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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Outfit of the Night: Plunge into Pink Leather


This weekend was my families annual trip to Blackpool and it really was another epic trip away. For those new to the party every year my family go away to Blackpool to celebrate my Uncle's birthday and it's a great way for the whole family to come together, drink and have fun besides events like christmas. Although having said that we are a close knit family and get together quite an awful lot.

Anyway.... here is my fabulous outfit.....

Heels - New Look

Unfortunately I was unable to get clear photos with the use of my Canon but everything went so quick whilst getting ready so I hope these photo's are OK for you guys.  I also decided to go direct to the source of supplier for a third of the price rather then order from a 'Boutique' here in the UK and I can confirm the quality of the dress was great.

Also, this is how I did my make up using various pink tones from MAC and Make-Up Revolution....

And to answer your question; yes I did get hot in the dress but I looked good and probably lost a couple pounds in the process anyway haha!

I'm considering getting this is gold as well as the pink, what do you think?

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