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Sunday, 20 September 2015

My 29th Birthday

Hi Darlings

September came around again far too quickly and I have now entered the last year of my Twenties - yes ladies and gentlemen I am 29 years of age. Oh me oh my!

So what can I tell you about another fabulous birthday of mine? The day before I went to work and they decorated my desk which always makes a girl feel special....

Then I went for a champagne lunch with my mom to discuss my gift, which will be my very first car, potentially a Fiat 500....

And the original plan for my actual birthday was to go to the Safari Park; one of my favourite places to visit in the whole of the UK. But as I'm trying to pass my driving test I had booked a driving lesson on my actual birthday - yes that's dedication for you - so this meant we would need to get up super early to go to the Safari and back but me and my fella overslept.

So instead of a fun filled day with beautiful animals, it was a very much chilled birthday and then a shopping trip. To start the day my fella treated me to a tasty breakfast...

My birthday outfit consisted of this funky jumpsuit which I got from New Life charity warehouse and my pink patent brogues from New Look....

Then we took a trip to Merry Hill shopping centre and I have to say my new fav store is Tiger !! Oh my goodness if you haven't had chance to visit this store then make sure you do asap it's so quirky, it's like a mini Ikea and I'm and no officially obsessed.

The fella got me this lovely Pandora necklace to match my ring and earrings..

And he also cooked a gorgeous dinner...

For my birthday I got some money and american dollars in prep for my trip to NYC in December.So I spent quite a bit of the money at Merry Hill, I did take a photo of the items I bought but It's not very clear so I apologise for that in advance..

My favourite item I bought has to be my new iPhone 5s phone case, those of you who do not know I am a big bunny fan. And to end the day I was given a cute pug birthday cake....

All in all a lovely birthday and now I'm on countdown until the next. So watch out my blog series of 'Things to do before you turn 30'


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