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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tips: Prom Dress Shopping 2011

Hi All!!

The prom season is fast approaching and I thought I would do a quick post for all those ladies who still haven't found their perfect prom dress and also what I think are fab styles for an eye catching dress.

Although I never had the oppportunity to attend my school prom due to the teaching staff taking away my years priviledge to have one *gutted* I have never stopped admiring gowns everytime I see them.

So firstly we are all aware of the typical sort of gown girls usually go for, the ball gown...

Well as much as I admire these styles of gowns, I do want to talk more about other styles that are just as lush. But also about the detailing that comes with choosing a dress for your prom.

Ball Gowns:
To get it out of the way; the most sort after style of gown for a prom, they come in a wide range of colours, styles and detailing. They make every girl feel like a princess; just make sure you choose the right style for you.

You can either go for an eye catching gown by picking pink, turquoise, yellow or you can go for the classic look and go for white, purple, royal blue. I would say pick a shade that reflects your personality, if it must be black then do not hesitate. There is no rule that says you can not wear black to your own prom if this is the only shade you feel 100% comfortable in- unless your dress codes disallows it!

Wheher it is diamante's, feathers, beads, studs, ruffles or rhinestones don't go over the top! A medium amount can be enough; don't forget it is not your wedding day, it is your school/university prom. With a sprinkle of these across your dress, when the light hits them you will have a subtle sparkling aura... you do not want to blind your mates with too much fuss.

Short or Floor length:
The majority will choose floor length but those that are serious about working the dance floor will choose a short style. In all honesty there really isn't any competition and I would personally go for a floor length gown, but there are plenty of short styles to make others jealous.

Here are just a couple more of my favourites....

All these gowns are available onLight in the Box and the majority are available for under £200! The catch is you have to order them from China which is where they are all handmade and most available in a range of colours.

I have ordered from this site and you can see my dress here in a previous post.

So good luck to all you hopeful prom queens in your dress hunting and I hope you al enjoy your night!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Outfit of the Day: Happy Easter and Life on the Farm

Hi All!

So HAPPY EASTER to one and all first off, I hope you have all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend with family and friends! The weather has been lush and I have taken full advantage by visiting my mom at the farm again. Take note: You will see a lot more postings and photos of my trips up here. I am really getting into horse riding too, so watch out for photos of that!

Me and Richard came up yesterday and enjoyed some sunbathing and relaxing, it was lovely to spend some time together away from the city. He is now back in Wolves now as he had to work today and I am staying until tomorrow.

We hosted a BBQ today also with my family coming to visit which was enjoyable, I sneaked off and took some photo's with Poppy the working dog....

Dress, Cardigan, Ballet Flats: Primark
Belt: Handmade

I do love Poppy she is the most well behaved dog ever, although I am aware she has to be as she helps out with the cows on the farm. I do feel sorry for her being chained up outside :( Thats just the softy inside of me.


Friday, 22 April 2011

Oufit of the Night: I finally wore my feathers

Hi All!!

Another night out means another outfit for you all. This is from last night and I got a tad bit drunk again.. luckily i'm actually NOT hanging today *big grin*

I do however think the absence of a hangover today might have something to do with the Macdonalds I had before bed, the Macdonalds I had for breakfast and soaking up the sun with ice cold lollies? I love the warm weather.

Anyways take a peak at my outfit....

Taxidermy rooster feather cape- Handmade
Dress: New Look

Heels: Barratts

If you remember I posted about these handmade feathers here and I am so glad I got to wear them yesterday! I did get mixed reactions the odd immature 'is that roadkill' joke which I was expecting but I just feel like some people in Wolverhampton haven't got a clue about style, individuality or originality.

Anyone else get that feeling sometimes? About friends, family, hometowns?


Outfit of the Day: Enjoying the Sun

Hi All!

The sun has been grogeous for us this week, I am loving it and whate better weather to take some outfit of the day photos in?

Here is what I wore the other day.....

Top: H&M (Size 14)

Jeggings: Topshop
Belt: Primark

Wedges: New Look

I am so looking forward to another weekend at the farm, more horse riding and a BBQ <- one of my favourite things in the world! I am off work until Wednesday due to the bank holiday but also booked Tuesday off as it is mine and Richards three year anniversary!!! I can't believe it has come around again so quick!!!

What have you been up to in the sun?


Giveaway Entry: Whats in my bag?

Hi All!!

In case you didn't already know the stylish Shirley over at Meek n Mild is hosting a fab giveaway on her blog.

All you have to do to enter is either comment on the post stating you would like to enter or do what I am doing and make a post about 'What is in your bag?' So here are the usual suspects that I carry with me on a daily basis....

- Keys - Blackberry - Gucci Sunglasses - Lipsticks/Lipglosses - Compact Mirror -Umbrella - Hello Kitty Purse - Calvin Klein Change Purse - Company Magazine - Tissues - Bus/Train Pass -

I think these all speak for themselves really, but no matter how big or small my bag is I will always carry these around with me. Not on a night though. I usually have my Samsung camera in there too but you can guess where that was when this pic was taken :)

Here is the link to the post if you wish to enter! Good Luck everyone who does.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review: No7 & Poppy King Lipstick

Hi All!!

No7 & Poppy King 'Allure' Lipstick

It's Purpose:
"The Magic of Lipstick" A new range of lipsticks to suit all in seven luscious shades brought to regular No7 customers. With regards to the shade Allure- "Lip colour is so alluring, it draws people to you and doesn?t have to shout to do this, just whisper. For this look I designed a soft peachy shade, which is similar to a natural lip colour - perfect for women of all ages."

My Opinion:
I was gifted this lipstick to try out and review for you guys. The new range available to purchase in Boots has seven shades; I was given Allure to try out. It came gift wrapped which I thought was a lovely touch although I am aware this is not how it would be purchased in stores. The packaging is what I expected it to be when I first saw the promotional videos of Poppy King introducing it; as I have never seen any lippies with a similar packaging I think it stands out.

It is a lovely peachy shade and feels lovely when applied to my lips. I have to say it is quote sheer but used with a lip liner in a similar shade will make the shade 'pop' a little more. For me to use it it appears quite natual against my skin....

With flash

Without flash

As you may know this is not a shade I would usually buy as I prefer shades such as pinks and reds that I wear on a daily basis. I do however own a few natural shades of lippy and wear them occasionally- not too often, but often enough. I will be wearing this often though I think, what do you think....

I think I will make this a regular look now on those days where I just want to look natural!! A definate thumbs up :)

If you are interested in some more information on the range by No7 and Poppy King then take a peek at this video...

Disclosure: I was sent this free lipstick to review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Outfit of the Night: Burnt Orange

Hi All!!

My most recent night out attire.....

Top: John Zack @ House of Fraser
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Primark
Shoeboots: Miss Diva

You may think that the top looks familiar? Well it is actually a dress which I have posted about previously here. I think it looks fab tucked into a skirt for an eye catching top, don't you?

Just a little close up of my hair and make up....

Hope you liked!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Photography: My trip to the family farm

Hi All!!

I visited my step-dads dairy farm this past weekend to relax, spend some time with my mom and go horse riding. It was a lovely break away from the city and I can not wait to go back again this weekend. I would love to take up photography and as mentioned in a previous post here, so the weekend and fab surroundings were a great opportunity to get my camera out and start snapping.

Take a peak at what I managed to snap....

My step-dad owns 280 acres so you can imagine there is way more I can photography over the next few months, the weather is perfect for it! I also helped create School Farm's very first website which has gone down well.

Do you like my images?


300+ Followers Giveaway WINNNER

Hi All!!

I sincerley apologise that the announcement has taken so long for me to upload, have been trying to do a million things at once this week!

So without further ado I can now tell you who the winner of this bundle is......

The winner is- now I am annoyed that I don't know your name as I can not find it on your blog.... but i've always been a follower Girl with the Golden Touch


I will email you about posting the items to you!

To everyone who entered, thank you so much for following and entering, I will be hosting another giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled!!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Trends: Turquoise

Hi All!

One of my favourite shades which surprisingly I have little of it in my wardrobe. I have been seeing more Turquoise coloured items around the shops recently and in magazines. It's a great colour for summer and colour blocking. I really need some heels in this colour too!!

Take a peek at these fab items.....

Are you a fan of Turquoise?


Outfit of the Night: What do you wear to karaoke?

Hi All!!

Quick trip to the pub the other night for half a pint of Cider and karaoke. You know one of those random nights? Me and Bryony (my fellow Rockette) sung a couple of our tunes 'Jimmy Mack' and 'Stop in the name of love'.

We enjoyed and I think the other people in the pub did too! Anyways here is what I wore.....

Top, Cardigan, Satchel: Primark
Jeans: Oasis
Heels: Barratts

Winner wil be announced tonight.....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Giveaway winner will be announced soon

Hi All!!

Please don't think I forgot, the winner will be announced at some point this week!!


Trends: Lets go Wild

Hi All!

So summer is just around the corner like literally only a couple of months away!!!! Incase you didn't know I looooove Summer and I am always at my happiness at this time of year no matter what is going on in my life! The sunshine has a way of making me smile :o)

Anywaaaaaaays the Animal/Safari/Wild trend is up and coming this year and I thought I would show you all some top items for these trends and it's cool that you can mix them all up to suit your own styles!

Take a peek...

What do you think of this trend?

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