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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Outfit of the Day: Playing around

Hi All!

I wore my playsuit for the first time this Summer on Sunday when the weather was HOT HOT HOT! The last time I wore it was May 2010 in Egypt so know I must have been roasting for me to get this out again. I completely forgot I had it until I was clearing out some old clothes in the spare room.

Playsuit: Bay Trading

Funnily enough this only cost me £1 to buy from House of Fraser, more then likely my best purchase in history. The £1 rail that day also gave me the opportunity to buy a coral tulip dress too.... I adore sales!!

Anyways I spent most of the day in the garden and well, I enjoyed it a bit too much.....

I tried out the fishtail plait and a pop of Impassioned lipstick......

Hope you're all enjoying the weather like me!


Monday, 27 June 2011

Review: Joe Brown Hitched Dress

Hi All!!

I was recently given the opportunity to review an item from the team over at Joe Browns which you may or may not know is a website that offers something unique and different to any other clothing catalogue out there.

Whilst looking through the site to pick something that would fit in nicely in my wardrobe, I came across a lovely summer dress....

As you can see it is a hitched dress in a funky blue and white print that is perfect for Summer. Currently priced at £15.95 in the sale!!

I was given the opportunity to review this item a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived speedily once ordered. I have been wanting to wear this since then but due the the weather not being able to make it's mind up I haven't really had the chance. But I finally got the opportunity to wear this yesterday to the beer garden in the HOT weather; and got some compliments on it....

Here is a closer photo.....

The style of the dress isn't really something new to me, you may recognise this style in the previous 'outfit of the day' post from Easter weekend? I love these designs and I think they compliment my figure. It's nice that Joe Browns offers some cool designs with some of the dresses available for shoppers.

Overall I would recommend this website as a place to shop and also the dress *thumbs up*


Friday, 24 June 2011


Hi All!

I've noticed recently that I can not comment on other peoples blogs or follow interesting blogs! Can anyone help me with this?

Basically when I go onto anyones blog, when I click to comment it asks me to choose a profile which is google account. I type my comment, click post and then it asks my to log back into and I am already logged in?!

So when I do log into blogger, I try to post the comment, but it STILL asks me to log into blogger?!! I don't know what else to do, I seem to be going around in circles with this.

Also if I want to follow a new blog I have to log in, it's like I never stay logged in on other peoples blogs. There is never any option anymore for me to follow blogs.

I don't know what to do and I don't want people to think i'm being rude because I read so many different blogs on a daily basis and I do want to comment on so many different posts but blogger won't let me!

Any ideas?

EDIT- I have downloaded Google Chrome and will use this for the time being when using Thank you so much for the comments to help me figure this out and to Laura @ Liparazzi who advised using GC! I can comment only on blog's where the comment option opens into a new window.. so still struggling on commenting on some blogs :/ Better then nothing I guess!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

My take on Black Barbie

Hi All!

First of all I want to say no this is not about Nicki Minaj, as much as I love her unique style and MCing, this post is about the Black Barbie, you know the plastic kind. As a young girl I played with Barbie, Cindy and Ken. I had a doll house, cars, furniture and clothes upon clothes.

Out of my full collection I owned one black barbie doll. You may think 'so whats the big deal' and your right as a child I more then likely wasn't all that bothered that I only owned one black barbie. Actually scratch that, who remembers Cricket? My mom searched high and low for a black version in the UK and I do believe she bought it on a trip to visit family in Canada. Anyways back to the point, I think if there were more dolls of many different race when I was younger I would have wanted them in my collection but that was never an option. This is the point of my post, when I was a girl there was no option to own so many different dolls which are all so appealing nowadays.

I have noticed more recently that there seems to be more and more barbie dolls of different races, and I like it! If I was a child now I would thrive on owning so many different ethnic barbies.

Times are changing and I wanted to show you these photos of some fabulous creations...

To think I missed out on playing with those fashionistas!

All images sourced from Tumblr

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"No one wants to marry a frown..."

Hi All!!

... the above quote was posted on Facebook the other night by someone and it made me think how true it is. And in my case I don't think I smile enough, in fact I can be thinking about the happiest thing in the world but I am actually frowning or squinting. Anyone else notice this? Maybe it's a concentration thing but I must stop it, not only because it's not too attractive but I don't want predominant frown lines hehe.

Anyway, I saw these images to remind everyone to smile...

Have a good day ♥


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Splurge vs Save

Hi All!

Looking around quite often we see items that are amazing and give us plenty of eye candy. But if you look around more, you may just find that gem on a cheaper budget. I'm a bargain queen we all know that so if I see something I like, I always do this. And I thought I would share some with you....

Stella McCartney £765

Vero Moda £32

Roberto Cavalli £337.50

Asos trade £125

Norma Kamali £930

Asos £30

Which do you prefer?


Don't forget birthday giveaway ends soon...

Hi All!

... remember the giveaway I am hosting here to be in with a chance of winning Ruby & Millie cosmetics goodies?

Well it ends this Friday 24th June!

Don't forget to enter


Eyes of the Day: Teal

Hi All!!

Just so you know I have a few posts that are pending at the moment, I just haven't had time to do them, The Rockettes have been mega busy recently with rehersals and gigs and it's a teeny bit hard juggling it all at the moment along with life! So I am hoping to get the backlogged topics posted as soon as I possibly can.

But to start with I thought I would show you a recent make up look I tried on a whim before one of our gigs actually. I hope you like it.....

Take a closer peek......

Without tthe flash

With the flash

This look was achieved with...

Inner Eye: 'Old Gold' Barry M
Eye Lid: 'Teal' MAC Pigment
Outer Lid: 'Carbon' MAC Eyeshadow
Mascara: Bourjois Clubbing
Eyeliner/Browliner: No7
Liquid Liner: Collection 2000

What do you think?


Monday, 20 June 2011

Outfit of the Night: I couldn't resist....

Hi All!!!

As you can see I wore the dress I originally purchased for Richard's graduation party in August, I just couldn't resist!

Dress: ASOS
Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana
Heels: Republic

In all honesty as much as I love the dress i'm glad I bought but even better, i'm glad I wore it the other weekend because I don't think it's nice enough for Richard's party. Sounds weird maybe? But I need a dress with that 'WOW' factor and this dress doesn't quite seem to have it. It's a wicked dress for a standard night out but not for a special occassion I don't think.

So now i'm on the look out for a new dress... any excuse hehe!


Friday, 17 June 2011

Wishlist: Quirky Rabbit Hutch/Run for Missy

Hi All!!

Now that my bunny Missy is outside permanently in her two storey hutch I have been looking around for some rabbit run's so that she has access to the garden during the Summer.

I have never owned a rabbit run in the 10years I have owned pet rabbits, this is because all the rabbits I have owned have been trusted with running free of the garden and coming to me when they are called. Yes I trained them well, but this is different with Missy.

I do love Missy to bits and pieces but she lives up to her name so much! In actual fact she should be known as 'Madame'. She is the complete opposite to all the rabbits I have owned she really does not like human company to say the least. But never mind I still love her.

Back to the reason for this post, I really really really want to purchase a rabbit run for her and whilst searching online for a reasonable priced/size hutch I came across these.......

At £650 I can only dream!!!
How cute is it though really? I know that the paint job and interior wouldn't last all that long but my oh my it is a stunning hutch!

Any this cute little run.....

This looks like a lot of fun too.....

But alas I can not afford any of them, and therefore I will keep these items on my wishlist for the time being. Hopefully in the future I would like to own more then one bunny or become a rabbit breeder and maybe, just maybe I will then afford to buy one of the above.

I think for now I will settle with something such as this...

Anyone got any recommendations for runs around the £50 pricing?
What do you think of the first rabbit house?


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Outfit of the Night: I wore my red leggings

Hi All!!

Everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee I did it, I wore my red vintage leggings that I previously asked you all for some help with. Well as you can see I wore them with the white items.....

Blazer: Vintage (raided my moms wardrobe)
Vest: Forever 21
Leggings: Cow Vintage
Heels@ Primark

Ring: Forever 21
Clutch: Primark (£1)

So what do you think, did I pull this look off?


Monday, 13 June 2011

Video Post: Forever 21 Birmingham Haul

Hi All!!!

Thought i'd show you my latest haul from Forever 21 which is based in the Bullring shopping centre, Birmingham. These items have all bing purchased over the last two/three weeks and I still haven't worn any of them yet.

Take a peek....

If you ever get the chance I mean what I said, head over there!


Eyes & Hair of the Day

Hi All!!!

It's been a while since I posted one of these hasn't it? But heres a post to show you the eye makeup I wore yesterday and how I styled my hair.

Take a closer look at my eyes....

- Eyeshadow -
All eyeshadows are MAC
Inner Eye: Pink Freeze
Eye Lid: Sushi Flower
Outer Eye Lid: Stars n Rockets & Creme de Violet

- Mascara -
Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion

- Liner -
No7 Eye Pencil & Brown Pencil
Collection 2000 liquid liner

As you can see my natural hair is out again, i'm embracing the look. Have a closer look at the styling...

Hope you liked!



Sunday, 12 June 2011

Video Post: My hair without extensions

Hi all!!

I wanted to do a quick video to show you what my hair is really like under all that weave you usually see me with so check it out....

So there you have it, I have basically beared my soul to you guys so appreciate it haha!! On a serious note i've always wanted long hair and never had it hence the reason I wear extensions. It's a huge confidence boost for me which im sure many others would agree. I know my own hair isn't horrible or embarrasing etc but I just wish it was healthier and longer!

Here are some pics for you....

There you have it, my own hair without extensions!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Outfit of the Night: Multi-coloured Dream

Hi All!!

It was my works BBQ party last night at The Manor of Groves Hotel in Turnford and I wanted to show you all what I wore for the occasion....

I was very drunk but I love this photo!

Dress: Motel
Heels: River Island
Belt: Primark

Headband: Primark

Bag: River Island

I had such a good time and really did overdo on the eating and drinking - what else are you supposed to do when there is free food and drink?! I danced the night away with my work colleagues in a drunk manner but luckily I didn't embarrass myself!

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