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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Re-creating Rihanna's hair...

Hi All!!

I may try and re-create make-up and hair looks occasionally. So here's the first look that inspired me:

My hair is nowhere near as nice as Rihanna's (which sucks) and i didn't want to cut it so here's my take on Rihanna's curly mohawk..

Side View: I pinned the sides of my hair back with bobby pins

Strike a pose!!

So what do you think? I hope you like it peeps, i tried my best!!


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Friday, 22 May 2009

Old FOTD circa: 2005/2006

Hi all!

I dug up some old photos of make-up looks i've tried a few years ago and thought it'd be worthwhile posting them on here! I think i'll post some old FOTD on the odd occasion instead of putting them all in one post. I've listed what i am wearing in each photo, i still wear the same foundation etc, i guess you stick to what you know best eh?

♥ This was a random experiment with a different look on my day off university i suspect? I went to town that day and got quite a few compliments. However i've not done this look since, which i think i will be trying out again soon.

- MAC Electra e/s
- MAC Cranberry e/s
- Clinique Sugar Sugar as highlighter
- Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
- Benefit Bad Gal Liner

- MAC studio fix fluid
- MAC studio fix powder
- Natural Collection Blush

- Dior

♥ I absolutely love this look, this used to be my signiture look.. i don't have any of the eyeshadows im wearing in this photo at the moment, which is rather odd so i will definately be adding these to my shopping list!!!!

- MAC Honey Lust e/s
- MAC Goldmine e/s
- MAC Amber Lights e/s
- Clinique Sugar Sugar as highlighter
- Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
- Benefit Bad Gal Liner

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Wedding Outfit

Hi all!!

As you can tell by the title of this post I attended the beautiful wedding of my boyfriends niece: Alex and her new husband Jonathan on Saturday 23rd May. The weather was gorgeous, everyone looked fab and had a brill time and the food was lush too. But more importantly the bride and groom enjoyed their day :o)

I just wanted to show you briefly the look i went for, so this was my outfit-

Warehouse Dress - River Island Heels - Peacock Clutch - Fascinator

Last year i went to my boyfriends sisters wedding and we both went for a gold look as that was also the theme colour for the wedding. So this year we decided to for a silver/grey look... well i decided actually lol!!!

Here's how I painted my face

(not a very nice photo!!!)

MAC studio fix fluid foundation
MAC studio finish concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Ruby & Millie face gloss with Bourjois Blush 'rose' dusted over

Front Cover: Rainbow eyes Winter 08/09 box set
- Moonstruck (silver)
- Cerulean (light grey)
- Wisteria (dark grey)
- Black Iris (grey/black)
(purchased at Boots christmas 2008 but for more information visit
Max Facor False Lash Effect Mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Liner

Ruby & Millie 'Twlight' lip gloss
MAC 'Bountiful' plushglass

So there you have it... just a quick post, I hope you liked it!

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His Top 5 Essential Beauty Items!

So i was talking to my guy, Richard about my blog, and i wanted to know what his top 5 essentials are when it comes to his appearance. I asked him what he feels he needs to use everyday to make him feel well presented or whichever term he wants to use before he leaves the house. Here is the man in question:

Top 5 Essential Beauty Items

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
- For fresh breath

2. Face Wash
- Usually Neutrogena, Clean & Clear or T Zone, but he's not fussed because he generally has good skin (im jealous mines terrible). This makes him feel awake and clean.

3. Face Cream
- His fav is Olay.... no really im being serious!! He likes he way it feels on his skin and how smooth it makes his face.

4. Body Cream
- Palmers coco butter and no other cream will do!

5. Aftershave
- Emporio Armani and Paco Rabanne are his current favs.

So there you have it, my fellas top 5 essential beauty items! I think these are reasonably items and I know he uses these on a daily basis. I think things like shower gel go without saying really, but I have to say I was expecting him to mention hair oil for his scalp as he has cornrows but hey im not going to argue with his picks :D

'His top 5 essential fashion items' post will be coming up at some point in the future so watch this space! But for now I want to know, whats your fella's top 5 essential beauty items? Leave comments lovelies!!

Doma-Nikki... x

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Nails: Maybelline Express Finish

I went out tonight with some of my girls to celebrate getting a job after 5 months of searching *yay* and had to paint my nails before i did and the above is what i did.

I'll always love this shade of pink whether its by Maybelline or Barry M ♥

(Random postage, but im bored and hungry.. no kebab meat and chips for me tonight.. boo)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Budget Buys- Mini Haul

Today I quickly popped to town just to fetch some new mascara and face wipes because i've run out! But i came back home with all of this...

1. Pure Deep Cleanse Wipes 2x
2. T-Zone All Night Clear & Restore Gel Patches
3. Pet Hair Lint Remover
4. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
5. Natural Collection Vanilla Bath Fizzler

I bought the wipes, t-zone patches and lint rolls from a Poundsaver store!!! The wipes were on a BOGOF offer too which was fab!! Im always in desperate need of lint rolls because of my cat malting all year round so i tend to buy these alot. I saw the T-Zone patches and because my pores have been looking horrible recently i thought id test these out, so we'll see how these help along with my usual facial cleaning process. (could be a future blog post?) So i spent 3pounds in store today!

I bought the mascara and bath fizzler from work (Boots) so i could use my staff discount and get lovely Boots advantage card points of course!!! I've heard amazing things about this mascara so i thought id best try it out and take a break from my usual Bourjous volume clubbing mascara. So i bought this for 6.79 (including discount). The bath fizzler was in the sale for 45p so i couldn't leave it standing all alone on the discount shelf :D I also thought id let you know that: Boots currently have a limited offer on three of Max Factor's products including the false lash effect mascara (im not sure of the other two products sorry) where you can save 3pounds!!!

Total Price of todays mini haul = 10.49 (apologies my pound sign has broken)

Sounds like tonight calls for a pamper sess with my bath fizzler!!
Doma-Nikki... x


Monday, 18 May 2009

In and Out

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Being offered a job after 5months of searching!!
- My grandparents bring me my lush Sunday dinner on a Monday because i spent the weekend in Blackpool
- Candy Girls and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane on E! Entertainment!
- Improvising last minute on clubbing attire and getting compliments on them!
- Souljaboy ft. Sammie 'Kiss me thru the phone'
- Headbands of all colours and varieties
- Waistcoats teamed with tight tshirts

- Central heating not working at my house :o/
- Indecisive weather = Frizzy hair when wet
- Snotty nose not going away.. not a good look
- Muffin tops are always out!!!!
- Ripped fishnet tights: sort it out
- Waiting til pay day to splash out on new mascara and lipgloss

Doma-Nikki... x

Let me introduce myself...

I thought it'd be best i post a little bit about myself before i continue posting away

Domanique aka Doma-Nikki
22 years old
West Midlands
Sales Assistant at Boots
Receptionist at a funeral directors *new job as of today*
In a fantastic relationship ♥
Own and dress up a short haired indoor cat, Gizmo

Why im here

I've always loved anything to do with fashion and beauty and im originally came across a blog over a year ago via the myspace scene and then decided in January 2009 id start up my own. However i completey forgot until May but then decided to spice up my page and get posting. Im basically doing what many others are doing because i have a serious passion for fashion, style beauty and all things nice. I think its nice to have more then one opinion on lifestyles and products otherwise we'd all be the same.

My boyfriend
Family and Friends
Animal Print

Creepy crawlies
Rude People
Psycho bitches/exes
Washing my hair... effort!!
Foot touching me

My style
There is no definition, i enjoy alot of trends, i have to tweak them to fit me and my personality. Make-up wise i tend to keep it natural and simple in the daytime, and doll myself up for the nightime. Bottom line is: i always look good and i have to stand out from the crowd.

I will do anything for food
Occasionally go to Poledancing classes
I appeared on Stars in their Eyes Kids 2003 as Alicia Keys
Big fan of false lashes, nails and hair
Currently ave two tattoos but i want more!!

Doma-Nikki... x

All dressed up and nowhere to go...

This is my beloved cat, Gizmo ♥

He is an indoor cat and i do love him muchly, can you tell?

He owns some outfits, but to be honest, its just not enough, and the majority are halloween costumes! Namely a pumpkin and devil costume ha! Im considering buying him a few tshirts for the Summer as soon as i am officially employed full time (credit crunch and all). Well i say 'considering' but really i mean i definately will buy him new clothes :)

Here's a bit about the fella...
Gizmo has never ventured passed the wooden bench up my conservatory wall in my back garden in the three years i have owned him. He is where the term 'scaredy cat' comes from!!!! He is scared of everything, but mainly the sound of plastic bags, the hoover, my hairdryer and male voices :o/ He will run away at the slightest quick movement too. Because of this situation, i personally believe this gives me the PERFECT opportunity and reason to dress him up because he wont mess up his clothes. He is also very picky, he'll pick smoked salmon over tuna anyday and also surprisingly likes chocolate sauce and cheese. He also loves a good snooze now and again...


Doma-Nikki... x


I love them, and I love him ♥

It's been a few weeks but... on Sunday 26th April 2009 it was mine and my other halfs one year anniversary and I just HAD to show you the lush River Island heels he bought me (along with treating me to a trip to the cinema and Chiquitos restaurant).

Stunning aren't they?? Oh and the Lipsy dress from my Blackpool weekend was also my Valentines Day present! How lucky am i? :D

Doma-Nikki... x


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Blackpool Weekend Clubbing Attire

So this weekend I went up north to Blackpool with my boyfriend and some of his family. It was a much needed FANTASTIC break away which included a visit to the Haven caravan site but we actually stayed in the Premier Inn hotel, and a trip to the Pleasure Beach!!! On Saturday night four of us went out clubbing. I just wanted to show you what I decided to wear until my next post.

My look....

My outfit consisted of the following....

- Lipsy metallic 'keyhole back' dress - Bertie 'Alpha' shoes - Purple Clutch -
- Topshop Earrings - Primark Bracelets - Primark Headband -

And this is how I painted my face...

- MAC studio fix fluid Nc44 -
- MAC studio finish concealer Nc44/Nc45 -
- Rimmel Stay matte powder 'champagne' -
- Ruby & Millie face gloss 'orange C30' on cheekbones -
- No7 cheek colour blush 'petal 25' dusted over face gloss -
- MAC pearlzer sheer pigment 'pearlette' as highlighter -
- FCUK Bronzer -


- MAC shadestick 'shimmersand' all over eyelid as a base/primer -
- Barry M dazzle dust '58' on the inner eye corner -
- MAC 'sushi flower' eyeshadow -
- MAC 'creme de violet' eyeshadow -
MAC 'parfait armour' eyeshadow on outer lid -
- Bourjois volume clubbing mascara -
- Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner on upper lashes/outer corner -
- Bourjois eye khol on lower lash line -

Although you can't see the full effect of my oufit, I really liked how well the silver and purples looked together and I hope y'all liked it too :) Although my feet started to hurt by 1am my outfit was very comfortable to dance in. My friend Rachel also has a love for Lipsy dresses....

We would def recommend a night out in Blackpool (Hush and Syndicate nightclubs) and also a classic Lipsy dress for your wardrobe. (

Doma-Nikki... x

Friday, 15 May 2009

Make a statement!!

So we all know about statement heels, well now it's time for statement necklaces! Vogue have already tipped statement necklaces as the new trend for 2009

For a great statement necklace the bigger, brighter and bolder will always equal the better. I find that places like Accessorize, Topshop, New Look and surprisingly Marks and Spencers have some great pieces in regards to colour and uniqueness. If your looking for something more expensive then Start London also has some stunning pieces too.

Here are some that caught my eye...

1. Accessorize (20 pounds)

2. Start London (330 pounds)

3. Topshop (40 pounds)

Doma-Nikki.... x
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