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Monday, 28 September 2009

Another bargain clothes haul!

Hi All!

So you all know I do love Primark a bit too much, and today I decided i'd have a browse in my local store. For the first time in a while I almost walked out the store without buying anything which is not normal for me!! But then I saw some stripes draped over the sale rack, and there it was the dress below for only £3.....

I have to say this is not something i'd usually go for but for £3 I thought theres no harm in taking the risk, so i bought it :o)

My mother also took a trip to the Newlife Charity Warehouse this week which she visits about twice a month, usually with my nan, to check out what they had instore. For those that don't know, this warehouse stocks items such as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etcetcetc and the money goes to the charity to help disabled babies and children. I'm not 100% sure how much of the money goes to the charity, but im sure it's a fair amount.

I love going to this place when I get the chance because they stock items from some of our fav stores such as River Island, but also rare items from Karen Millen and French Connection at cheap prices!! It's all about having your rummage head on though. But anyways... heres what the mother picked up for me...

Marks & Spencers skirt: £6

River Island skirt: £7

More bargaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!!! I love them!! Anything you bought recently for cheap?

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Currently Loving....


Anything and everything with studs on, i'm there!!! I recently bought some heels from Next with studs on and I love them sooooo much!! I will upload a photo of them soon, or you will see them in my upcoming post of my birthday haul!!

Clothing, shoes and accessories with studs on are in trend at the moment, so if your feeling this trend as I am get yourself down to Tophop, New Look, River Island or shop online at!

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Saturday, 26 September 2009


Hi All!!!

Hope your all well, sorry I haven't really posted this week, ive been really busy with starting back at university and working!

This post is just a quick one, asking you what your opinions are on my options for this years Halloween 2009 outfit? My possible oufits are non-halloween related and non-original, so i'll be doing the whole 'Mean Girls' scenario; using it as the one time of year when a girl can dress as a 'slut' and not be called one :o)

So last year was amazing; me and the fella went as Alice in Wonderland and a Cowboy (random combination I know) to a charity halloween fancy dress event and here's a sneak peek of that night....

Anyways lets get down to it, these are my options!




What do you all think? All are priced around £30 and I have to say i'm leaning more towards the sailor; my boyfriend loves them all haha! (I'm not hiring as I cannot find any of these outfits to hire) I'd appreciate your feedback on which outfit you prefer cause I can't decide at the moment!

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Monday, 21 September 2009

Should i?

Hi All!!

So I work two part time jobs in a Funeral Directors as a receptionist and in Boots the Chemist as a sales assistant.. but I still seem to be broke constantly after paying board money, direct debits and just trying to live a decdent life!!! So the question is, should I do the following and become a dog walker....

I know theres no demand for this job title
but i guess its worth a go if I market myself correct?
Any ideas?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Giveaway Entry!

Hi All!

The lovely Victoria at Lily loves Lola is having a fab Maybelline giveaway!! I'm entering because I don't usually use Maybelline as a brand, so this is a great opportunity to enter and get a chance of winning some freebies :o)

To be in with a chance of winning here are Victoria's rules:
♥ Follow my blog

♥ Leave a comment saying that you would like to enter and tell me why you like my blog. I thought that would be a good way for me to get some feedback so I can continue to make it a fun and interesting read :)

♥ For an extra entry you can blog about my contest on your blog and include the link. Just make sure you let me know that you have done it.

The reason I like your blog Victoria, is because is sooo cute, you give great informative posts and your photos are always really clear (unlike some of mine haha)! Keep up the fab work :o)



Channeling my inner model was fun!

Hi All!

My birthday gift from my mom was a photoshoot with Wolverhampton based photographer Alex Styles which I did today! I must say it was effing awesome!!!! I was so nervous at first but once I relaxed I couldn't and didn't want to stop.

My friends would definately call me a poser, I do love the camera, i'm not gonna lie lol! But i've never done a photoshoot before, well not counting my make-over shoot when I was 15yrs old... you know the Olan Mills kind? haha! Anyways, I took a couple of practise photo's before I headed out and just thought i'd show you!

My make-up/hair look!

(I did this at the shoot)

I cannot wait to go and pick my photos, they all looked amazing! Alex took about 600 frames altogether and I wore six different outfits!!! I will post my photos once i've been to see them which is in two weeks time!

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Birthday Celebrations Photo's!

Hi All!!

So as you all know it was my 23rd birthday on Wednesday 16th September. I just wanted to share photos of my day and the drunken celebrations.....

My Boyfriend, Richard cooked for me for the first time ever!
(We've only been together 17 months lol)

My lush salmon dinner

Yummy desert! Look at the presentation!

Bit tipsy already with my Moet Champagne from my 22nd bday!

My birthday outfit!

Some of my girlies :o)

Bit of podium dancing!!

♥ Peace ♥

Strike a pose!!

I ♥ this!!!!

It was a brilliant day and night, we were all very drunk and danced the night away! I will be posting a birhday haul soon so you can see what I got once i've spent all my birthday money/vouchers so watch out for that :o)

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Boots the Chemist Information!

Hi All!!!

So as some of you may know as my second job I am currently a part time sales assistant at......

I've been thinking that from now on I will hopefully be able to give you all a heads up of what the current/future offers are at Boots when I find out myself. Also, if you guys have any questions regarding Boots I could give you details to the best of my knowledge and hopefully help you out. Unfortunately I am not being paid extra for this, although I wish I could haha! What I was hoping for is if my UK followers in particular, could just give a little feedback on this idea? do you guys think this may benefit some of you?

Just so you know, I have been an employee of Boots since November 2003 as a Sunday girl. I work on the main tills but have experience on the Fragrance section, No7 and Benefit so I know a bit about beauty stuff :o)

My first FYI, which the majority of you may already know is that we currently have a 3 for 2 mix and match offer across all of:
♥ Self selection cosmetics (excludes premium brands such as clinique, dior, lancome etc)
♥ Haircare
♥ Skincare

ie. You can buy three items within for example cosmetics from any self selection brand and get the cheapest free. You cannot mix the offer across cosmetics, haircare and skincare.

If the majority of you believe this will be beneficial to you, I will conduct 'Boots: FYI' posts whenever I see a offer I think you may find interesting. And for those of you who need to ask any questions regarding Boots; my email adress is situated on the right hand side of the page.

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Primark Haul!!

Hi All!!

Yes thats right, a haul from one of my favourite stores, but you knew that!!
So heres what I bought last week...
Sunglasses 'ray ban' style £1

Leopard print top £1

Leggings £4

Skinny 'stonewash' jeans £6
(they look quite big for a size 10 haha)

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It's my Birthday!

Its my birthday today
I am now 23 years old
OMFG!! I wanna be 16 again!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Just my luck!!!

Hi All!!

So I have a photo shoot on Saturday which is my birthday present from the mother *thanks moms*! Im reaaaaally looking forward to it, however i've recently broken out with a gathering of spots on my chin and cheek :o(

I need your help ladies, how can I get rid of these fast??!! I will be cleansing and toning every night before bedtime as per usual.. but is there anything else that can help me?

List of things to do:
♥ Cleanse and tone
♥ Drink loads of water
♥ Use a blemish mud mask

Anything else?


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Birthday Wishlist

Hi All!!

So I will be turning 23 years old on Wednesdy 16th September, yup thats in four days time... *dammit* This is coming from the girl who has always looked forward to her birthday ever since she can remember, but this year i'm not sure whats going on! I think it's the number '23' gah!! So because i'm officially getting older and there isn't much I really need, i've asked family/friends to give me vouchers or money and then I can decided what I want. Plus its so much easier! So i've been looking around and i've spotted a few things to fufill my wish list, it's not much but it's enough to treat myself to!

♥ I really like this Lisa Jayne Dann dress which costs £150, but i'm lusting after it so much! I don't care how much money I get, I can treat myself to this regardless right?

♥ I thought this French Connection Clutch looked so pretty also!

♥ And I really need to invest in a blazer, sequined or black tailored.. either way, I NEED ONE!!!

So that's it really! I can tell i'm getting older... four things?? haha it's usually about fourty things on my wishlist :o)

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Hi All!

Here is what I have purchased this week....

Leggings £3.99

Lint Rolls £1 each
Eyelashes £1

Bourjois Clubbing Mascara
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation
Collection 2000 Liquid Eyeliner
(all on 3 for 2 offer, i spent around £8/9 which includes work discount)
Black Bobby hair pins £1.20
Boots magazine Free

A good haul considering I haven't really been able to spend much on myself recently! Also i'd like to point out that Boots currently have a 3for2 mix and match offer across cosmetics and the same offer across facial skincare, so what are you waiting for? Take advantage :o)

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Outfit of the Day

Hi All!!

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday on a mini shopping trip!

Shirt Dress: Oasis
Belt: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Bangles: Primark/Gifts
Earrings: Topshop

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Handbag Kitty!

Hi All!!

So my cat Gizmo and I took a trip round to a friend of mine's new home not so long ago to visit his new kitten. To those who dont know about Gizmo can find out more about him here.

Gizmo is a housecat and is terrified of the outdoors, so getting him out of the house is not an easy task. Trust me! However I figured out a way to get him out the house in a safe, comfortable way without him seeing the outside world; and it works a treat! This is what I carried him in....

My French Connection Shopper!
Now thats a cat with style

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Currently Loving....

Buffy the Backside Slayer

This scrub is for the whole body but more importantly for your more delicate areas; the thighs and bum! It smells divine; I think a mixture of cocoa butter and almonds? YUM!! It does a fabulous job of leaving the skin feeling very smooth!!

If your new to Lush Handmade Cosmetics then just click that link to check it out (but im sure we've all heard of LUSH!!! ) And if you want some more info on Buffy then just click here!

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Be Mine?

Alexander McQueen
Knuckle Duster Box Clutch

I need you in my possession!!

I entered the competition on the Elle Magazine website! You gotta be in it, to win it!

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New Series: FlashForward

Hi All!!

Soooo this is completelyy random but.... who's seen the advert for a brand new show called Flashforward on Chanel Five? Anyone?!!

I've seen it a few times and I cannot wait for this show to air and I really hope it wont be a let down! There aren't many tv programmes I get excited over so it should be a good un... hopefully.

If you haven't seen the advert yet and are unsure of what it will be about, then just click here

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Blog Award!

Hi All!!

I have been given another fabulous award, this time by the lovely Pipalachic so thank you missus :o)

The rules are as follows:
♥ Tell ten random facts about yourself
♥ Give the award on to some more bloggers

1. I own the worlds stupidest, dumbest, most annoying cat ever! And yet he is still a cutie!

2. My favourite colour is blue, but I rarely wear it.

3. I'd choose a horror or action film over a chick flick anyday.

4. I am obsessed with facebook, but miss the myspace days.

5. If I was given a huge amount of money, the first few places i'd hit are MAC, ASOS, River Island and my beloved Primark!!

6. In the past two months I have lost over a stone in weight and not one part of me is happy about that! Purely because I was slim beforehand so now I look slightly thing; and half of my wardrobe no longer fits me :o(

7. My fav brand of chocolate is Reeses and im not even a big fan of peanut butter.

8. I loooooooooove sushi!! YUM♥

9. My favourite pair of heels are the ones that hurt the most.. typical!

10. I wish I could own all of the Christian Dior handbags ever made.

Because i'm having a lazy day, i've decided to tag everyone and give this award to anyone who is following me, who hasn't already received this award!!! I think every blog deserves an award for the dedication and hard work we put into our blogs! Let me know if you've posted about this award because i've tagged you :o)

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Monday, 7 September 2009

And the winner is......

*drum roll please*
Katy Wilko
Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of the following:

If you can please send me your full address to my email which is:
I will post the goodies to you buy the end of the week!!
A big thank you again to all my followers and everyone who entered!


100+ Followers Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Hi All!!

Just so you know, the giveaway is ending tonight at 8.00pm (gmt)!! Soooo if you haven't entered already, and want to then make sure you do!! The winner will be announced as soon as possible :o)


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trends: Over-the-Knee Boots

Hi All!

One of my top three fashion bibles; Vogue, states that one of Autumn/Winter 2009 fashion trends are over-the knee boots. Vogue HQ suggest that legs get the VIP treatment with dramatice over-the-top proportions.

So what do you all think when you look at the following photos....

I can tell you what i think:
Hooker heels ♥ Chanel ♥ Sexy

And the below is fashion icon, Kate Moss....

Those of you who are British must have noticed that she is rarely photographed without wearing her over-the-knee boots in autumn/winter.
Be they flats or heels.
I love that she wears them so casually and gets away with it!

I am personally a big fan of over-the-knee boots, I actually own two pairs, but having said this have only worn them three times since owning both pairs. Which will have been since 2005/6? This is purely because I havent a clue what to wear with them most of the time. I really worry that the look im going for maybe perceived by others and thought of just as the first photo of Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'. Usually I dont care what others think, but I daren't walk down a street at night on my way to a club and be mistaken for something i'm not :o)

All in all though I have to say that I have taken these boots out of their boxes, which are unhappily collecting dust on top of my wardrobe, on a number of occasions over the past few winters with the intent to wear them on a night out. However this year I am determined to actually leave the house with them on!! The key to pulling off this trend is to accessorise correctly and not over do it!!

What I find funny is that I think I may just purchase a pair in brown or tan!! I am loving the folllowing boots....

And then something like these for everyday wear.....

All in all I do believe Vogue have stated a clear fact that over-the-knee boots will be seen around more this year then any other since the 80's! If leggings can make such a huge impact, regardless in some cases of camel toe and cellulite, then why cant over-the-knee boots?!

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Cheapest Haul Ever!!!

Hi All!!

This is my recent haul, and all for 70p!!!!

No7 4in1 Quick Thinking Face Wipes
MAC Lipstick 'Bombshell'
Olive Oil 'Replenishing Pak'

Yes, you read the above correct, shall I let you into the secret??

Well..... I used my Boots £5 off No7/Ruby & Millie voucher for the wipes, and with my Staff discount I actually got the wipes for free!!! I also did a Back 2 MAC by bringing six empty MAC cosmetic containers and also got my lipstick for free!! And finally the replenish pack only cost about 70p!! Voila...

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