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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Outfit Inspiration: It's hearts, kisses and roses season

Hi Lovebirds!

It's Valentine's week and now that we've got the most important date in February over, Pancake day of course, I wanted to share with you a cute Valentines inspired outfit that might get your pulses races..... bad joke I know,, sorry!

I wanted to focus more on the powder pink tones then hot pink or red which are the usual shades associated with Valentines Day. This outfit can be worn on a casual date with the fella or a girl date to the pub so slag off all the lovebirds on this event.

Anyone would think I'm single? I'm not, I just don't like single people to feel left out at this time of year. Don't forget lovelies, Valentine's day, in my opinion, is not just for the love sick couples but for everyone who loves their family and friends. Don't forget to surround yourself with  positive beings this week and every day.

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