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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

When life gives you lemons...

Hey Guys!

I added some new items our home decor recently and it's not your usually colour - I decided to go YELLOW!

Our bedroom was given a fresh lick of Magnolia paint last summer which means it's super easy for me to change the colour vibe. I realised I liked the idea of grey and white with hints or other shades such as dusty pink and now.. yellow!

And the great thing about it all is that adding items to the decor doesn't have to be expensive. I buy a lot of items from Primark and Supermarkets and the items are great quality. Like these item's I picked up from Primark...

I wanted some faux flower arrangements and commissioned two flower pots from my best friend over at RosPetalz I have another pot just like this but with pink flowers instead.

I think it's amazing when the odd colour here and there can make a room like different. I'll be sure to show you new colour themes when the time comes.

Anyone else change their room like this?

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Take care of your skin

Hey Y'all!

I was thinking the other day about my skincare routine and other peoples routine's and initially I thought theirs seems much more elaborate then mine. But then I had a look at my own and realised that actually, mines pretty much elaborate itself.

I know I've mentioned Arbonne a million times before but this literally is the only brand I use for my skincare. I might have great genes (not meaning to brag) but Arbonne has definitely contributed to how well my skin is doing.

I often get asked how do I look younger then I am, and I just tell people all over the above. I talk to them about Arbonne and pretty much point them in the direction of my Mom who sells it. I've converted avid CHRISTIAN DIOR users to Arbonne so I'm telling y'all, it really is fabulous.

Every day I use a mixture of the above products - this is my full skincare routine from shower to just before primer... my primer is Arbonne too - how did you know?

But if I haven't got time I'll definitely wash my face with the RE9 Facial cleanser and then use the RE9 Restorative day cream.....

Before I go to bed I always use my Eye make up remover, facial cleanser and the toner...

I also think treating your skin is a must, so give yourself a nice relaxing bath every now and then.

If I ever break out in spots, guaranteed it's because I'm stressed or not washing my makeup brushes often enough - hands up who is else is lazy in this department?

So that's my skincare routine - Do you have a holy grail skin care brand?

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Wouldn't it be nice to have a personal photographer?

Hi Guys!

So January is almost over, but not before a couple of celebrations! The month of January can be gloomy for some, but for me and my fella it's the month we celebrate his birthday and our four year Anniversary - on the same day.

Now when I decided I was going to book a meal at Bella Italia to celebrate, I knew the sort of outfit I would be wearing. What I did not know was that it would be a moment of awkwardness when the fella didn't want to photograph me.

Now he is usually my 'personal photographer' but I guess he just wasn't in the mood yesterday - which means my images kinda suffered (sorry guys). He did take some images.... But I did my best to show you guys what I wore so I hope you like it...

Cropped jumper - New Look
Cropped trousers - H&M

Heels - River Island

Use my code 'domanique10' to get 10% off your order

And finally the man himself, taking a selfie is so difficult using a DSLR with no viewfinder but I think this came out good?

Any fellow bloggers willing to get together to take photos of each other based in or around Wolverhampton? Get in touch with me because I'm ready to step my photography game up but I need help!

Let me know what you thought about my outfit too!

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

My first NYX products

Hey Y'all!

So recently I've ventured passed my beloved Arbonne beauty products for the first time in a good while in search of a metallic lipgloss. So whilst in town I spotted the NYX counter and purchased a couple of items.

I got two NYX Liquid Suede glosses that are actually matte. The two shades that caught my eye are LSCL30 an LSCL34 and my goodness am I so please with my items. 

I never ever do swatches but there's a first time for everything right? So he's a swatch and I have to say they are very rich colours and I feel like I will get a fair amount of usage from this matte glosses.

The shades are perfect for me and I think getting a lovely deep red will be the finally addition for my collection, don't you think?

What do you think of these items, have you tried them?

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Monday, 8 January 2018

Charge on the go busy bee 🐝

Hi My lovelies!

How is 2018 treating you lovelies? 
Me? I'm already a busy bee!

I have to say it's only eight days in and I can you tell you all right now - it's super busy already! I wasn't expecting it really, I thought after the rush of Christmas and New Years that things would calm down.

I honestly thought I would have lots of time to sort out all my blog posts and YouTube in advance - I would catch lots of the daytime light to get great photos for my blog and Instagram, but instead I've been here there and everywhere.

Now that I work for myself I'm spending a lot of time on my laptop but also on the go with singing rehearsals, meetings, seeing friends and family and also my own performances. Therefore a great power bank for my phone is required and I was sent this by the guys over at USB Makers!

I love how cute it is with the Eat . Sleep . Blog . Repeat design and it's literally going to be my life this year.

The great thing about having a power bank in your must have items is you don't have to be stuck in one place, you're completely mobile. So charging on the go when you're not near an electrical point means so much to me. And those that know me, know I am always on my phone....

This brand is perfect for business owners looking to promote their brand such as photographers because not only do they sell power banks but USB memory sticks too - all can be customised too. 

The service I have received was great, I always had a speedy response when confirming the details of the product and received it just when they said I would.

Go ahead and visit the website you busy bee and get your orders in!

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