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Monday, 16 October 2017

Overcoming hard times

Hi Guys!

I've been through a lot of sad and bad days recently and I need to vent about a little bit because sometimes it's better to let it all out and hope that moving forward things will be different.

This year has been testing to say the least, which is strange, or maybe my karma for having such an amazing but selfish year in 2016. I don't know... but Im kind of getting fed up to be honest. BUT I promise you all, I will not allow all the incidents to keep me down.

I have been feeling really down lately and with the situations I have faced continually being thrown at me it's been extremely difficult. I mean I could list everything but it would take me quite a while so maybe I'll leave it for another time.

That's life though I guess, we have our highs and our lows but what's more important is how we deal with them and learn moving forward. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing support system which includes my family and friends. I really couldn't tell you where I would be without them.

It's easier to overcome hard times with the best support but even if you don't have anyone the only person who can help yourself, is you!

Life  is so fragile and we never know what awaits us around the corner and no one knows what happens when it's all over. So what do I think about hard times? F**** 'em! I'm all for PMA and try to keep positivity as my one and only aura, I surround myself with those types of people too, this is the best way to  stay on track.

Don't forget, we are only human and bad times happen to us all..  I even cried three times before 11am today and I just wanted to curl into a ball and be alone. But I didn't I spent the rest of the day fighting and made it through the day because tough times never last but tough people do!

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Hen Weekend Away

Hi Beautifuls!

So apologies, this post is about 6 months late, but better to be later then never right? Earlier this year I attending my cousins hen weekend in Stratford Upon Avon and my god was it an amazing weekend.

Firstly my cousin's wedding is going to be a huge Greek Orthodox wedding, but I should also mention that she is mixed race herself (Jamaican, English and Indian) and her fella is originally from Cyprus so, this wedding is a huge melting pot of cultures... how exciting! So it's only right that the hen wedding is just as big and this is a little post about that.

The weekend was arranged by my cousin as she wanted to make sure she knew everything that was going on and she wanted us to stay at the Welcome Spa which has Shakespeare named apartments, the only hiccup of the weekend was that the hotel messed up our booking so not all of us could stay in the apartment but they did allow us to stay in an amazing suite which was better in my humble opinion.

We spent the weekend using the spa facilities and also had our own separate dining area for afternoon tea and evening dinner with disco (the DJ was our Uncle).

The evening was perfect for the bride who knows just what she wants and perfect for a crowd of people who don't tend to enjoy your typical hen do celebrations.

Now there are other Bride's to be who want to know exactly what is going on for their hen do as well as the wedding itself and this is absolutely fine, it's their experience after all. As a maid of honour you MUST support these sort of brides and help anyway you can.. if allowed. Lets face it this bride is controlling and it's best not to annoy them in anyway.. just go with their flow!

My top tips for this style of hen celebrations:
1. If the bride organises her own celebrations, she will more then likely delegate if she wants to

2. If you are going to surprise the bride with something, drop hints prior to the event so you know she won't be disappointed.

3. If there is a schedule for the weekend ask for a copy so you can be one step ahead in case of any dramas.

4. If you can't organise anything in addition, make sure all attendees are aware of timescales and offer to arrange the transport.

5. Make sure the bride is relaxed and not overthinking the whole weekend away.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Outfit of the Day: Autumn's on it's way

Hey Y'all!

I know, I know Summer is not officially over yet and don't get me wrong I'm in no way trying to rush the year away, however I couldn't help but notice how seasonal my outfit was today. To some people it's Chrissmasy.. it must be the overload of red but to me it says Autumn!

This was not my attention but do you ever get an outfit idea in your mind and you just have to go with it and put the clothing together and hope for the best? (I hope I'm not the only person who does the by the way) Well this is exactly what happened to me today and well, I think it was a good shout!

Leggings - Primark

I love love love this shirt and guess what, it's actually Tom's shirt all the way from America. If I could tell you the brand I would be I'm gonna be really honest.. i'm in bed typing away and have no energy to go into my walk in wardrobe to figure it out. But when I do (tomorrow) i'll enter the info here ->

And these are the additional items that top off the outfit...

Boots - Misguided
Watch - Marc Jacobs

Are you preparing for Autumn? And hands up who steals their fella's clothing?!

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Savage Beauty Academy Launch Party

Hey lovelies!

Hands up who loves everything beauty?

Hands up who wants to become a Qualified MakeUp Artist/Beauty Therapist?

Well then keep reading, and read right through to the end! This past weekend we celebrated the launch of the more inspirational woman in my life launching her  new business.... yes my Mother's Beauty Academy is ready and raring to go and I couldn't be more proud.

Taking place at the fabulous Garrick Theatre in Lichfield town centre we learnt more about why my mom decided to start this business, what is involved and how she can also help anyone who wants to start a business themselves.

Savage Beauty Academy is for those who want to become Qualified MakeUp Artist and/or Beauty Therapists. All courses are online, affordable and legit - meaning they are accredited by the well established Guild of Beauty Therapists so no nonsense for those unsure as to it's credibility.

For those who maybe already qualified in the beauty industry and are thinking, 'nothing I am writing about will not apply to me' well it does, because you can also take a course on starting and marketing your own business to make it successful.

There is so much that Jeni Bennett has to offer....

Along with her family and friends supporting her, there was beauty demos, entrepreneurs, life mentors and pageants queens also attending. We socialised over drinks and canopies and it was such a fabulous event....

Here are some family photos.....

My mother is a truly inspirational woman and I so so proud of her... did I mention that already?

Please please please go support her and follow Savage Beauty Academy on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My cute bunny trainers

Hey dolls!

I was surprised recently by my Uncle and Aunty with some super early birthday gifts, these cute bunny trainers.....

So I'm about to turn 31years... young... haha and my family know me so well because my obsession with furries in particular, rabbits is pretty obvious when people purchase me gifts like these. 

Now I have been really tempted to buy these trainers myself as I saw the original designer version about a year or so now but the price was a bit much for me at the time. I then completely forgot about them until I was tagged in a post on Facebook where an independent boutique brand were advertising a much cheaper version at a fraction of the designer price.

These are defiantly me all over and I can not wait to wear them out and style them in a variety of ways, watch this space with a Lookbook coming to you soon.

You have to admit these are the epitome of cute and quirky all rolled into one? And doesn't my own caramel bunny, Belle, look fabulous modelling next to them?

What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Chester Zoo: The Fabulous Favourites Tour

Hey Guys!

This past weekend I was invited to visit Chester Zoo and experience a brand new tour that has been added to a variety of tours available and I can tell you now, I was so excited for this!

When we got there I was given this goody bag full of some fun items too...

The Fabulous Favourites Tour is based around the top 5 animals that people come to see at Chester Zoo. It's reasonably priced at £12.50 per person which includes your own tour guide and the use of radio headphones. Our guide was absolutely fantastic, so informative and she really knew her stuff.

The favourite animals can change from time to time and this all depends on the general public, after all the favourites are deemed favourite by the Zoo's visitors. Here are the top five when we visited....

Number 5 - Elephants
These photos make it look like i'm in with the Elephants, but I can promise you I wasn't.. although I would've loved the opportunity to do so. This is a group of Elephants, all related except for one however she is very much apart of the group regardless. They were having their breakfast when we arrived, all of them eating from various options as the Zoo keepers like to make them work for their food as they would in the wild.

Number 4 - Giraffes
I learnt some key facts about Giraffes, there are actually more then one species and male Giraffes tend to have darker markings. This family of Giraffes were enjoying their breakfast too and weren't keen on going outside just yet... although one did take a quick peek.

Number 3 - Chimpanzees
I adore Chimps and it was wonderful finding out more about the hierarchy of this group and that they have even been featured on the TV show 'Secret life of Zoos' You'll see the guy sitting outside on some straw, he actually walked outside then straight back in the get some straw to sit on, so cute!

Number 2 - Komodo Dragon
I've got to be honest, I did not expect to see this guy in the top five. He didn't move much whilst we were there but he was definitely keeping an eye on us that's for sure!

Number 1 - Lions
I have zilch photos of the Lion's because they were sleeping behind the bushes, I was absolutely gutted! Typical of cats to do their own thing and mess up my plans, I guess I should be used to that by now!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Chester Zoo and would highly recommend you visit soon and check out the tour. We're planning to go back again in September for my birthday because we had to rush back to Wolves so Tom could go to the football match... typical men! haha! 

I Vlogged about the day.....

Thank you again to the guys over at Chester Zoo for inviting me up there, we had a blast! You can watch my latest YouTube video of the visit here!

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*Sponsored Zoo Visit

Monday, 31 July 2017

Mrs UK World & Mrs UK Classic Pageant

Hi Lovelies!

Today's post is something a little different, my beautiful Mother competed in her first ever pageant this weekend. As she was nominated to be Mrs Warwickshire earlier this year, the competition for Mrs UK World or Mrs UK Classic was the next stage before the final stage which will be Mrs World and Mrs Globe Classic!

My mom went into both experiences very humbled and excited to experience something new. Pageant's are not events that she had originally envisioned taking part in, and to win both Mrs Warwickshire and MRS UK CLASSIC this year has been an amazing experience for her.

I am so so proud of her and happy to present to you the new Mrs UK Classic....

You can see the sheer emotion on my Mom's face, she really did not expect to win a crown and sash. But she was fantastic all night and her dress was from Eternally Yours  

Mrs UK Classic and Mrs UK World

How beautiful?! How could I not share this with you all?

Oh and this is what I wore in case you wondered....

Dress and Heels - River Island

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Face of the Day: Simply red!

Hi Loves!

Wow I haven't done one of these posts in a while... it's a 'Face of the Day' look for you all!

Today I wanted to share a recent beauty look I tried after a short shopping trip resulted in me purchasing some new products.

Well I spotted these in Boots and thought they would be a great combination.

The Makeup Obsession eye shadow can be de-potted and put into a custom palette, and the best part is YOU create the palette yourself. The NYX glitter is only small but I didn't need to use a lot of product.

And here is another couple of shots of the beauty look......

Will you be trying something like this?

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