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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Autumn ready

Hey Ladies!

I can't believe it's been two months since I posted an outfit inspiration post and being a current obsessive over fedora's right now I had to include a fedora into this one...

Isn't the colour of this hat just lush? And I definitely was not going to have too much fuss going on in this outfit otherwise I think it would be too busy. Don't you just love it when a random outfit comes to mind and then you see it in the flesh? I wish I had masses amount of money to buy everything I imagine.... I'd be forever shopping.

Do you like this outfit?


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Website of the month: Amour&Mer

Hi Darlins!

Summer might be over but that doesn't mean you can stop checking out fabulous swimwear for next year or that hot holiday you have coming up this Autumn/Winter. I have been checking out this great online store Amour and Mer which means 'Love Sea'

They have some fabulous designs guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd at that pool party you're looking forward to attending or just so you look extra special whilst getting your tan on. These are my favourite's from the site...

As their popularity grows I bet the variety of items to choose from will grow too. Definitely a brand to watch and with such a cute memorable name I can't see this brand fading away anytime soon no matter the time of year. Don't forget you can check them out on Facebook & Instagram.

Have you had chance to check them out? If so leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on them!



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pet Tips: Things you need to know before owning a Sphynx cat

Hi Folks!

Have you ever looked at an exotic pedigree cat and thought 'I so want one of those'.. like in particular a Sphynx? Because I sure have and for numerous years, I think since I was a teen I have always want to re-home a gorgeous Sphynx kitty.

Well now I finally am the proud owner of a pedigree Sphynx called Gadget and really felt that after five months it was time to do a blog post and share my inside wisdom of a few tips you definitely need to know before owning one. These are the top things you need to know from a new Sphynx owner...

1. They are very needy cats
Imagine this breed is the cat version of dogs, no seriously they really can be like that annoying dog your friend might have that won't leave you alone every time you visit. I mean imagine him/her wanting affection non stop... it sounds amazing and trust me it can be but they never stop with it. They require attention 24/7 and you need to be ready for this, I mean really ready and to help you out it is advised to never re-home a Sphynx on it's own, it is always advised to re-home them in pairs. They require a lot of attention and it'll be great if they have a friend to spend time with when you are away. In case you were unaware Sphynx are unable to be outdoor cats so they need as much enrichment as possible like toy's and climbing frames because they like to explore.

Also they are sooooooo loud, I am not exaggerating and this is why I am giving you this information first and foremost. Sphynx cats are vocal cats indeed... get ready to loose hours of sleep and feel like you can't do anything without your little furless baby noticing because they are very intelligent kitties and notice everything.

2. They need to be warm 24/7 - even in the Summer 
Your heating bill could escalate big time making sure they are always warm. Buying cute clothes is good but not always the best solution so invest in as many quality blankets and beds as possible and always have a bed near a radiator because it is their favourite spot in the house..... next to snuggling up to you at night. I always find Gadget in between my legs most mornings it get less weird as time goes by.

3. Be careful of feeding times - they have very sensitive tummies 
From what I have experienced Sphynx will eat everything in sight and feed as though they have never eaten before, but it might not agree with their tummies. Don't think stocking up on cheap dry food will do to keep them filled up, you have to spend money to make sure they are eating the right foods and often, more food equals more energy. The absence of fur means Sphynx cats are using up so much more energy to keep warm then cats with fur.

Most of them can not tolerate dry food and have IBS, so you will find yourself spending more money on wet food. I also buy chicken and fish fillets to cook as treats every few days just as extra to keep my kitty full of good protein, but you can find out other tricks and different foods to help them filled up online such as scrambled egg, tuna etc.

4. They must be bathed every week
Although they have no fur, their skin gets really mucky fast leaving those precious white bed sheets of yours a mess and they can get pretty stinky too. Bathing them once a week or once every two weeks max is a must! You can also spot clean them with baby wipes, you wouldn't believe the state of the wipe afterwards. In addition to this you have to clean out their ears and clip their claws... they might not like it but a clean kitty is better then a stinky kitty.

5. Not everyone see's how fabulous and regal they are
I have had so many mixed comments about my baby Gadget and some are not nice, so be prepared for the honesty of some people when they meet your kitty. The term 'ewww' is an often remark I hear. But they are beautiful cats and you either love them or hate them, clearly if you're reading this you must love them right? Don't listen to other people, they haven't got a clue just how fabulous these cats are inside and out.

Like I say this is from my experience - you gain so much more information about Sphynx cats in books, online and from your local vet. Although I seem to have complained a fair bit in this post I have to give a honest opinion on what comes with owning this pedigree cat. There's really no point in sugar coating this because it's just the way it is.

If you are ready and willing to 'put up' with the bad that comes with the awesome... because owning a Sphynx is awesome I must admit, then go ahead and please don't forget to share photos with me I would love to see him/her and know how you're getting on.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter/Instagram @domaniquesings.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

My 29th Birthday

Hi Darlings

September came around again far too quickly and I have now entered the last year of my Twenties - yes ladies and gentlemen I am 29 years of age. Oh me oh my!

So what can I tell you about another fabulous birthday of mine? The day before I went to work and they decorated my desk which always makes a girl feel special....

Then I went for a champagne lunch with my mom to discuss my gift, which will be my very first car, potentially a Fiat 500....

And the original plan for my actual birthday was to go to the Safari Park; one of my favourite places to visit in the whole of the UK. But as I'm trying to pass my driving test I had booked a driving lesson on my actual birthday - yes that's dedication for you - so this meant we would need to get up super early to go to the Safari and back but me and my fella overslept.

So instead of a fun filled day with beautiful animals, it was a very much chilled birthday and then a shopping trip. To start the day my fella treated me to a tasty breakfast...

My birthday outfit consisted of this funky jumpsuit which I got from New Life charity warehouse and my pink patent brogues from New Look....

Then we took a trip to Merry Hill shopping centre and I have to say my new fav store is Tiger !! Oh my goodness if you haven't had chance to visit this store then make sure you do asap it's so quirky, it's like a mini Ikea and I'm and no officially obsessed.

The fella got me this lovely Pandora necklace to match my ring and earrings..

And he also cooked a gorgeous dinner...

For my birthday I got some money and american dollars in prep for my trip to NYC in December.So I spent quite a bit of the money at Merry Hill, I did take a photo of the items I bought but It's not very clear so I apologise for that in advance..

My favourite item I bought has to be my new iPhone 5s phone case, those of you who do not know I am a big bunny fan. And to end the day I was given a cute pug birthday cake....

All in all a lovely birthday and now I'm on countdown until the next. So watch out my blog series of 'Things to do before you turn 30'


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Outfit of the Day: Autumn Wear

Hi Lovelies!

This weeks outfit of the day is pretty casual from the weekend, but I wanted to share it with you as although I post weekly outfit videos on my Vine not everyone is following me there and I basically wanted to share here also every now and then.

Top - Internacionale
Jeans - Primark
Ankle Boots - New Life charity shop

Hat - Gift

Now that Autumn is here I am definitely preparing with this hat and it makes me feel fabulous! How are you preparing for Autumn?


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Camping for Glam Girls

Hi Ladies!

This is a quick guide to those fabulous girls who have never been camping and want to know what to expect of the unknown world of camping. I'm going to give a bit of advice but also some essential tips on how to survive a camping trip. This is not a guide for 'glamping' because the two are completely different.

A few weeks ago I went camping to Shell Island for the second time in my life, and as you might be able to gather from my blog and other social media accounts I'm quite the glam girl. Not only that but whenever I talk about camping to others they're always so shocked that I'm actually getting involved it and that I enjoy it

So what can I advise?

Lets be realistic this is not going to be a night at The Ritz, heck it won't even be a night at a Travel Lodge but you can make your over night stay in the middle of a field as comfortable as possible.

Firstly when it comes to tents I do leave that to my boyfriend but we always use a two man tent, to be comfortable make sure your tent can hold a blow up double size bed - trust me you NEED a blow up bed otherwise your back will hate you the next few days. Always bring the following as well as the above to make the best of your bedroom for the next night:
- Sleeping bags
- Pillows
- Extra blanket
- Onesie - if it's not Summer you will need this
- Tent light - trust me it gets really dark and you will get fed up of holding a torch
- Fairy lights - I like to 'try' to decorate our tent however next time I need a much longer set of fairy lights as you can see here...

Lounging area
So this is where you will set up one or more gazebos which will act like the front room in your home, this is where you will sit and talk for the evening (Unless you camp somewhere that has pubs etc and feel to utilise those which we don't) this will also double up as your kitchen too. What you need to bring here are:
- Camping/garden chairs
- Off the ground fire
- Lights

When it comes to food you must be well stocked, although don't panic there are usually shops of some sort near by that will sell items you might feel like eating. We brought all of ours in a cooler and were able to cook everything on fancy camping hobs so make sure you don't forget:
- Pans/Pots
- Cutlery
- Food for meals and snacks
- Water
- Bin liners - to throw away anything that is not needed

Things to do:
In the day time camping can be to do not a fat lot however being by the Sea we definitely wanted to take a walk down there and it was lovely. We also tried our hand at crabbing.. well everyone except me as they favour spiders way to much for my liking.

So what are my top must haves for all you glam girls:

1. Wellies
Whether you get these from Hunters or Primark you must invest in some because you never know what the weather will be. I brought my fab Michael Kors with me

2. Wet wipes
They literally are handy for everything

3. Warm clothes and lots of it
You never know what the weather will  be like to warm layers, thick socks and onesies are always  good shout

4. Toiletries
Most camping sites have showers that you can use, don't forget your shower gel, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and of course toilet roll.

5. Flip flops
If you use the communal showers you will regret not having these.

So that's my guide, I hope it helps and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! Enjoy camping glam girls.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September 'Birthday' Wish List

Hi Cupcakes!

I can not believe September is back here again already and that means I will be turning 29 years of age. Oh my goodness... where has the time gone? But anyway, back to the wish list these are some of the items I would love in my possession by the end of September.

It'd be fabulous to own these and being the soon to be birthday girl, I can only dream right?

Any other Virgo bloggers out there too, whats on your birthday wish list?

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