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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Second hand Fashion: The 90's Beaded Bralet

Hi Fashionistas!

Hands up who has a very fashionable Mom, Aunty or Nan? Do any of you often raid their wardrobes for goodies either to borrow or keep? I raised my hands to both questions! I believe that my mom is one of the most fashionable people I know and her wardrobe options are endless!!!

Recently I came across this beaded bralet that my Mom once owned in her dancing days..... see below one of my favourite items I 'acquired' and by acquired I mean told my Mom I was having for a Summer holiday in 2014 and never gave it back. Cue this fabulous beaded Miss Selfridges bralet.....

Although a fair few of the beads are now falling off I just adore this style and haven't come across one I can purchase so I will have to keep recycling this bra let each Summer holiday I go on.

I'm so excited for my next Summer holiday to wear it again in the lovely sun......

Whats your favourite second hand item?

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