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Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Hair: Outre 'Evony' Quick Weave

Hi Ladies!!!

Here's a hair review post as it's been long overdue, so lets not waste anymore time and get onto it. So this hair is called Evony is a quick weave and is made by Outre.....


This is one of Outre's most popular wigs which by definition is called a 'quick weave' as it is a half wig that you can put on, style and it looks amazing instantly.

For those that have never worn wigs I wanted to show a little step by step of what this one looks like from packet to head.

On a dolls head - straight from the packet - as you can see the curls are tightened up

This is how the wig looks as soon as I put it on - front and side views - all curls are in tact. Although this might look nice, there is no volume at this stage.

Once I made a parting I then pulled my fingers through every section of the hair to loosen all of the curls. As you can see this creates volume in the hair and in my opinion gives it a bit more personality.

The wig cap has slides in the front and the back, the Outre brand also specialises in the option to use a drawstring pull to tighten the cap. I think this is great as it gives the extra security feeling of the wig which a lot of brands; quick weave, half wig or lace front don't have!

All in all I love the look of this wig, it is the longer version of 'Creta Girl' which is by the same brand and I also own and has a fringe already trimmed in.

It's a great wig and really easy to blend in your own hair. Do any of you have this? Would you try it if you feel it would suit you?


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