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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Im back for good now :o)

Hellooo sexy-sugarplums!!

Yes i know i've been gone for a while, but i should be back for good now! Basically, im still single.. boooo but i'll be fine! :o)

As you might know i went to Zante two weeks ago.. it was amazing.. i didn't want to come home!! Heres a few photos from the fab times on holiday....

Well just wanted you all to know im still alive!! How have you all been?


Saturday, 11 July 2009

I'm kinda, sort of back...

Hi All!!

I hope you are all well? Just a little update really, me and the guy are trying to sort things out at the moment so keep your fingers crossed for me :o)

I just wanted to show you my new snazzy phone.. i know you've probably all seen them around. Say hello to Bella the Blackberry Curve...

I will be posting this week, before I go on a much needed break to Zante!!! Apologise for not posting much recently :o)

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