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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spartoo: My final post

Hi All

Over the last six months I have posted weekly about the fabulous website Spartoo and the brands it has to offer. And now I am sad to say that this is my final post for the guys and gals over at Spartoo HQ.

It has been a real pleasure to show my readers all the items I have spotted on the webite that I thought would interest you from bags to shoes. I have also have the chance to be gifted with items monthly to review their quality and service the website provides.

I can honestly say each and every item I have received has had nothing but positive praise and customer service are always quick to respond to any queries over orders or voucher codes. Whilst I was given the opportunity to write for the site I also hosted a £50 voucher giveaway competition recently and I hope the winner is just as delighted with the product and customer service as I have been.

I have made a fair few posts on the website, if you missed out on any of them then just take a peek here.

These are some of the brands available from the site....


Irregular Choice

Nine West


So this is my final word on Spartoo; I would definately recommend anyone to take a peek at what this website has to offer. I will forewarn that it can take some time to find that perfect item but that is the wonder of this website; there are many hidden gems!

I also want to personally thanks Shelbe for all her help and advise throughout these months and also Adriana for all the confirmation emails of when my order has been dispatched etc :o)


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Outfit of the Night: Grey!

Hi All!!

I went out for a few drinks last night with Richard and some friends, it was a fairly casual night so I didn't get too dressed up but I don't really do your typical casual really.....

Jeans: Oasis

Heels: Timeless @

Here's a little close of my face and hair, you can't really see but I had grey-ish eyeshadow on....

Hope you liked!


Monday, 28 March 2011

Mother's Day Gift's on a Budget

Hi All!!

Mother's Day- Sunday 3rd April

The day we show our mothers we really care and appreaciate everything they do for us! A day I will definately be showing my wonderful Mom how much I love her...

I thought I would show you some lovely gifts for inspiration all under £50 for those on a budget. I personally will be splashing out a bit on my mom with the usual flowers and chocolates but I will be getting her some sexy heels too! I am the spit of my mom, it's where I get my passion of heels from! Take a peek at these gifts.....

Clinique Exclusive Brighten and Protect Gift Set £34 - Debenhams

Armani Diamonds Fragrance £34.50 30ml or £45.50 50ml - The Perfume Shop

Mark Hill Raw Zebra Straight & Shine Straightners £49.99 - Boots

River Island Bag £34.99 - River Island

Good Luck guys and I hope your mothers enjoy their pressies and the day!!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Outfit of the Night: Red Stripes

Hi All!!

Me and The Rockettes performed at a charity gig the other night and I thought I would show you what I wore to go there.....

Top: Primark
Belt: Primark
Jeans: Oasis
Heels: Republic

Here's a little close up of my make-up, I did it really natural which was a change for a night time look but added some red lippy....

Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Pretty simple outfit inspired by the nautical trend and I hope you liked it!


Spartoo spotlight: Buffalo

Hi All!!

The weather is trying it's hardest to get warmer so I thought I would have a sneek peek on the Spartoo website for a brand that has a few cute items you maybe interested in for the Spring/Summer season.

I came across the fab Buffalo brand and I have also previously posted about it here. But today I wanted to show you a few items I think will be great for your Summer wardrobe collection and there are many items available in the brand perfect for it.

Here are some fab items I believe could be teamed with day and night outfits. Look closer and you will see that some of them will also fit in with the Safari and Nautical trends that you should be rocking this year!


So what do you all think of these?


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tattoo Inspiration

Hi All!!

As I mentioned in a previous post I really need some new ink and have been looking at more photos for inspiration. At the moment I have cut it down to three kinds of tats i want next:
♥ Rose
♥ Small Heart
♥ Bird/feather related

Having said that I want all three but which first? Hmmm!! Here are some images I have seen that are helping me decide......

This last one is a biggie......

My favourtie animals are Peacocks and for over two years now I have been very keen on having a full tattoo of this stunning bird on my thigh. Drastic idea for most but I know it's something I want and wouldn't regret the only thing stopping me is the many sittings it would take and the pain! But having said that I don't quite want it as big as the one above, more closer to the size of this one....

Either way I need to be inked up soon and with pay day on Monday I think I should decide to do it this month otherwise that means ANOTHER month pondering!!

Anyone like any of these tattoo's in particular?

Images sourced from Google and

Outift of the Day: Casual Light Layers

Hi All!!

Not really anything special going on with this oufit but it's a simple casual look to achieve with layering.

Vest Top: H&M
Baggy top: Primark
Necklace: River Island

Leggings: Accessorize
Brogues: River Island

As the sun was shining a couple of times this week it was nice to wear something light for a change. I just hope that the weather gets brighter and warmer from now on, but having said that we all know April is around the corner - if anyones listening I hope you cancel 'April Showers' this year?!


Friday, 25 March 2011

I need a new tattoo!!

.... and I need it NOW!!!

Hi All!!

I reaaaaaally need to sort out my new tattoo.. I know what I want to have but not 100% sure where to have it but I just felt the need to shout about it! I have two tattoo's already which you can read about here but I really need more.

I will keep you updated with when it's booked and what I have chosen!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Diffusion Model Hunt: Please vote for me!

Hi All!

Just a quick post really to ask for your help!! I have entered the Diffusion Model Hunt competition which the winner gets to be theface of the Diffusion website for a week, £250 Diffusion Vouchers and two tickets to see any show at the LG Arena.

I really need your guys help with this guys, please vote for me to get me to the last 10 girls in the second round.

All you have to do is click here and click 'like' and that is it... yes really!! You see the more likes I get the better and hopefully it will get me into the top 10 girls!!

I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this, I adore modelling and it is a great passion of mine! I do believe that most of us do have Facebook, so it's also a really easy way to vote!!

Please please please vote for me!!!! Thank You!!


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Outfit of the Day: Pin up 40's look

Hi All!!!

So me and the girlies in The Rockettes are adding a 1940's section to our singlist of hits through the decades to our shows. And with that, suitable attire for this decade had to be sorted and this is what I will be wearing.....

Blouse: D&G
Belt: Not Known
Pencil Skirt: Primark
Heels: Timeless

And here we are all together....

We had a performance today which went really well so I thought it be great to get a couple of photos taken of the outfit for you guys. Take a closer peek...

Mini top hat fascinator: Topshop

Ring: Topshop
Nail Polish: No7 'Pillarbox'

I really love this style of clothing and sometimes wish I owned more outfits that represent this era so well!!



Update on Bertie the puppy!

Hi All!!

I wanted to quickly update you on the healthy progress of Bertie who is Richard and his parents new puppy! They have had him for exactly a week now which I made a post about just here and as you will see he was very underweight and neglected!

This week has been eventful as we almost lost Bertie Tuesday night, he was very ill which meant he spent a night on a drip in puppy hospital. The vets advised us that he could possibly pass away that night, but luckily Bertie pulled through and has been getting better and better as each day passes. Although he is still so small for 10 weeks and underweight for a Bassett Hound at that age he seems to be very happy in his new home.

We took him for his first walk yesterday which was so funny, he hasn't quite figured out yet how to walk on a harness and what he is actually supposed to do. But for his first walk he did brilliantly... even with a lot off stopping and starting......

He is the cutest thing!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Currently Loving: Lisa Jayne Dann

Hi All!!

I have been a fan of this designer for a few years now ever since I first spotted her hooded tops on and here I am still loving them.

The Lisa Jayne Dann designs are classy, stylish and would add fabulous-ness to anyones wardrobe!

I love every item in the range and will purchase from one of the collections very soon!

What do you think?



Wednesday, 16 March 2011

300+ Followers Blog Giveaway

Hi All!

So it's finally here, my 300+ followers giveaway post and here are the goodies...

The Giveaway
'Bling Bling' false nails
Cherry shortcake body cream
'Oh to be a show angel' false lashes
Pink hair flower/brooch
Gold headband
Therapy sparrow ring

A closer look at the ring
How to enter:
♥ You must be a follower of my blog via blogspot/google friend connect
♥ You must comment under this post stating you would like to be entered into the competition
♥ For two entries simply make a quick post about the giveaway linking back to my blog

Competition cosing date: Monday 4th April 8pm (GMT)
I will post anywhere free of charge!
The winner will be picked via names out of a hat.
I will state who it is in a post and then we will go from there!!
(Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!)
Okay... good luck!!!


Haul: Hope Rosemary Designs

Hi All!!

If you remember I visited the Hanging Rail Fashion Market in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago which I posted about here and I really apologise that it has taken so long for me to post about it!

I have to say every table had something I really wanted to buy, but one thing caught my eye and I could not leave there without it......

Hand sewn double layer American Rooster tail feather Collar/Cape & Earrings
by Hope Rosemary

How stunning is this?!! I am not quite sure where and when I will wear this but it will break necks!!

If you are interested in visiting the next Hanging Rail Market then check out the Facebook events here I will be there again and if Hope Rosemary is there I will more then likely purchase another item off her. Once the website is all sorted I will be sure to post it here because the items she makes which are Taxidermy & Bone are so creative and unique.

I cannot fault everyone else who had tables at the market, I just couldn't afford to purchase anythin else on the day. I will make sure I post about the next market and upload photos of all the items I purchase.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Are you interested in a blog sale?

Hi All!!

I have a few items I am keen to give to a good home, many are brand new never been worn or worn only ONCE!!

Before I upload them onto here I wondered if there was any interest in the items I have up for grabs and they will be for bargain prices. All I will ask of you is to make payment via Paypal?!

The items I would like to sell are from brands such as Topshop, River Island, Rare and many more! Sizes range from UK 8-12 and I will start prices from £5 upwards also and p&p will be included in some of the prices!

Please comment and let me know if you are interested in seeing these items!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Addition to the family: Bertie!

Hi All!!

I was awoken today by Richard telling me that his parents were off to buy a new puppy to add to their family and he was going to pick me up in 30mins! So imagine the amount of mixed emotions that ran through my mind after being woken up out of my deep sleep after only getting in after 5am? I soon got over the fact that I had been woken up because I would be meeting a cute little puppy!

So we headed on over to the house where we bought him and here he is....

Bertie the Bassett Hound

Unfortunately he was the runt of the litter (the last to be purchased) and therefore quiet skinny. Whilst were there we didnt question this too much but afterwards we realised Bertie is far to tiny to just be labelled 'runt of the litter'.

He ate like he had never been fed before.. like literally like he was starving and then threw it all back up, I feel so sorry for the guy! He is booked in to visit the vets tomorrow so he can be checked out properly. These photos do not show just how bad he looked he had actually just eaten and we could tell the difference in his body- like he had filled up from a few bites!

Luckily he has pearked up now and is running around like he has always been here! Look out for more photos over the coming weeks!

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