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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Arbonne: A cruelty free brand & haul

Hi Beauts!

Hands up who uses animal friendly cosmetics? I try so hard to use as many products as I can that have not been tested on animals but it doesn't seem to always work out that way. Why can't it be made illegal across the board, it would make it so much easier and I wouldn't feel so guilty using some of my favourite brands anymore. I am however still on the search for the perfect HG foundation, concealer and powder so I can switch my brands.

Anyway, I've introduced you all to the Arbonne brand previously to today, and I still stand by them as a brand and love their products - I only wish the foundation was the perfect shade for me. It's either too light or too dark *sad face* But we'll talk about that another day..... nonetheless I wanted to share a recent Arbonne haul and oh my it's a big one!

I also wanted to focus a  little more on the fact that this is an animal friendly/cruelty free brand and if you did't know about it before you should definitely get to know more about it now. So introductory facts about Arbonne you might want to know about:

♥ Arbonne's brand offers many products including cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, hair care and Nutritional items among more

♥ Arbonne's ingredients policy focuses on Pure - Safe - Beneficial ingredients only as their promise

♥ Arbonne has their very own 'Arbonne Angels' who focus on donating to charitable causes for our next generation.

♥ Arbonne are all about being green, yup folks we have ourselves a brand that focuses on being Earth friendly too, virtually all products are Carbon neutral

♥ Arbonne is accredited by PETA, The Vegan Society and The Leaping Bunny

You can only order products via an Arbonne consultant, I am lucky enough to know three consultants however if you would like some more information visit the website ! Anyway here is my fantastic recent haul.......

Eye Make up remove - Make up Primer
I have yet to use the make up remover but the primer is my HG primer by far

Divine Plum - Linen - Titanium
I love the eyeshadows and their packaging is lush too

Lip polish - Brown Sugar
The lip gloss feels great and smells divine

I hope you gained some useful information about this product and if you ever get invited to test the Arbonne products or get invited to an Arbonne party then please do. These are great quality products and well worth the price.. oh and the stuff lasts FOREVER!

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