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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: 'Take 3' Payment Plan

Hi All!

Sometimes we see things in store or online, we want them so badly but just can't quite afford it there and there or can't justify spending a certain amount on an item in one go. This is where the online catalogue payment plans - when used wisely - help out a great deal.

I want to share my experience of using the Take 3 payment plan last year before Christmas with you all for anyone who might have thought of using this option or never knew about it.

Before Christmas I was looking for a party dress for my works Christmas party, I decided I really wanted the Lipsy VIP but I couldn't afford to buy it there and then so I opted for the Take 3 plan.

I have never used this plan with Very before or catalogues and it really was one of the easiest options. After placing my order around 4pm Thursday night the dress arrived by 10am Friday morning - super fast delivery! I honestly felt really bad because I hadn't even made my first payment yet but the dress was lovely and you can see here I wore it to the work Christmas party....

My overall thoughts on this plan is great (as long as you stick to it) because I was given a time scale on when each payment is due and a minimum amount I needed to pay - this is confirmed in your statement before you receive the item. And if you are like me you will be fine, I stuck to those dates/fees and set reminders for myself, I also got email reminders from Very themselves..... and within three months the dress was officially mine.

I would definiately use this again and i'm already thinking about doing it to get a new TV for my room. I would never take silly advantages of this though as I think some people get themselves into an awful amount of debt using catalogues. Honestly as long as you stick to the dates and minimum payment given its really simple.

Has anyone else used this plan with Very before, what did you think?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Haul: Personalised Canvas Bag

Hi All!!

You will have all heard about the personalised caricature style canvas bags that portray each owner individually in the form of a fashionista on the front. I do not own one of these bags but I think they are really cute, however one of my friends has created something similar, my very own unique styled bag and here it is...

As you can see she has put a rabbit on the front and my name, I love it!! She is doing these for her friends and family with symbols that represent each owner. A nice twist to the bags you see on the high street I think.

Do you like it? What would you have to represent yourself?


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Currently Loving: My Top Blogs

Hi All!!

So firstly I want to say...... Happy Valentines Day to each and everyone of you; single or taken!

This post is about sharing the love with you all and maybe giving some of my readers an insight to the kind of blogs I like to read. I don't always get a chance to look through other bloggers work, so I when I do I mainly like to see posts about fashion, personal style, local events, reviews and beauty. There are so many of us now and I just wanted to dedicate a post to some blogs I really enjoy reading and look out for their new posts.

So I wanted to share the love and show you the top blogs I am really enjoying recently, so in no particular order....

Diamonds and Pearls
I couldn't not mention the lovely Naomi, I actually went to school with her younger brother and she is the only blogger I know outside of the blogging community. Naomi embraces her curves and I think she inspires a lot of plus size ladies out there to enjoy fashion and style just as much as she does. Her blog is great and her style is fab!

Glamour and Pearls
If you like seeing creative nail designs and great designer attire then look no further then here. I always get nail envy when I visit but this blogger always give's me great idea's for when I might next have my high heels on or want to get my nails did.

Heidi - Likes
Over at Heidi's blog you can find a great mixture of different trends all pulled off by one lady. Not only does she put together some great looks that are on point she is also one of the only bloggers who has enlightened me on a couple of brands/websites that I have never heard of through her reviews.

For great make up looks and beauty reviews then check out this blog. Its also great for you darker skinned ladies to gain beauty inspiration. This is one of those bloggers who speaks her mind and you can see her personality shine through in her posts. Definitely great to read!

Luxx Mint
Laura is a local lass based in Birmingham and has also featured as a Midlands ambassador for Grazia Magazine. Its great to read someones blog who is 'in the know' about local events so that I can try and attend some of them. I find some great reads on her blog about these local events and also really like her style.

Pink and Leopard Prints
I have not been following her blog for long but I really love to read her about her hair transition and also checking out the new eye make up looks that she tries out.

The Hollywood Heels
Chloe's blog inspires me a lot, she is not afraid to put certain pieces together and always looks so damn hot. Her customization skills are wicked and I wish she could make me a few pieces because I am terrible at custom wear.

Do read any of the above and if you already do which are your favourite?
If you do a post like this please also link me, I like to be aware to new exciting blogs to add to my list.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nails: Valentines Day

Hi All!

So Valentines Day is tomorrow and although I am not in a relationship I am nowhere near against it and I will be celebrating it with my best (single) friend. We are going for a meal together so none of this 'woe is me I ams ingle' rubbish for us!

Whether you are in a relationship or not you should cherish those around you each and everyday, Valentines is just a day to remind people of this just like Mothers day or Fathers day.

And on this topic I came across this photo on Facebook and thought I would share it for those who are always trying out new styles.....

I think this is a lovely Valentines day inspired nail trick and can be done in many colour schemes. What do you think?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Outfit of the Night: Bunny Playsuit

Hi All

Last night I wore this lovely outfit to my cousins baby shower....

Playsuit: Primark with bunny motif 
Tights: Primark
Heels: Primark

Bowler Hat: Topshop

My little obsession with rabbits is becoming quite clear as you probably all can see haha. I know that it's still Winter but I really wanted to wear this outfit last night and this is actually now the third time I've worn the playsuit out since I bought it around Christmas time.

What do you think of this outfit?

I also noticed my follower number is creeping ever so close to 500, so once I hit that number I will be announcing a special celebration giveaway!



Haul: Bargain Buys

Hi All!!

I have purchased a few bargains this weekend that I wanted to share with you all. Today I went to a couple of places to get these wicked items.

The first was a secret sale in Edgbaston, Birmingham of a lovely lady who is selling her never been worn or worn once designer items for great prices. Here is what I bought.....

Alexander McQueen Scarf - £20

I also headed to the New Life Charity store in Cannock and picked up these boots with 15% off.....

New Look Hidden Wedges - £7.50

Studded Boots - £7.50

Another successful bargain hunt and I think there will be a fair few outfit posts including this bunch coming up very soon. What do you think?


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Outfit of the Night: Grunge Girl

Hi All!!

Last night I went to my cousins birthday party and had so much fun. I just thought I would show you what I wore...

 Midi Bodycon Dress: £5 Shop
Heels: Primark

Here's a close up of how I did my make up....
Bowler hat: Topshop

Whist i'm here you might like to see my new tattoo I got yesterday also, it's a little ode to my furries.....

This is a completely different look for me and I got a few compliments on the outfit which is always nice. What do you think?


My £60 MAC Giveaway Win

Hi All!!

For those of you who already follow the lovely Laura over at Laura Louise Beauty you will know that she held a giveaway featuring £60 worth of MAC goodies plus some other beauty products as a way to say thank you to her followers. 

I am really happy to announce that it was me who won them!!!!

I won....
* MAC Opulash mascara (optimum black)
* MAC Russian Red Lipgloss
* MAC nail polish 'coffee break'
* Nouveau lashes 
* Elegant Touch nail wraps
* REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask
* Rodial Dragon's blood sculpting gel

I was absolutely delighted to win these goodies so thank you Laura!! I'm sure you will all see some posts including these in the near future!

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