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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Outfit of the Day: Neck Decoration

Hi All!!

So with the recent trend of collar cuffs which I don't currently own I thought I would improvise and wear a pretty necklace in replace of the cuff or a bowtie and this is how it turned out....

Necklace: Oasis

Blouse: Jane Norman
Cardigan: Primark

Apologise for the random place I took the photo I didn't really plan this post but thought I'd take a quick on anyway. What do you think ?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Video Post: Arbonne RE9 Skincare

Hi All!!

I have been promising you this video for a very long time and here it is. Myself and my mom have teamed up finally to bring you a video about the Arbonne RE9 range.

I have previously blogged reviews on Arbonne Products here but for this range within Arbonne it was best for us to do a video.......

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and leave a comment! For more information on what Jeni does then visit her website here!


Outfit Inspiration

Hi All!

Here's a new outfit inspiration I thought I would post made up of items from Topshop and River Island....

I'm really into riding boots at the moment and wish I could purchase a pair but at the moment I can't really afford to so I thought I would just do an outfit based around those.

What do you think of the outfit? Do you like riding boots?


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Guest Post: Fashion and Cancer

Hi All!

Keeping in with Cancer Awareness as I previously posted about here I wanted to do another post for you all. Now this is the first time that I have had a guest post on my blog, I was approached by Jackie Clarke who was interested in talking about Fashion and Cancer together. So here is her post.....

Use Fashion to Gain the Power to Beat Cancer
By: Jackie Clarke

A cancer diagnosis can often feel like a death sentence for many women. There are many things that can contribute to a cancer prognosis, such as asbestos exposure, smoking or eating the wrong foods. Being told you have skin cancer; lung cancer, mesothelioma or any other serious cancer can make it easy for you to feel helpless and to give up quickly.

However, you should never give up when you have a network of beautiful people helping you to get through your treatments. In fact, you should try to look just as beautiful as these people act by focusing on fashion. Feeling beautiful in your own skin in spite of a cancer prognosis can help you achieve a power, strength and focus you may not have believed you could have in the face of such a serious condition.

Start by building a great wardrobe that highlights who you are and what you represent. Focus on colors that look great on you as well as fashion that highlight your strong areas. If you have nice legs, wear pants that show off their beauty. Jeans are a great way to show off your legs. Avoid sweat pants and other fashion faux paus, as these never look very good.

Build each outfit in your wardrobe around your strong areas. If you decide on jeans, try to choose shirts and accessories that go well with your jeans. Pick a series of colorful and beautiful shirts that highlight your skin tone, hair color and go well with your jean colors. Make sure to pick jewelry that looks great on you as well as accentuating your wardrobe.

Balance your wardrobe between formal outfits and casual outfits. This gives you the diversity to look great in any situation. Include hats into your outfit to look cute but don't wear hats just to hide hair loss. Hiding your loss reveals shame that you shouldn't feel about your condition. Keeping strong and gaining power through fashion requires showing off your strength with your fashion, not your weakness.

Slowly, you may find that you feel more confident. Your posture may improve and your self-esteem may grow. This is because you feel beautiful and are gaining the power and confidence to overcome your condition. Hold your head high and dress beautifully every day to stay focused on something besides your condition.

Focusing on something besides your condition is how you gain your strength. You are letting the world know that you won't be beaten down by cancer and that you are strong and beautiful. Use this knowledge, this power and this strength during the rough patches in your treatment. You may find you feel beautiful even during your cancer treatments.

I firstly want to thank Jackie for this guest post and hope that anyone out there who might have a form of Cancer and just happens to stumble across my blog feels that this post may help them in some way.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hair of the Day: 60's Beehive Updo

Hi All!!

Sometimes I actually like not having any hair extensions in and have my hair up. I especially like to have my hair in a sort of sixties inspired style which is the Beehive look teamed with a nice headscarf....

An up do is always an easy style to do in the mornings, using a few bobby pins and some hair spray and voila! What do you think?


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dear 16 year old me: Melanoma Cancer

Hi All!

This is a more serious post for you all, something that has been playing on my mind a lot recently and that is the subject of how precious life is. Firstly, don't get me wrong I have always known that life is precious, but we always that a bit more notice when someone close to us takes ill. For me I took more notice when I worked at the Funeral Directors two years ago. What was it for you?

I do think that people find that it can affect all of us at one point in our lives and we do often then not get affected either by sudden death or by a illness. One of the most common illnesses I want to discuss is Cancer.

As you might already be aware Richard's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer last year which I briefly mentioned here. Since then Richard did a sponsored run for Cancer Research and raised an amazing £300+. His dad, John has also since recovered and well on his way to receiving 'the all clear' which are the words we have been hoping for throughout this time.

Now onto the reason for this post; I believe there are so many people out there that adore using sunbeds or sunbathing or just leaving their homes in the heat and not using SPF sun cream. We need to protect our skin from skin cancer at all times. Please watch this video......

After watching this it really made me think, I do not use sun beds but I do sunbathe all the time during holidays and warmer UK summers. I do use SPF sun cream for sun bathing but not for daily use... I will start doing this after watching this video. Please do the same.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Social Networking: Weekly Blogger Chat

Hi All!

So how many of my fellow bloggers and readers are on Twitter? First things first if you use Twiter then please follow me @Doma_Nikki and make sure you tweet me and let me know so I can follow you in return.

Secondly are you aware of the weekly bloggers chat that is held every Sunday night? Basically the lovely Nykki over at Nykki's Mane Blog created the idea of bloggers all around the world meeting via Twitter and discussing different blog related topics each week by using the hastag #bbloggers. I think it's a great idea to discuss issues, network and make new pals!

I attended last night for example and the topic was regarding the rumour of Google removing GFC, so basically all bloggers who don't use will be unable to follow blogs via this method. Therefore these bloggers/readers will need to keep up to date with blogs through Google+ or Bloglovin.


There are always some great topics and if you have any ideas for new topics you can email them across to Nykki and then all week bloggers choose to vote out of a few options. If you need more info then just click here

It's a great way to get involved in the blogging community and I hope to see you all there this Sunday.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Outfit of the Day: Winter Warmer

Hi All!!

We all have those days when we want to be fashionable but don't always have the energy to source out items for that 'perfect outfit' before work and these are those days where more then not I will throw on just about anything slouchy with a pair of leggings. During the winter this will always be either a bit of layering with a long cardigan or a big jumper. Check out this recent image.....

This Jumper was exchanged from those cranberry leggings I bought from Internacionale which you will have seen in this video post I decided to take them back as they were not long enough. It's actually a size 16 but I love oversize knitwear, don't you agree?

Anyone else do the same thing in Winter?


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Eyes and Lips of the Day: Sweet lips

Hi All!

Here's a recent face of the day for you and also the first for 2012. I haven't done one of these for a while and I don't often get a chance to take photos of my make up looks unless it's before a night out and usually the lighting is terrible.

I always find photos taken in the daytime look better, and here is one of those daytime looks....

Here's a little close up....

Inner Eye Lid: Barry M 'Old Gold'
Eye lid: Arbonne 'Titanium'
Outer eye lid: MAC 'Carbon'

Collection 2000 'Sweet Tart'
No7 'Sweet Lips'

Hope you liked!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

Hi All!!

I have decided that over the next few weeks I will be revamping my bedroom because it really needs it! It's a complete tip at the moment with clothes and junk everywhere and im not impressed with myself! Since I have some free time this weekend im going to start a completely new look to everything and have been looking for inspiration everywhere.

I think for the moment I would either like a Turquoise or a Purple theme to my room, I haven't quite decided yet but these are some inspirational images I have seen for themes...

Turquoise Inspiration

Purple/Pink Inspiration

Theres something in each image that I like and would love to have in my own room I just wish my room was bigger then it actually is. But I will work with what i've got and I will update you all with images of new furniture etc.

If you have any links to any UK websites I can use inspiration for please list them below.

All images sourced from Google

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rant: The rules of wearing leggings

Hi All!!

I rarely do a post dedicated to a full rant, but sometimes I just have to! My last full rant around make up or fashion was a while ago based around false advertising so give me some credit.

Now the majority of us love wearing leggings; a staple item in our wardrobes. We can wear leggings with almost anything and in almost anyway possible. Having said this please be aware of the key word 'almost'!! Sometimes we have to remember that leggings although comfortable and easy to wear, they can be unflattering for some. We must also remember that there are certain rules if you like that we must remember when wearing leggings.

Take this image for instance....

Disclaimer: This image has been circulating on Twitter and the internet.
I did NOT take this photo and do NOT know who this person is.

There are many things this female is doing wrong, and although when I first saw this photo my initial reaction was to laugh after a while I started to think she is not the only culprit of this fashion disaster. I do not however feel sorry for this girl, if your opinion of me changes because I posted this photo firstly it is not to humiliate this girl, she did this herself by stepping out her house dressed like this. There are so many females around who do just the same thing and do not understand the importance of how to wear leggings correctly, especially thin leggings.

Please read my view on the following of how I believe leggings should be worn:

Leggings come in different thickness depending on where you purchase them just like tights. Always stretch a pair of leggings over your hand to see if your skin/hand is visible from the other side, this way you know what can be seen when wearing them. Remember how a pair of leggings look on and off are completely different depending on your size. The thinner the leggings the more skin and underwear can be seen to a passer by.

Always cover your bum
If you choose to wear thin leggings always always always cover your bum there are no if, buts or maybes on this topic it just has to be done. We do not want to see your underwear hence the above photo. If however you are wearing a bralet or crop top for instance on a night out make sure your leggings are of the thick style. I personally believe you can wear thick leggings without covering your bum, pureply because your underwear will not be on show.

If you choose to wear black leggings then try and wear black knickers underneath, again we can see your fuschi pink french knickers and we really don't want to. If you argue this point see the above photo again!! I wont go into personal hygiene for 'that time of the month' it is all personal preference but use this photo as a reference of the possibilities!

So there we have it my own rant on this topic! I see this more and more as each day passes and it won't ever change as some people seem just don't understand.

What are your views on this?



Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Video Post: January Sales Haul

Hi All!!

It's been that time of year again that we all seem to look forward to once the festive season is over. You know what I'm talking about and I'm sure you all took advantage of the December/January sales? Because I sure did and I wanted to share with you all a video of all the items I purchased at the beginning of the month....

What do you think? Tell me what your favourite sale purchase was this year!


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Outfit of the Night: New Years Eve

Hi All!!

I have finally managed to find the lead for my old camera so for the moment I will be able to upload images. Not the best quality but it will have to do until I get myself a new camera.

Today's post is to show you what I wore for NYE, I hope you all had a brilliant time. I didn't go out and rave this year we decided to keep it local and had a nice meal and drinks at the pub. Hence why I am so covered up....

Top/Dress: River Island
Over the Knee Boots: Forever 21

I love the colour of this top and it's also long enough to be worn as a dress. What do you think of the back?

Here's a little close up of my make up.....

I also did a funky bun.....

And wore matching nail polish....
Nail Polish: Nails Inc 'Emerald Street'
Ring: Forever 21

I hope you liked!


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Video Post: What I got for Christmas 2011

Hi All!!

I know this post is VERY late as we are about to head into the second week of January but then I guess somethings are better late then never. Well hopefully you will all agree.

I have finally managed to post my first video post of 2012 about the items I received for Christmas....

Here is the hutch that Richard bought for myself and Missy..

Another item I forgot to mention on the video which I am not sure how it managed to slip my mind is that I also received a holiday in May with Richard and my cousins!!!! Well and truly spoilt this year!!!


Trends: The Midas Touch

Hi All!!

The current trend around at the moment is Gold! Whether you are wearing a key piece in entire gold such as a dress or speckles of the midas touch as your accessories you will be sure to stand out and glow amongst others.

Teaming gold with the biker trend by adding biker boots, studs and spikes will give your outfit a real edge. Alternatively if you team a key piece with the Romantic trend by adding cream blouses or dresses and over the knee socks will soften the look.

Check out some of the fabulous items from

The trend doesn't just stop at the clothes but also looks great when incorporated into your make-up.....

This is a look from the L'Oreal A/W 2011 collection and this look looks fabulous teamed with the berry lips! What are your thoughts?

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