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Friday, 5 June 2015

Re-writing the Royal Ascot Style Guide

Hi Ladies!

So I've decided to take up the Far Fetch Challenge which takes inspiration from the Unfollow campaign. This campaign is all about individuality, being yourself and being unique! I wanted to see what I can bring to the table in regards to mixing it up on a new unique style that ladies could consider when attending the prestigious event that is Royal Ascot.

As you all know this annual event is very fashion focused and with the strict style guide organisers are all about formality and modesty. Sometimes these are not easy to follow or as interesting to follow if you don't fancy blending in.

Lets take a look at a couple of ideas I had for how to attend this event not only wearing a fabulous hat or fascinator but also an amazingly unique outfit also.

Masculine Chic
My first look takes inspiration from a few things; firstly my fascination with the androgynous concept of women in power suits, strong make up and making a statement with a hat. Ideally with something such as a top hat, so taking inspiration also from the men's part of the style guide. Here is an idea on how to mix masculine entities such as tailoring with the feminine body...

Elegance at it's Finest
Whilst I wanted to offer something a little different to the norm above, I also wanted to keep within the guide of  'modesty is key' so instead of just fitting in with the crowd why not really stand out? And not only with just an amazing hat or fascinator but with your dress. Take a peek at this idea...

What are your thoughts to my picks? How would you create something new for this event, leave links below!


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