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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Aussie Hair Competition: My Entry!!!

Hi All!!

So as promised, here is my outfit entry in regards to the Aussie competition as mentioned here. I have chosen the Aussome Volume range and feel this outfit matches perfectly with the description of the range, that is mainly what i'm trying to achieve via the description of the range from their website.....

Click image to enlarge
The parachute style dress adds 'volume' to the outfit and as below, the waist belt and cleavage cut gives me an 'uplift' in the bust area and helps create the desired 'voluptuous' cleavage I was hoping for (he he!)...

And did you see what I did there?? All words hyphnated I noticed are used to best describe the effect of using the Aussome Volume range! And I cannot forget the colour scheme of the outfit, I had to get a bit of Tan in there..... when I think of Aussie, I think of Kangaroos hahaaa!! :o)

So there you have it, now it's yoour turn beauts!!! Remember I can pick a winner of my own, and if I get chosen by the lovelies at Aussie we both get prizes!! So far I have one entry..... gotta say I am disspointed I haven't had anymore :(

Hopeful i'll see some more before the deadline which is Monday 30th November??!! I'm unsure of the time but get posting ASAP!!! Hope you liked mine, and I look forward to seeing yours!



Saturday, 28 November 2009

Outift of the Night

Hi All!!!

I went to a trendy bar called The Vault in Birmingham on Thursday night this week with the fella and our friends Phil ad Kayleigh. It was such a nice place, we reserved our own booth and it was a lovely couples night out.. kind of a grown up night out, it felt weird haha! Anyways heres what I wore :o)

Crop Top: Vero Moda
High Waisted Skirt: Topshop
Heels: River Island
Bracelet: a gift
Earrings: Topshop



Aussie Hair Competition Reminder!!

Hi All!!!

Hope you are well!! Just a quick reminder that the competition deadline is Monday 30th November, if you need details on the competition just click here! I'm a bit worried as so far there have been no entries :s

I will be posting my own competition entry tomorrow for definate as I will be wearing my chosen outfit on a night out tonight! So watch out for that, I know I said I would post it earlier this week but I have been mega busy!

So please enter, and then I can choose my own winner and hopefully Aussie will choose me, and then we will both have prizes!!! *Fingers Crossed*

I look forward to seeing your entries ♥


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Aussie Hair Competition!

Hi All!

I have been approached by the lovely Lauren at Aussie HQ who has given me the opportunity to enter into a competition with Aussie! I was sent a biscuit tin, with a lush choccie inside (so lush i didn't even take time to look at the brand before eating it all up and throwing away the wrapper haha) and also my competition entry details. This is what my competition card stated:

"You love Aussie right?
Of course you do- you're great. But since we know you're really a clothes horse,
not a hair horse, we want to know what Aussie really means to you.
What's beyond the Mmmm, the Aaaaah?
What if Aussie were an outfit?
What would it look like? What would the care label say?"

So I am currently deciding on what outfit I feel best fits one of the categories Aussie Hair Products provide... oh wait I bet your wondering which category i've chosen? Well i've gone for the category of 'Aussome Volume'.
But guess what?!!!! You can be in with the chance of winning some goodies too!! :o)

I want you to post on your blogs an outfit idea, taking from what is written above and using an idea from one of the following Aussie Hair Care categories:
♥ Aussome Volume
♥ Miracle Moist
♥ Frizz Miracle
♥ Mega
♥ Colour Mate
♥ Luscious Long

Once you have your chosen outfit, post it on your blog and let me know via commenting this post and linking me to your blog post. Oh and as I was told by Lauren you can either create a outfit yourself from your wardrobe and take a pic, use items from online stores or you can design something. I will be choosing one lucky winner and if I win my category then my winner will also win some goodies too! (I think thats how it works ayways!!) Any questions feel free to ask!!

The deadline is Monday 30th November, I will hopefully be posting my outfit tomorrow or Thursday at some point so look out for that! To get any ideas just click here


Monday, 23 November 2009

Wish List....

Hi All!!

Hope you are all well!! I went into House of Fraser briefly today, and spotted the cutest heels I have seen for a good while.....

As you can seen the ruffles start from above where your toes would be and work themselves around the one side of your feet to your ankles! I love them.. and £70 down to £50 atm.... i've mentioned them to the mother! So we'll see :o)


Outfit of the Night!!

Hi All!!

Boob tube dress: Topshop
Waistcoat: River Island
Belt: Primark
Heels: Primark

Hope you like :o)



Saturday, 21 November 2009

My first blog sale.... coming soon!!

My first blog sale is coming very soon! I've been clearing out my room and found a few things that I just do not need or use anymore. I'm getting some items together that are new or used... but don't for one minute think i'll be selling any items that can be deemed as 'tatty' because I wouldn't even bother trying to sell items that cannot be used by someone else. (I do have some items that have been worn once or twice, but are in great condition!)

These items I am hoping to sell will be:
♥ Clothes
♥ Make-up
♥ Jewellery

I hope you'll look out for the sale within the next week :o)


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My favourite nail polish of all time!

Hi All!!

I am currently wearing my favourite nail polish which is Barry M 'Shocking Pink'! I adore this shade so much, I am constantly wearing it :o)

I am also wearing false nails which are the Kiss 100 short square.
I'm a big fan of these false nails as the help preserve the rich colour that the Barry M polish provides. And also helps with the growth of my own nails. If I wear these false nails on top for about two weeks, my own nails have grown a fair bit.

Anyone else a fan of these false nails?

PS! Enjoy? Follow me and if you have blog i'll follow you!

Monday, 16 November 2009

I've been slacking...

Hi All!!

I wanted to post something quick to let you know that I realise I haven't been posting much really or commenting on your blogs recently either. I'm sorry, I know i've been slacking really bad! Also, I have received some comments/emails regarding blog awards.. a big big thank you for these!! I appreciate the love and comments you guys show me! And the increasing amouunt of followers, who I need to follow back btw! Thank you all!

I also wanted to use this post as a way of finding out just what you guys look forward to when you see my name pop up on your dashboard, well i'd like to think you do anyways ;o) So I thought i'd ask you all what kind of posts you'd like to see me make a comeback with such as:
♥ Outfit of the day/night
♥ Reviews
♥ Nails of the Day
♥ Make up looks
♥ Currently loving...

Unfortunately I cannot post any hauls as I have been sticking to my ban, but go me!! :o)

I look forward to your feedback!



Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween 2009!!

Hi all!!

Hope you all had a wicked weekend using Halloween as an excuse to get completely smashed and dress up?? Cause I did!!! I didn't go as a Sailor in the end... I was very gutted but I couldn't afford to buy my outfit in the end, I left it too late. So I dressed up as Catwoman.. not very original but I felt very sexy and enjoyed 'meowing' and purring all night! Here's a few photo's from my night.....

Kinky Catwoman

A pic with a fellow feline had to be done :o)

Group pic!

Me and the fella, Blade
What did you dress up as?

PS! Enjoy? Follow me and if you have a blog, i'll follow you!
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