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Introducing Domanique Sings...

So who is 'Domanique Sings...' you may ask yourselves?

For those who are unaware as well as a Fashion & Lifestyle blogger, I am also a semi-professional singer specialising in Motown and Modern day hits based in the West Midlands. Watch this video to find out more specifics on the topic....

I pretty much covered all the details in the video however I am so excited for upcoming projects which include brand collaborations with my singing and blogging, new material coming out soon, local gigs so make sure you come to see me and so much more.

Don't forget you can socialise with me online via all social media avenues using @domaniquesings this includes Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Facebook..... make sure you give me a follow and share the love.

If you want to hear more of my covers and original music, or just fancy staying up to date with me then don't forget to check out my Website and my YouTube


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