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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Style Guide: Royal Ascot 2015

Hi Ladies!

Hands up those of you who are attending Royal Ascot this year? Now hands up those who haven't got a clue what to wear; outfit and hat wise? You too? Well we seem to have ourselves in a bit of a predicament here don't we ladies?!

Well here's a quick post to give you some inspiration...

In case you were unaware there are rules for attending this fabulous event so don't get caught out by the fashion police at this prestigious event. Here are just a handful of rules which can be found here:

Grandstand Dress Code:
-Headpieces must be worn at all times
-No strapless dresses
-Trousers must be full length

Royal Enclosure Dress Code:
-No strapless dresses
-Trousers must be full length
- Hats should be worn however a headpiece with a base of 4inches is acceptable as an alternative

Good luck with your search, I can't wait to see what you wear and I'll be sure to post about it right here! If you fancy sharing with me after the event be sure to leave a link here or hash tag #royalascotlivelaughlovefashion so I can see your outfits!

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