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Monday, 31 January 2011

Trends: Kimono Jackets

Hi All!

Just thought i'd share this trend with you that I was told about at my shoot with Company magazine. Although you may have seen a few jackets in this style around Topshop you will be able to find more Kimono style jackets at more stores come Spring/Summer!

Here are some cute ones I picked out....

What do you think?


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Survey Results

Hi All!!

At the beginning of January I asked you all to take part in a survey to help me figure out what you as readers would like to see more of on my blog! The results are in and I wanted to say....

Image sourced from

Here is what you would like to see more of......

Outfit of the day = 42%
Fashion Trends 2011 = 23%
Beauty Revews = 14%
Face of the Day/Night = 9%
Nails of the Week = 4%
Fashion Reviews = 4%

I will do my best to post more of these topics for you all in the future ♥



Saturday, 29 January 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hi All!!

Here is a recent oufit of the day.....

Leather jacket: Playboy
Top: Topshop
Leggings: H&M

Scarf: Unkown
Belt: Primark

Legwarmers: Market
Boots: River Island

And here's a look at my smoky eyeshadow....

Inner Eye: Barry M 'Old Gold'
Lid: MAC Pigment 'Teal'
Outer Eye: MAC 'Carbon'
Liquid Liner: Collection 2000
False Lashes: Ardell '117'

I hope you liked this look!


Great News: I'm going to be in COMPANY Magazine!!!

Hi All

I am so excited to fill you all in with this news!! Where do I start?

Ok, firstly I am a avid reader of Company magazine I buy this magazine religiously every month. I always find myself attracted to the front cover stories, fashion news and I know I am guaranteed a good read. I came across the 'Street Girl Style' spread in the last two editions I had bought. This features a different reader each month who models their favourite trends of the season. Luckily Company were still looking for more readers to model trends.

Obviously I thought why not! So I entered through the Company Facebook page with this photo..

I simply had to put as the caption what trends I would be interested in modelling in this feature. I chose to mention my keen interest in the leather skirts/shorts trend and the berry lipstick trend.

A week past until I heard anything, and then I was asked to contact the Company stylist on Tuesday with my details and more photo's! I had been picked to do a shoot for the magazine! Word's cannot describe just how happy and excited I was!!

Too cut a very long story short I managed to book the day off work (fantastic and supportive manager I have) borrow money off my mom for the train tickets and went down to East Croydon on Thursday to the sylist's home to do the shoot!

It went well and I will actually be featured in the High Street Edition of the magazine that is issued only twice a year...

Bonus!! And this is the style of spread I will be seen in...

The day went so well and it was over in a flash! I am so excited to buy the edition in March and so privileged to have been picked!

As you can imagine I got a sneak peek of this years Spring/Summer trends according to Company.. and was in awe of all of the clothes and shoes used for the shoot. Here are some heels I couldn't keep my eyes off....

Overall a great experience and a fabulous day! The issue will be out in March so either buy it then or watch out for a post about it here!

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Blog Competition: EXTENDED!!

Hi All!!

The deadline to my Spartoo competition has now been extended until February 14th!

I need more entries.... if no one enters then it'll be an easy win for the only entry - Naomi!

If you want to be in with the chance of winning a £50 voucher to use on Spartoo on any shoes or bags then just enter the giveaway here!


Friday, 28 January 2011

Nails: Polka Dots

Hi All!!!

I got my nails done yesterday with a design i've wanted to try out for a while; hot pink tips, polka dots and diamontes......

I love nail art so much!! Hmmm what design to have next?!


Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Vintage Obsession: Raiding my Nan's wardrobe!

Hi All!!

As my obsession with Vintage clothing grows as each day passes I had an idea whilst at my grandparents last week. My nan is such a hoarder (where me and my mom more then likely get it from) so I reckoned she is bound to have some items of clothing from back in the day that she no longer has use for.

So I asked he kindly:
Me: 'Nan? Do you have any clothes or accessories from decades ago that I could have?'
Nan: 'Yes, let's have a look!'

And this is what I was lucky enough to find...

Sequin Butterfly Top
I have seen a few girls wearing tops like this one but how many of them can say theres was made in the 80's?

Chunky Jumper
Fitted with shoulder pads and the popular knitted patterns I was so happy to receive this

Lemon Knitted Jumper
My nan has only worn this once, she paid a lot of money for an old friend of hers to knit this jumper. I fell in love with it instantly.

Selection of Jewellery
She always gave me all of this jewellery from the 70's and 80's

I really did feel like i've been out shopping when I returned home with all of these goodies! Anyone else raided a family members wardrobe for Vintage clothes?

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spartoo Review: Converse

Hi All!!

Given my recent opportunity to choose an item from the Spartoo website I decided to treat the boyfriend, Richard with something. My boy just like many others out there, is a big fan of this brand; and luckily for him this website has a wide range of Converse to choose from.

I have to say Richard is just as bad as a girl when it comes to making a decision over gifted shoes. The excitment that overcomes you when you have a wide selection to go through and then that tough decision making you have to do when you finally have two or three items to pick from. Luckily he gave me his final decision shortly after and he choose these....

They arrived within the week as per usual from the guys and gals at Spartoo so no drama with the item to being delivered. I love that every item I have received from Spartoo has been delivered so quickly!

Just as they appeared on the website we were very happy with them. Richard himself has reviewed these for me and has said that they are a very well made paid of All Star's, he finds them comfortable and therefore wears them as often as possible. He is able to put these with almost any outfit he wears and thinks they'll will last a long time in his shoe collection.

Richard has seen how happy I have been with item's received from the Spartoo website and now he is a fan also. You wouldn't believe how many times I have spotted him browsing the many other brands they have to offer.

Another satisfied customer!

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January's Haul: Statement Rings

Hi All!!

As mentioned in a earlier post I am spreading my recent buys since Christmas over a few posts for you all. Today's post is about the jewellery I have bought. I am a big fan of statement anything so when I took a trip to Topshop and River Island this month I picked up a few statment rings at bargain prices in the sale.

River Island Knuckduster

It is missing a few gems but it's so sparkly and no one will ever notice on a night out..




Apologise for the very messy nail polish, had an incident with Missy whilst I was painting them haha!

I love these great additions to my jewellery colletion! Anyone else purchase some nice bling this month?

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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Trends: Varsity Jackets

Hi All!

This is a couple of months late but one of the latest trends you may have already seen around on the high street is the American preppy look. This trends is very casual and involves cardigans, pretty prom dresses and sweat tops. But what better way to pull this look off with the key piece... varsity jackets!

Here are some items I picked out...


New Look

What do you think of this trend?

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My New Phone

Hi All!!

I upgraded my phone this week from my Blackberry Curve to a Blackberry Torch...

I've only had it a few days but I am in love with it already! If you have already had a BB and are not looking to switch to a iPhone - because we all know there is war between Blackberry and iPhone users- then this is very easy to get the hang of.

I have never had any problems with my previous phone apart from the trackball sticking but now these have been replaced with a sensor this shouldn't be a problem. Anyone else got this phone?

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The Rockettes Charity 'Big Night Out'

Hi All!

First if all thank you for reading this post, it means a lot to me ♥

I wanted to share with you the news that The Rockettes and I have organised our first charity event. We are holding a night out for family, friends and anyone who is interested in support of two great charities:
♥ Macmillan Cancer Support
♥ British Heart Foundation

We have confirmed some great acts to perform at the event alongside us such as:
♥ Stiltwalkers
♥ Michael Buble/Robbie Williams 'Kings of swing' tribute
♥ Burlesque Dance act
♥ Reggae band 'Progression'
&&& many more!!

There will be food, raffle prize draws and a disco so it is a guaranteed fab night out! We have also been featured in our local newspaper the Express & Star....

The point of this post was to spread the word of our night for two great causes. I appreciate many of my readers are nowhere near Kingswinford which is where the event will be held but if by any chance you feel youu would like to donate to either of the charities you are more then welcome to do this.

You can donate through our JustGiving pages:
Just Giving BHF
Just Giving Macmillan

If you would like to support our event you can donate from as little as 1p and please be aware that the site is very secure. The majority of the donations have been given has been by cash via payment for tickets (£5) to the event or for raffle tickets. I am happy to announce we have sold roughly 100 tickets already with many more people which is fab :o)

Again thank you for reading this post and if you want to donate, spread the word via your blogs etc then please please please feel free!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Review: Arbonne Make Up Primer

Hi All!

Arbonne Make-up Primer

It's Purpose:
Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application

My thought:
I was first given the opportunity to test this product for a week from Jeni at JRS Make up Artist who is also a Independent Consultant for the Arbonne. After this week trial I decided to purchase it for myself because it really made a difference. I have never used a make up primer before, so being my first to try out I was careful to critique it well. First of all the packagine of the product is really nice and elegant.....

The primer is dispensed through a pump, which I personally prefer to anything else. ...

What I noticed immediatley after dispensing it onto my hands to blend onto my face is the velvet texture. It feels so nice I can't describe to you and makes my skin feel very smooth.

Once I had blended it onto my face it almost felt like a light layer on top of my skin. Then when I applied my make-up it seemed to take to my skin a lot easier. My make up is set for the majority of the day and even better for a night out as I don't need to reapply my foundation or blush.

I would definately recommend this product, for £24 it is worth every penny. You don't need to use too much of the product which makes it last for a very long time in my vanity case. Not only does it help your foundation last longer but will also improves the look of your skin!
*Thumbs Up*

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

£2 Beauty Haul!

Hi All!!

Are you wondering how I managed the below beauty items for just £2?

M.A.C Lipstick 'Russian Red
I was due my latest Back 2 MAC with six empty containers. I wasn't too sure what lippy I wanted to add to my collection. But once I got to the counter I decided to go for a red and was recommended Russian Red. I have seen this lippy around so much and it is very popular with many people so it really is about time I added it to my collection.

No7 Nail Polish 'Salsa'
I used my £5 off voucher for No7 to buy this polish. Its more of a shimmery shade then what you can see here so watch out for a nails of the week.

I couldn't wait to try on my lippy.....

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January's Haul: Cow Vintage

Hi All!!

This will be the first of three posts of what I have picked up in the month of January. Todday's post is to show you what I have purchased from Cow Vintage since Christmas.

I am gradually becoming more and more obsessed with this store and all of the great vintage items that it stocks. I visit the store in Birmingham, just off the main high street (New Street) and I often have a gander in there on my lunch breaks.

Here is what I have recently picked up......

80's Bodycon Skirt
£2 in the sale

Crop Top
£3 in the sale

Leather Skirt
£10 in the sale

Leather Skirt

I am so glad that I have a local-ish vintage I can visit regularly for great items! I will definately be purchasing from them more often.

Who else is a big fan of this store?

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My Blog Competition: 10 Days to go!!

Hi All!

Just wanted to remind you all of the £50 Spartoo voucher giveaway that I am currently holding for all my readers. This voucher entitles the winner to purchase any item of shoes or bags from a wide range of well known brands .

Time is ticking... you have 10 days to enter

Fancy something from...
Miss Sixty
Steve Madden
Iron Fist
Hello Kitty
Irregular Choice
&& many more

If so then I really hope some of you enter, so far I have had.. zero entries! It's really quick and easy to do but just click here for details.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gizmo & Missy

Hi All!

Just wanted to update you on how my new bunny Missy is doing at her new home. As you may remember my boyfriend gave me Missy as a Christmas present after I begged him for a new bunny! She is my fifth bunny but my first house rabbit... and trust me it is very different to having an outdoor rabbit.

She currently lives here...

This basket is big enough to fit a small dog in so very spacious for Missy, do not think that I keep her locked up in here 24/7. She has free roam of the bedroom this is just her litter tray/bedroom temporarily. It's quite funny that she usually prefers to chill out in her 'bedroom' when she has all the space of my room to run free.

She and Gizmo are getting along luckily for me....

However most of the time this scene usually occurs.....

Gizmo loves just watching her, I don't think he quite understands that she will be living here permantly. Missy is also trained now to use her own litterpan which is great considering we had one incident of her weeing all over my bedsheets - not good for me! But now she has taken a strange liking to Gizmo's litter tray as well as her own... poor Gizmo!

I just wanted to show you the above images, my babies are so cute!

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