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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rant: False Lashes and False Advertising

Hi All!

In light of the recent news that yet another makeup brand, CoverGirl, have been caught out with false advertising of their most recent mascara to hit their shelves, I wanted to make a post about all this malarky because quite frankly i'm getting a bit cheesed off.

Now any makeup junkie like me knows full well that the majority if not all of the adverts we see on TV or in a magazine for new mascara's are used with false lashes be they a full strip, inserts or enhanced after production. I really don't understand why these companies do this to us, do they really think we can not tell the difference?

Take the CoverGirl advert in question.....

How hypocritical can they get? More like is your advert true or false!!!

If you have read any of my previous reviews on mascara's here and here then you will know my personal preference is that I do like to have long, full and voluminous lashes. My HG mascara's to achieve this are L'Oreal Voluminous, Benefit Bad Gal Lash or Bourjois Clubbing and they all do the trick in my opinion. Recently though I have been turning more towards false lashes and experimenting with different brands more often.

The adverts that have been released in recent years are laughable. In my opinion even if the companies state on their adverts that the models have had false lashes, inserts or lashes enhanced after production to cover their backs it still annoys me.

As a consumer I want the REAL effect of using a product not a photo of a female wearing false lashes. Just take a look at these.....


This is where bloggings of honest reviews come into it, I much prefer to read a fellow bloggers thoughts of a product then go by a brands advertisement. Seeing real photos of the Before and After's we all love to see is what helps me decide on if a product is worth purchasing or not.

Sorry to rant, I never do this on my blog haha! Does anyone else get annoyed at these adverts? What are your opinions?


All images sourced from Google

Graduation Paty Dress

Hi All!

My boyfriend Richard finally graduates from university this year with a BSc Economics and Finance degree. He gets his results in July and is predicted to gain either a 2:1 or 1st which as you can imagine I am very very proud of him! Therfore as a gift I am organising a graduation party in August to celebrate him gaining his degree.

I have booked the room at a local pub for his family and friends to attend, with a DJ and food. Obviously you all know me and this calls for a new outfit and so I have purhased this....

I have only seen it worn by one person and it looked amazing so when I found out it had been reduced to £28 I purchased it earlier today and will now await it to be delivered.

Any ideas of colour accessories to wear with it? I was thinking a pop of colour would be nice rather then simple black or white, maybe turquoise.. hmmm.


Fiat by Gucci

Hi All!

Let's talk for a minute about collaborations between different brands and people; they can often turn out to be quite bad, just so so or fantastic and today's post is about the latter. I wanted to show you the latest collaboration between two well known companies and that is the Italian car brand Fiat and designer fashion label Gucci.

How, when and why you may be thinking? Well these two well known brands have come together to design and create a Special Edition Fiat 500 with the iconic and unique Gucci stripe We all know of the famous perfume advert and quote 'Gucci by Gucci' well the special edition car is the '500byGucci' - not as catchy as the advert mind but I see where they're going with it.

Launched at Milan Fashion week, presented at the Geneva International Auto Show with it's own Gucci pop up store and Fiat stand the Fiat 500 by Gucci comes in black and white colours. The unique eye-catching glossy pearl glass paint complement one another: black – with detailing in shiny chrome paired with interiors that contrast sharp black and white or for a contemporary and racy feel; white – with satin chrome detailing and ivory and black interiors – for a softer, sophisticated look.


Those Fiat/Gucci fanatics will have to spend between £14,000 and £15,000 for this one of a kind designer car. If you are interested in purchasing it you will have to wait until Summer 2011.

Initially the new car will be available exclusively online, and is another example of Fiat’s use of e-commerce to sell vehicles, having already enjoyed success with cars such as the special edition Fiat 500 Pink and Fiat 500 Matt Black. The fully automated on-line sales scheme allows customers to pay a deposit, order it directly from the factory, track the car’s progress, make a final payment and even arrange special delivery of the car to their home. Customers will be able to visit when it goes live later this month. This is also available as a link from the official website.

I like the idea of this collaboration and my personal opinion of the car is firstly how cute it and could see myself driving this car through the city with sun shining wearing none other then my Gucci shades. What are your opinions on the collaboration and the car?


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Monday, 30 May 2011

My New Tattoo

Hi All!!

I did it I finally got my third tattoo done on Saturday......

'Alis Volat Propriis, Semper ad Meliora'

which means

'She flies with her own wings, always towards better things'

The above photo was taken right after it was done which is why it looks so sore. I have to say this has been the most painful tattoo out of the three. I always knew getting your ribs tattooed hurts but I was very shocked at how uncomfortable and painful it was to have done. So much that the swallows were meant to be shaded in so that they are just silhouettes but I couldn't take anymore to put it bluntly: it hurt like a bitch! I think I will more then likely go back and get them finished but not anytime soon.

I love where it is and designed it myself, I think the position on my body is perfect. Although not many people will see it unless im sunbathing or naked but I know it's there and that's all that matters


Outfit of the Night: Just call me Barney the Dinosaur

Hi All!

So another bank holiday weekend is now over and of course I went ouut for a few drinks so I have a couple of outfits to show you. The first is this outfit I wore last night, as te title suggests 'just call me Barney the Dinosaur'- this is what the fella called me all night and you can see why...

Dress: Swapped (
Heels: Timeless

I decided to have a bit of quiff in my hair and some purple/grey eyeshadow...

Do you like my new pendant from Forever 21? We all know i'm really into my horse riding at the moment so I couldn't resist purchasing this for around £4


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review: Cath Kidston Shopper

Hi All!!

Cath Kidston Winter Meadow Regular Tote

It's Purpose:
"Our sturdy cotton totes make great everyday bags with their pretty, durable and extremely practical design. The bag features a pocket on the outside; and is fully lined inside with two internal pockets to keep your phone and keys safe. This lovely Winter Meadow print is also available as a pretty open tote bag too."

My Opinion:
I was given the opportunity to review this fab item from the range over at Cath Kidston and jumped at the chance. As soon as it arrived at my workplace in this lovely wrapping I had to take some photo's.....

And as the description states it is a durable bag for everyday use; mine in partiular being to hold all of my overnight things for when staying at Richard's. And although the setting of a bus stop is not ideal, this is just one of the times I have used it since I received it last week....

It is a big bag, maybe just slightly too bigh for a daily use handbag. But very ideal for an overnight bag, shopper or even a fab beach bag? The cute design makes it stand out to any fashionista in the know. I definately think this is a fab addition to anyones wardrobe and what better way to cut back on using plastic shopping bags then to pop any new bargains in this fabulous bag?

What do you think?


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

!!!It's my blogs 2nd Birthday!!!

Hi All!!

I feel so bad I completely forgot Live.Laugh.Love.Fashion's birthday is this month...


To all my readers I want to say a big big thank you, my blog has 300+ followers and is going from strength to strength as the weeks go by. I hope you are all still enjoying my posts and I will continue to do this, who would have though two years ago that I would keep this up eh?! To celebrate I will be holding a giveaway to a lucky reader- watch this space for the announcement of these fab goodies!

Tonight... some celebratory drinks I think!

Hugs & Kisses


Time to get fit?!

Hi All!

I've wanted to get 'fit' for a while and every summer I always attempt to eat healthier and exercise for my holiday and this year is no different. I know I am not overweight or anything but you know when you just want to look and feel great from your own POV? Yup thats me right now!

I currently own three fitness dvd's and I only see one of them as a challenge which is the Ministry of Sound: Ultimate Workout...

... but as I have owned it for roughly 3/4 years I am getting bored of it now. It is a great work out and for the time it came out has some classic tunes on there to workout to. I used to do this one quite frequently as I could see the difference and I enjoyed it.

I have been looking around and I like many people out there want to see my results fast so after reading tons of positive reviews I decided on getting Jillian Michaels 30 day shred....

I don't watch The Biggest Loser but I am aware of this lady and I am so looking forward to a good workout with this dvd. At only £5.99 from I can not resist and I think I may just keep a little weekly diary of my progress.

I know I must cut back on eating a load of crap to help me out and I don't want to loose too much weight, I actually would just prefer to ton up. So to start off I will use it a couple of times to see which parts of the dvd suit the areas I want to work on.

Exciting times, wish me luck!!


Hi All!!

Every now and again I like to let my readers know about new websites that may interest you. Today I wanted to post about couture clothing website

"Midlands based Print and Fashion designer Elephtheria, combines high-end fashion with her exclusive Vintage inspired prints.

Elephtheria’s collection is unique in that she offers you the freedom to create your own bespoke garments. This is achieved by allowing you to choose from a selection of her beautiful “vintage inspired” fabrics together with a design from her collection.

All dresses can be customised to suit. Whether it’s lengthening sleeves, lowering a waist, shortening a hem, it’s your dress so it’s your choice. This is a service, which provides you with the luxury of knowing you are wearing a “one of a kind” creation within a week of ordering.

The garments are designed with all body shapes in mind to allow for a perfect fit every time. High quality is maintained throughout all processes to ensure a feeling of luxury."

A brand that I had never come across before, the mixture of prints and fabrics makes it different from the rest of the clothes you may come across online or on the high street. Not only is there clothing available but pretty jewellery and hair accessories... something for everyone's taste. I think the ideal shopper of the website is someone who is quite quirky maybe quite bohemian. What is ideal about the brand is they can also customise many of the selection of dresses to suit all buyers individually- this always helps!

Here are some items I like....

Eleptheria is currently launching its new collection which you can see on the site now and also by visiting the youtube channel here. And if you are interested in purchasing off the site if you sign up to the newsletter you can currently get 20% off.



Monday, 23 May 2011

New to my Modelling Portfolio

Hi All!!

I wanted to show you some of the new images from my most recent shoot that I have added to my portfolio. I had been looking forward to this shoot for a loooooong time and enjoyed every minute of it.

Not all of these are edited...

Thats just a few.. there are tons more I could show you but my laptop feels like it might crash at the moment, I need an upgrade!!

Overall we were shooting for just over 6 hours on the farm and mainly in the woods down the road. They say never work with children or animals but Rocky was great although he wasn't a fan of the photographers flash. We didn't use that in the shoot as it spooked him far too much.

What do you think?


Follow me on Twitter

Hi All!!

Just a quick post really to ask if you could possibly and kindly follow me on Twitter as I am actively using my account now?!

Click here for my account

I will follow everyone who follows me


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wrist Candy

Hi All!!

I have added some fabulous wrist candy to my watch collection which I thought I would show to you all. I don't tend to wear watches often but I do have a collection of watches with dead batteries that are boxed away for when I can actually be bothered to get them changed, anyone else do stuff like that?

I've never been that fussed about wearing them as I always use my phone to check times. After seeing these two all that went out the window....

Two very different styles of watches at bargain prices......

Geneva watch @ Harvey George Jewellery
With the toy watch trend from last year I couldn't not own one of these. I had just not see any watches that suited me enough to buy until I saw this one and I love it. I wanted it in white rather then any other shade as I felt it would go with a lot more outfits. I bought it at a charity event my mother organised a few months ago but had to have it replaced as it didn't fit right. The owner of the boutique sells some lovely jewellery which I and some of my family members have also purchased. Another item I have from HG Jewellery is a leopard print ring.

Lipsy Watch @ Selfridges
A statement watch if there ever was one! Rather then a strap this watch has a clasp and huge jewels placed around the time. I have never seen anything like it so I had to buy it at such a bargain price in the sale!

What's your favourite?

Check out Pre-owned luxury watches from
Share: and Outfit of the Night: Pretty in Pink

Hi All!!

When do we ever see me wearing pink? Not really although I love the colour I don't own many items of clothing in it which I have always found quite odd.

I wore this outfit thursday night....

Flower: Theraphy @ House of Fraser
Dress: Swapped
Shoeboots: Miss Diva

I want to tell you more about where the dress is from, as I am not sure if any of you are aware of a website called Big Wardrobe? Basically it's kind of like Ebay but as well as selling/buying items from the site you can also swap items. I have been using the site for over a year now and I think it's a fab idea, sometimes you make a little bit of money but it is more likely that you will swap an item.

I would recommend this sit on one condition, that you only swap with people who have positive recommendations. I have been 'swaplifted' twice where you post an item out and do not receive their item to you. Unfortunately I have never received those items back which is gutting as I could have in future swapped with honest people.. but you live and you learn. But yes this dress was swapped, I bloody adore it!

Here is how I did my make up......

Eyes without flash

Eyes with flash

My fellow Rockette; Bryony....

Hope you liked!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nails of the Week: Teal and Dots

Hi All!!

If you remember I puchased a nail art kit at the Beauty UK show to help me practise nail art and this is my first attempt at anything. It's nothing drastic or out there as I really need A LOT of practise but here is what I have done today....

I used No7 Stay Perfect 'Totally Teal' as a base and the Nails Supreme art kit to do the dots

This is how the polish looks on its own....

What do you think?


Outfit of the Day: Just something I threw on

Hi All!!

I've been sporting the rock chick style trend again today I reckon. But this outfit is literally what I mean in the title of the post, I just threw everything on unlike most days when I might preplan my outfit.

I thought everything went together well...

Top: Topshop
Hoody: Miss Sixty
Jacket: Playboy

Jeans: Oasis
Boots: Primark

A simple top and jeans is always a good outfit if my opinion.

Share: Plus size dress trends

Hi All!!

Today I am dedicating this post to the curvier readers that come across my blog. I wanted to show you all some fab dresses found on One Stop Plus. I'm being totally honest here I never really thought of posting specifically about plus size dresses but why not?! No discrimination on my blog and I never would have thought that any of my posts would not be directed to my curvy readers. So please ladies.... read on!!

The website I will be talking about; One Stop Plus has some really nice items available to purchase and also they currently have a bit of a sale going on so if I was you I would head over there and take a peak because you may get lucky with a cheeky 50% off purchase.

Whilst having a mooch around I noticed some fab trends.....

Great for showing off the cleavage and teamed with a waist belt makes any dress look fab

Draping in the right places hugs the body and adds that extra bit of Greek goddess style to a dress.

Summer is on it's way and this style of dress is essential for

A cute shift dress can be teamed with a sleevless jacket/waistcoat as you can see in this pic. Great item that can be dressed up or down with accessories for a daytime or nightime look.

I think the dresses above are fab for summer time wear and with the 50% off mid season sale currently going on some bargains are to be had!

I would definately recommend this site as the items I have posted here are just a fraction of what is available. So what are you waiting for?

This post is in association with One Stop Plus
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