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Monday, 25 January 2010

Outfit of the Night!

Hi All!!!

Saturday night was my works second Christmas meal at a local hotel, which was quite an enjoyable night and the food was really nice. The first Christmas meal was just before the festive holidays and I have no complaints about the food but the company that night was odd. For those who don't know or can't remember I work two jobs, during the weeks I am a part time receptionist at a Funeral Directors and on Sundays I work at Boots!

At the funeral directors there is a sort of divide, sort of us and them between the office staff and garage staff... really sad but i'm just glad I get on with both 'sides'. So this is the reason for two Christmas meals for the same workplace *shakes head*

Anyways, this is what I wore..

Top: Topsop
High Waisted Skirt: Topshop Vintage
Belt: Primark

It would have been nice if you could see my heels, I had on Goldish peep-toe heels! Hope you like! :o)


Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Hair

Hi All!!!

So I dyed my hair colour this week for a change and to help me out majorly when buying hair extensions. (Anyone else get that prolem?) My natural hair colour is a really odd black/brown, it could never make its mind up! Sometimes it looked black and then in certain lighting it looked brown.

Below are some photos of my natural hair colour, looking brownish one day and then black another....

You can see my problem right? So I took the plunge this week and this is the outcome.....

It matches my hair extensions perfectly *YAY*

I used Dark & Lovely hair dye in 'Jet Black' and my hair extensions are shade 1! Im so happy I wont have the drama of trying to match up my own hair to extensions anymore :o)


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Outfit of the Day

Hi All!!!!

This is a slightly belated OOTD, from last weekend when we still had the snow!! The pose is a bit random but hey.....

Batwing Hoody
Dior Moonboots
Armani Bag



Monday, 18 January 2010

Do you have facebook? Yes? Then please vote for me!!!

Hi All!!

So I have a few questions for you all and one favour to ask!! If you have a facebook account then please please please do me a huge favour! I have entered a competition for The New Face of Travalo 2010 now this competition is all legit and you can find out more information here on the webite....

Basically Travalo sells these proucts...

Now I entered this competition a while back (October/November) and had completely forgot about it until I was contacted today to say I made the top 20!! *whoop whoop*

Now if I can ask of just 2 minutes of your time please follow these steps to help me out:

1: Join this group: Travalo Facebook Group

2. The above link is also the finalist album, so please find my photo which is the one below...

3. Comment the photo to say you are voting for me! And thats it :)

If you wish to add me on facebook also feel free, I am the first person to comment on the pic hehe! Thank you so so much if you do this for me!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Almost 200+ followers, you know what that means?!!

Another giveaway!!!!
*whoop whoop*

I am currently ten followers away from 200+ followers of my blog!!! When I officially make the 200+ mark, I will be conducting another giveaway, as I did when I reached 100+ followers! Details of the giveaway will be revealed once I get more followers, but I asure you it will be bigger and better then the last giveaway :o)

I know I dont have 937483 followers like some of our fab fellow bloggers do, but it still excites me when I see that number slowly but surely creep up!

Lets play the waiting game.....


Monday, 11 January 2010

Victoria Secrets 2010 Fashion Show

Hi All!

I have literally just finished watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2010 collection on the E! Channel and OH.MY.GOD!!! I am seriously so jealous of those stunning models... it's not fair! I wish I had a make-up artist and hair stylist who would make me look like them everyday of the week!

The Black Eyed Peas sang there this year and I must say Fergie was looking fabulous....

Just have a look at some of the stunning outfits people...

I want I want I want!! But i'll have to make do with my Ann Summers get up tonight *sigh*.... a bit too much? haha!! ;)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mini Haul!

Hi All!

So who else is mega hooked on all kinds of headbands? I have all different kinds and can not seem to stop buying them! Their so versatile and I love wearing them in all sorts of ways. Richard cannot stand them, but I don't careee it's my head and I can do what I want with it haha! Anyways... I just bought a new one from the workplace (Boots) in the sale for £3.50.....

Also bought these lush pearl earrings for £2 in sale also...

Overall i'm one happy bunny for such a cute, elegant mini haul i'd say....


Friday, 8 January 2010

Rant: Motel Rocks Customer Service Review

Hi All!

So a mini rant coming you way! Basically, I wanted to spend some of my xmas money on a new Motel dress.. as I do not own ANYTHING from motel, but I adore the brand! So after alot of umming and aahhing I picked out this dress...

I ordered it in the sale £2o on December 26th hoping it would arrive within the next few days... I received a confirmation email from Motel and then also from the third party company who deal with the payment. I also checked my bank account to see if I had been debited for the amount by Motel and I had. So I waited... and waited... and waited but nothing! No package in the post!

I finally decided to check my email inbox to find a email from Motel stating the order now had a status amendment and were currently 'awaiting fulfilment'. So I emailed them as I thought they were saying I hadn't paid for the dress which I clearly had. I received no reply for three days from customer service. Yesterday I emailed them again and finally received a reply today to say that that dress was currently out of stock and would I like to make a replacement order! HA HA HA!

So obviously as you have debited my account, I might aswell go for another outfit, duh! So I chose this one....

I'm not sure if anyone has had trouble with ordering from Motel before, and im sure this was just an honest mistake, but they could have sent me a more detailed email in the first place as to why there was a status change! And why on earth did it take five days for me to receive contact from them about this??? Now lets see how long it takes for me to get my replacement dress!

Anyone else had a problem with the Motel customer service?


Outfit of the Night!

Hi All!!

So the fella took me out for a few drinks last night! It was one of those last minute arrangements and we had a brill time... isn't that always the way? Anyways I just thought I would show you what I wore.

Top: Topshop
Leggings: Primark
Heels: River Island
Pearl Chain Necklace: Vintage

I also wanted to show you how wicked my new camera is!! Richard bought me a Samsung PL50 for xmas which I was not expecting, so much so that because I literally didn't speak for about ten minutes after opening the present, he thought I didn't like it or wasn't grateful for it. But trust me I was!!! I've been complaining for months how crap my old camera is and was just so shocked he bought me a new one hahaa!!

Anyways, I love that this camera has a 'beauty shot' mode which 'retouches the skin to make it appear smooth and blemish-free' and by god I love it! Just look at this.....

I love it... I should have really done a before and after but tbh I didnt even have time to, these were taken just as we were about to leave the house haha! I know it makes me look lighter skinned but you can def see how smooth my skin appears!!

Also the fella complained that I don't write about him enough on my blog haha! So check out Richard's outfit....

Shirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Jeans: Topman
Chains: New Look & River Island
Bracelets: Topman


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January Sales Haul

Hi All!

So I see many of us have been enjoying the sales, and as I kept my clothes ban from October to December I in particular needed to spend some money on myself! I bought a mixture if things as you can see.....

Girls Aloud False Lashes Boxset
Half price & staff discount in Boots sale

Ann Summers Knickers & Suspenders
£5 in sale
£3 in sale

River Island Tulip Skirt
Bought by mom for me, heavily reduced though :)


Topshop Crop Tops
£10 in sale

£12 in sale (I adore this one)

£10 in sale (very elegant)

I think I did pretty well! Now im on the prowl for some nice Biker ankleboots.. if you''ve seen any around for a reasonable price, please let me know!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

NOTD & Gizmo :o)

Hi All!!!!

I have been constantly painting my nails hot pink recently, so I thought i'd go for a change and paint them red! This is Barry M 262 'Bright Red'.... its the perfect shading of red for work and also a night out :o)

I also thought i'd share some photos of Gizmo getting comfy and about to fall asleep.....

Bless him ♥


My Top 5 Fav Heels ♥

Hi All!!

Just a quick show and tell post of my top five favourite heels! So here we go.....

Studded Gladiator Heels
I was a big fan of the Dior gladiator heels Sarah Jessica Parker made so popular in the SATC Movie, but never found any that gave me the wow factor, until I saw these. Being someone who never shops in Next, I was shocked when I found these beauts and had to buy them. Only worn them once, but I do adore them.

Silver Stilleto Heels
These are by far a favourite of mine! Any outfit that requires silver heels... I wear these even though I own another silver pair. These used to be the highest heels I owned until recently, and are unfortunately the most uncomfortable by the end of the night! I love the snake skin detail and the soft bit that goes around the ankle. Their scuffed a bit now, shows just how much I wear them!

White Stiletto Heels
No matter how 'tacky' some people may think they are, I believe every girl should have at least one pair of white heels in there collection. Bought from my beloved Primark over two years ago they are another pair I wear alot. They are not too high and very comfy.... they are also the heels I met my fella in haha.

Nude Platform Heels
A one year anniversary gift from my fella.. I have to like these ;) Only joking, I love them! Myy first pair of nude heels and with the combination of a slight platform, peep toe and silver detailing, they might possibly be my most prettiest heels. Surprisingly the most comfortable out of all five.

Statement Heels
You have all seen these in one of my previous posts, the 'Spanish Tickler' heels given as a xmas present from the mother. How cool are these? I don't even know what to say about them except they are very original and stunning! They def make a statement I think you'd all agree.

And there you have it! I own a fair few heels, around 30 pairs, and thats not including flats, boots etc! Finding my top 5 wasn't so hard but I ave many heels to choose from that make me smile when I see them... sad I know :o)
So if you feel to show me your top five heels, go ahead and I look forward to your posts!

Thanks for reading
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