wear sunglasses indoors, I find it quite pretentious in ways but she has made striking shades apart of her statement look.

Check out my favourite of her looks.....

I think it is refreshing when a women embraces her curves and isn't afraid to make a statement via her outfit.

Images sourced from and Google Images

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Currently Loving: Cute Nail Art

Hi All!!

Another post devoted to the wonders of nail art for you guys! I'm always on the look out for something new and unique when I get mine done. More recently I have seen so many cute nail art designs I thought I would share this with you...

All images sourced from Google
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