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Dear PR Companies,

I am always open to the idea of reviewing products/companies and promoting companies through my blog. I know that the blogging community are fantastic at helping companies reach their target audience and will happily help with this.

I ask that before contacting me you feel your company/product fits in with my blog and blog audience.

I have had the pleasure of working with companies such as........

George @ Asda
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Brat and Suzie
A Little Birdie Jewellery
USB Makers
Refuse Online
Stella & Dot (Event)
Chester Zoo (VIP day)
Savage Beauty Academy (Launch party)

Why choose Domanique's Diary: Reviews
I am always happy to provide a review/post about a product with an honest opinion for your target market.   All reviews will be constructive, polite and informative discussing anything such as: the product, postage delivery, customer service, website use or my experience at an event. All reviews should again be for the intended audience my blog aims for.

I am able to either post here on my blog or discuss on my YouTube channel which currently has 2k subscribers.

Blogger Guest at Events/Venues
I love attending events and I would be happy to attend events for Bloggers and I am also keen to experience a variety of places be they restaurants, store openings etc, to experience what is on offer, socialise and blog about my experience

I have had a variety of opportunities over the years, however some of these have been quite a distance and too short notice for me attend such as New York fashion week. If you would like me to attend an event my travel expense would need to be considered unless based in the West Midlands.

Please be advised I no longer publish without a form of compensation. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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