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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Camping for Glam Girls

Hi Ladies!

This is a quick guide to those fabulous girls who have never been camping and want to know what to expect of the unknown world of camping. I'm going to give a bit of advice but also some essential tips on how to survive a camping trip. This is not a guide for 'glamping' because the two are completely different.

A few weeks ago I went camping to Shell Island for the second time in my life, and as you might be able to gather from my blog and other social media accounts I'm quite the glam girl. Not only that but whenever I talk about camping to others they're always so shocked that I'm actually getting involved it and that I enjoy it

So what can I advise?

Lets be realistic this is not going to be a night at The Ritz, heck it won't even be a night at a Travel Lodge but you can make your over night stay in the middle of a field as comfortable as possible.

Firstly when it comes to tents I do leave that to my boyfriend but we always use a two man tent, to be comfortable make sure your tent can hold a blow up double size bed - trust me you NEED a blow up bed otherwise your back will hate you the next few days. Always bring the following as well as the above to make the best of your bedroom for the next night:
- Sleeping bags
- Pillows
- Extra blanket
- Onesie - if it's not Summer you will need this
- Tent light - trust me it gets really dark and you will get fed up of holding a torch
- Fairy lights - I like to 'try' to decorate our tent however next time I need a much longer set of fairy lights as you can see here...

Lounging area
So this is where you will set up one or more gazebos which will act like the front room in your home, this is where you will sit and talk for the evening (Unless you camp somewhere that has pubs etc and feel to utilise those which we don't) this will also double up as your kitchen too. What you need to bring here are:
- Camping/garden chairs
- Off the ground fire
- Lights

When it comes to food you must be well stocked, although don't panic there are usually shops of some sort near by that will sell items you might feel like eating. We brought all of ours in a cooler and were able to cook everything on fancy camping hobs so make sure you don't forget:
- Pans/Pots
- Cutlery
- Food for meals and snacks
- Water
- Bin liners - to throw away anything that is not needed

Things to do:
In the day time camping can be to do not a fat lot however being by the Sea we definitely wanted to take a walk down there and it was lovely. We also tried our hand at crabbing.. well everyone except me as they favour spiders way to much for my liking.

So what are my top must haves for all you glam girls:

1. Wellies
Whether you get these from Hunters or Primark you must invest in some because you never know what the weather will be. I brought my fab Michael Kors with me

2. Wet wipes
They literally are handy for everything

3. Warm clothes and lots of it
You never know what the weather will  be like to warm layers, thick socks and onesies are always  good shout

4. Toiletries
Most camping sites have showers that you can use, don't forget your shower gel, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and of course toilet roll.

5. Flip flops
If you use the communal showers you will regret not having these.

So that's my guide, I hope it helps and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! Enjoy camping glam girls.


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