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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lipstick - The perfect Nude

Hi All!

Another one of my favourite make up looks to do currently has to be wearing nude lipstick. It's the shade of lippy I can wear most days and feel super comfortable with so I tend to go through a lot of lipsticks and I also try to experiment with different brands of nude lippy.

It's also a great technique to team nude lips with dramatic eyes as it helps draw all the attention to your eye detail and eye colour. I mostly wear a standard natural/bronze shade of eye shadow as I don't have time most mornings before work to create dramatic eye looks.

I wanted to share a most recent look and share the most recent lipstick brand I've been using in a nude shade...

Lip liner - MAC - Spice
Lipstick - Natural Collection 'Coral Shimmer' with 'Rose Petal' over the top 

What are your thoughts?
If you can you recommend any other fabulous lipstick brands I can try in nude please leave a comment?


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james kelli said...

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