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Sunday, 6 December 2009

My Xmas Party Dress <3

Hi All!!!

Hope you are well! So Christmas is only three weeks away.. how exciting!!! My christmas shopping is going well but i will do a last minute xmas eve shopping trip due to lack of funds this month... booo!!! :(

Anyway, I just thought i'd share the outfit I will be wearing this year, as I have my boyfriends 21st birthday party the friday before xmas I needed a new outfit of course. So he bought me this, which is also a early xmas pressie.......

I ♥ it
I did originally want this one.....

But it was out of stock :(

Nevermind though eh! I can't wait for mine to arrive, im really loving bodycon inspired outfits atm! So tell me what is your xmas party outfit?



Sunday, 29 November 2009

Aussie Hair Competition: My Entry!!!

Hi All!!

So as promised, here is my outfit entry in regards to the Aussie competition as mentioned here. I have chosen the Aussome Volume range and feel this outfit matches perfectly with the description of the range, that is mainly what i'm trying to achieve via the description of the range from their website.....

Click image to enlarge
The parachute style dress adds 'volume' to the outfit and as below, the waist belt and cleavage cut gives me an 'uplift' in the bust area and helps create the desired 'voluptuous' cleavage I was hoping for (he he!)...

And did you see what I did there?? All words hyphnated I noticed are used to best describe the effect of using the Aussome Volume range! And I cannot forget the colour scheme of the outfit, I had to get a bit of Tan in there..... when I think of Aussie, I think of Kangaroos hahaaa!! :o)

So there you have it, now it's yoour turn beauts!!! Remember I can pick a winner of my own, and if I get chosen by the lovelies at Aussie we both get prizes!! So far I have one entry..... gotta say I am disspointed I haven't had anymore :(

Hopeful i'll see some more before the deadline which is Monday 30th November??!! I'm unsure of the time but get posting ASAP!!! Hope you liked mine, and I look forward to seeing yours!



Saturday, 28 November 2009

Outift of the Night

Hi All!!!

I went to a trendy bar called The Vault in Birmingham on Thursday night this week with the fella and our friends Phil ad Kayleigh. It was such a nice place, we reserved our own booth and it was a lovely couples night out.. kind of a grown up night out, it felt weird haha! Anyways heres what I wore :o)

Crop Top: Vero Moda
High Waisted Skirt: Topshop
Heels: River Island
Bracelet: a gift
Earrings: Topshop



Aussie Hair Competition Reminder!!

Hi All!!!

Hope you are well!! Just a quick reminder that the competition deadline is Monday 30th November, if you need details on the competition just click here! I'm a bit worried as so far there have been no entries :s

I will be posting my own competition entry tomorrow for definate as I will be wearing my chosen outfit on a night out tonight! So watch out for that, I know I said I would post it earlier this week but I have been mega busy!

So please enter, and then I can choose my own winner and hopefully Aussie will choose me, and then we will both have prizes!!! *Fingers Crossed*

I look forward to seeing your entries ♥


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Aussie Hair Competition!

Hi All!

I have been approached by the lovely Lauren at Aussie HQ who has given me the opportunity to enter into a competition with Aussie! I was sent a biscuit tin, with a lush choccie inside (so lush i didn't even take time to look at the brand before eating it all up and throwing away the wrapper haha) and also my competition entry details. This is what my competition card stated:

"You love Aussie right?
Of course you do- you're great. But since we know you're really a clothes horse,
not a hair horse, we want to know what Aussie really means to you.
What's beyond the Mmmm, the Aaaaah?
What if Aussie were an outfit?
What would it look like? What would the care label say?"

So I am currently deciding on what outfit I feel best fits one of the categories Aussie Hair Products provide... oh wait I bet your wondering which category i've chosen? Well i've gone for the category of 'Aussome Volume'.
But guess what?!!!! You can be in with the chance of winning some goodies too!! :o)

I want you to post on your blogs an outfit idea, taking from what is written above and using an idea from one of the following Aussie Hair Care categories:
♥ Aussome Volume
♥ Miracle Moist
♥ Frizz Miracle
♥ Mega
♥ Colour Mate
♥ Luscious Long

Once you have your chosen outfit, post it on your blog and let me know via commenting this post and linking me to your blog post. Oh and as I was told by Lauren you can either create a outfit yourself from your wardrobe and take a pic, use items from online stores or you can design something. I will be choosing one lucky winner and if I win my category then my winner will also win some goodies too! (I think thats how it works ayways!!) Any questions feel free to ask!!

The deadline is Monday 30th November, I will hopefully be posting my outfit tomorrow or Thursday at some point so look out for that! To get any ideas just click here


Monday, 23 November 2009

Wish List....

Hi All!!

Hope you are all well!! I went into House of Fraser briefly today, and spotted the cutest heels I have seen for a good while.....

As you can seen the ruffles start from above where your toes would be and work themselves around the one side of your feet to your ankles! I love them.. and £70 down to £50 atm.... i've mentioned them to the mother! So we'll see :o)


Outfit of the Night!!

Hi All!!

Boob tube dress: Topshop
Waistcoat: River Island
Belt: Primark
Heels: Primark

Hope you like :o)



Saturday, 21 November 2009

My first blog sale.... coming soon!!

My first blog sale is coming very soon! I've been clearing out my room and found a few things that I just do not need or use anymore. I'm getting some items together that are new or used... but don't for one minute think i'll be selling any items that can be deemed as 'tatty' because I wouldn't even bother trying to sell items that cannot be used by someone else. (I do have some items that have been worn once or twice, but are in great condition!)

These items I am hoping to sell will be:
♥ Clothes
♥ Make-up
♥ Jewellery

I hope you'll look out for the sale within the next week :o)


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My favourite nail polish of all time!

Hi All!!

I am currently wearing my favourite nail polish which is Barry M 'Shocking Pink'! I adore this shade so much, I am constantly wearing it :o)

I am also wearing false nails which are the Kiss 100 short square.
I'm a big fan of these false nails as the help preserve the rich colour that the Barry M polish provides. And also helps with the growth of my own nails. If I wear these false nails on top for about two weeks, my own nails have grown a fair bit.

Anyone else a fan of these false nails?

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Monday, 16 November 2009

I've been slacking...

Hi All!!

I wanted to post something quick to let you know that I realise I haven't been posting much really or commenting on your blogs recently either. I'm sorry, I know i've been slacking really bad! Also, I have received some comments/emails regarding blog awards.. a big big thank you for these!! I appreciate the love and comments you guys show me! And the increasing amouunt of followers, who I need to follow back btw! Thank you all!

I also wanted to use this post as a way of finding out just what you guys look forward to when you see my name pop up on your dashboard, well i'd like to think you do anyways ;o) So I thought i'd ask you all what kind of posts you'd like to see me make a comeback with such as:
♥ Outfit of the day/night
♥ Reviews
♥ Nails of the Day
♥ Make up looks
♥ Currently loving...

Unfortunately I cannot post any hauls as I have been sticking to my ban, but go me!! :o)

I look forward to your feedback!



Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween 2009!!

Hi all!!

Hope you all had a wicked weekend using Halloween as an excuse to get completely smashed and dress up?? Cause I did!!! I didn't go as a Sailor in the end... I was very gutted but I couldn't afford to buy my outfit in the end, I left it too late. So I dressed up as Catwoman.. not very original but I felt very sexy and enjoyed 'meowing' and purring all night! Here's a few photo's from my night.....

Kinky Catwoman

A pic with a fellow feline had to be done :o)

Group pic!

Me and the fella, Blade
What did you dress up as?

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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Boots Offers!

Hi All!!

Here are some more current offers going on at my place of work:

♥ Killer Offer of the Week ♥
Front Cover Eye Spy was £35 now £15
This is one of the xmas box sets, so why not take advantage of this offer and do your 3for2 xmas mix and match too!!

♥ Buy 3 Benefit items and get 750 points on your Boots Advantage Card!
Thats £7.50 you can spend instore!

♥ Save £6 on selected Olay

Hope this helped!


Review: L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

Hi All!!

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

It's purpose:
♥ This special formula mascara is designed to make your lashes look visibly thicker, longer and yet still natural looking. It's suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and can be easily removed with normal eye make-up remover. Just stroke it on and marvel at the way the brush fibres coat each eyelash fully and effortlessly without clumping or flaking of mascara.
♥ Up to four times more volume, without clumping
♥ The extra-volume brush deposits just the right amount of mascara for an even application that resists clumping and flaking
♥ Enriched with Ceramide-R and Panthenol, Voluminous will protect and condition your lashes, leaving them supple and soft to the touch

My Thoughts:
I have found a new masacara that I love with a passion and it is the above! I have been wanting to try this mascara out for a while after seeing a few reviews on it. I am one of those girls that likes big, thick lashes and sometimes even slightly clumpy. The thickness of the brush is perfect, it's not too big such as the Benefit Bad Gal Lash and not too thin as are some of the newer Rimmel mascaras.

In comparision to my favourite mascara's Bourjois Clubbing Mascara and Benefit Bad Gal Lash; it sits in well with them and gives me the desired look I want. I like how it is versatile and allows me to use only a little for a daytime look or pack on a serious amount for a night time/dramatic look. I will definately be purchasing this again :o)

I wanna apologise for the crappyness of my camera, you may have noticed I haven't a clue how to achieve the clarity some of you girlies are a whiz at doing so i'm very sorry!! Here is a close up of my lashes:

Look at the length of those babies:

If your like me and love thick lashes rather then thin delicate lashes, this is def a mascara you should try out! *Thumbs up*

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hi All!!

So the lovely Kat at Rotternotter Thoughts has given me this blog award.... so thank youuuu, I haven't received an award for a while!!! I am dead chuffed and will now pass it on to some of you!

The rules for this award are as follows:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and link her.
Put the picture of the award in your blog.
Award 7 bloggers and link them.
Tell them you awarded them.
Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself!

So here are the 7 bloggers I will be awarding:
♥ Kat @
(Obv gotta award you in return chick, I do enjoy reading your blog so it's just gotta be done!)

♥ Abbie @ <

♥ Amy @

♥ Laura @

♥ Briony @

♥ DaisyBee @

♥ Becca @

And here's my 7 random facts:
1. I own waaaay too many bags, but still want more
2. I could eat Nandos, Chinese, KFC, Macdonalds and Burger King everyday in rotation for the rest of my life and be one very happy girl!
3. My fav colour is blue, but I rarely wear it
4. I should be moving to London next year with y other half.... very scary!
5. I have a love/hate relationship with my cat, Gizmo
6. I can watch the SATC boxset over and over
7. I rarely eat chocolate.



Outfit of the Night

Hi All!!!

So it was one of our friends, Mitch's 21st birthday on the weekend and his girlfriend threw a surprise birthday party for him which was brill as well as going uptown afterwards. This was the reason why I couldn't attend the Aussie Pamper Evening event in Birmingham, which I hope whoever went to it (???) enjoyed it?!

Anyways I just thought i'd share my outfit of the night with you all, you may recognise the crop top from a recent post about my last haul fix whilst I Christmas shop? Well in all honesty I broke that ban and bought not one, but two clutches from River Island in the mid-winter sale which started instore today.... i'm sorry but who can resist? SERIOUSLY!! Hehehe!

Top: Vero Moda
Leggings: Hypnotic
Heels: Bertie

Jacket: Dolce and Gabbanna

I know this photo is in my last post, but i looove our outfits and my bf dressed himself!! I love seeing him put together a wicked outfit too... saddo!
Hope you liked this :)

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

He cut off all his hair!!!

Hi All!

So the fella has gone for the chop and cut off ALL of his luscious locks, im talking low! It's such a drastic change, i'll let the photos speak for themselves....

Look its all gone!!!

But he's still so god damn sexy :D

I must say, I almost cried when he told me he was going to get it done and then when I did see it was NOT happy! It's not that I didn't like it but, I was def in shock for about two days after, it needed too grow on me! Luckily it has :o)

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Giveaway Entry!

Hi All!!!

Here's another blog giveaway entry of mine, this time it is Erica at Every girls little addiction!

She is giving you the chance to win Ten NYX lipsticks of your choice of shade just by following her rules below:
1. Must be a follower of my blog. Sorry guys!
2. Must mention this giveaway on your PERSONAL blog.(doesnt matter how small!)
3. Must list ONE of your favourite makeup/beauty products ever, and list it in a comment to this post.
4. Must leave your email in the post if you don't have a blog.
5. Must be minimum of 14 years of age to enter, if you're younger, please consult a parent first!

More Information:
1. The winner will be contacted through email once it has been decided.
2. The winner will be chosen through
3. There must be more than 25 entries for the contest to go on!
4. This contest is available internationally.
5. This contest will end on November 5th, 2009

My fav beauty product is really hard to name but im going to go with my fav at the moment which is MAC bombshell lipstick :o)

Good Luck Everyone!!


Monday, 12 October 2009

Giveaway Entry

Hi All!!

Sadie at Butterfly Wings is having a blog giveaway to celebrate reaching 180+ followers, so this is my post to enter :o)

If your interested here is the giveaway:

* The BodyShop Bronze Clutch Bag
* No7 Stay Perfect Blue Eyeliner
* Maybelline Red Passion (Lush Red Colour) 18 Hour Wear Superstay Lip Colour
* Maybelline Cherry Express Finish Nail Polish
* Maybelline Galactic Mauve Lipstick
* Maybelline "I Love Lilac" Eyeshadow
* Barry M Purple Dazzle Dust* Barry M Blue Fine Glitter Dust
* Too Faced Starry Eyed Blue Glitter Eyeliner
* Too Faced Starry Eyed Green Glitter Eyeliner

* To enter all you have to do is be a follower of Sadie's blog
* Leave a comment on her giveaway post stating you'd like to enter
* Also feel free to link it to your page
(The winner will be selected by random in two weeks time)

Good Luck Everyone!!!!


I must resist......

Hi All!!

As of today I have officially given myself a ban or should I say a low budget on what I can purchase for myself.... but only until I have finished all of my christmas shopping! You may have guessed that I have a bit of a shopping addiction, so this ban/budget is not easy for me at all!!!!

So my last bit of haulage for the moment is a Vero Moda crop top which I found in the sale at ASOS for just £10!!! I don't own a crop top yet, I know i'm severly behind on this trend, so when I saw this one which is different to what I have seen around; I had to buy it!

If you see a post from yours truly titled 'HAUL' please slap my wrists for me :o)


Outfit of the Night

Hi All!!

Blazer: Dolce & Gabbanna
Vest Top: Topshop
Skirt: New Look
Belt: Primark
Heels: River Island

I must say, I adore this outfit and I am very proud I put this together without any help!! How sad am i? :o)


Boots Offers!!!

Hi All!!

So as promised I am giving you some info on what offers are going on in my place of work:

♥ No7 and Ruby & Millie £5 off voucher
Spend £5 or more in store and receive this voucher to spend on the above. It is currently going around until about the end of October and is valid until Sunday 8th November! (This excludes xmas gift sets, electrical beauty and reduced lines)

♥ Three for two offer on selected No7

♥ Buy one get one half price on selected Boots Expert range

♥ Buy one get one free on Boots Essential Wipes (cucumber/non frangranced range)

This is all I can think of at the moment, I hope some of you will benefit from this post :o)


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Aussie Pampering Event

Hi All!

So I was one of the lucky ladies invited by Lauren to attend the Aussie pampering event in Birmingham next week but unfortunately I will not be able to go as I have a surprise 21st party to attend! I am absolutely gutted about this, as I was really looking forward to meeting some of you fab bloggers! I'm not even sure who is going?

If you are one of the lucky girlies to be going, I hope you have a fab time :)


Friday, 9 October 2009

Review: No7 Nail Varnish

Hi All!

No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish 'Siren'

My Thoughts:
I'm going to get straight to the point on this one; I am not impressed with this brand of nail polish at all! As a range I have always found No7 to be pretty good as I use quite a few of their products, however the nail polishes are a complete let down! This particular nail polish is not the first No7 I have used, in all I own about four of them and each one does not last. The build up of colour only takes about two coats which is good, but after drying it is very easy to chip.

Here is some photo evidence of why I would not advice anyone to buy this product...

After one day

After two days

So there you have it, I will not be buying another No7 nail polish no matter how cheap I can buy them with No7 vouchers and work discount and I wouldn't advise you to buy this either! I have spoken with the No7 consultant at my Boots store and they find the polish to be the let down of No7 as a brand... it's a shame, they should take a page out of Barry M's books :o)

Has anyone else experienced the same with this brand?

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Outfit of the Night

Hi All!!

Here some photos of my outfit from the other night, you may recognise it from my birthday haul post it's the Topshop dress I got for my birthday from the fella. You can see just how tight it is on, gotta suck in the gut for this one :o)

Outfit consists of
Topshop dress
River Island Heels

&& one of us of course!!

I have a few posts i'm hoping to get done within the next few days but for some odd reason my Blackberry wont send/email photos so please bear with me!!

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chanelling my inner model part two!

Hi All!!!

As promised here are just a few shoots from my recent shoot with the very talented photographer Alex Styles

I hope you like them :o)
Also just a quick note, i'm behind on following some of you back, but I will do so as soon as possible! :o)


Friday, 2 October 2009

My Birthday Haul.... finally!!!!

Hi All!!

Hope your all well! So this is my very belated birthday haul, as you may remember I asked my family and friends to just give me money or vouchers as I wasn't too fussed about any gifts and that meant I could have a huge shopping spree. And let me tell you, I shopped til I dropped!!! I'm sure you wanna see what I got so lets get down to it shall we :o)


Mikey Jewellery
Watch pendant
(Not sure why the photos are upside down)


Studded Sankeskin Gladiator Sandals


Floral 'skintight' Dress
Boobtube Dress


Stonewash Skinny Jeans

Tie dye Dress
Floral Dress


Nude skinny Belt
Union Jack sequin Clutch
Red snakeskin Clutch


Sequin Jumper Dress
(Close up of sequin detail)

And I stil have vouchers for River Island and House of Fraser left!! Don't forget to look out for my photoshoot photos which I should be uploading this week as i'm going to choose the photos tomorrow morning :o)

PS! Enjoy? Follow me and if you have a blog, i'll follow you!
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