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Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to be an awesome maid of honour: My Stationary

Hi Lovelies!

I got this funky designed folder and notepad from the one and only Poundshop recently. At only £1 each you really can't go wrong. The notepad is great because it has separate sections so for example I can keep all of the hen do planning and preparations in one section, do's and don't in another and bridesmaid information and so on.  I made sure my cousin aka Bride to Be was aware that I would be jotting down any information needed that we will need to assist her with and all information on the bridesmaid front.

Being a Virgo, trust me when I say I write lists upon lists and like to attempt to keep everything organised, a lot of the time this never goes to plan hence why I have a diary that I carry with me 24/7 and masses of individual lists tucked in almost every page of it.

I keep these all in a safe place where nothing will be split onto them and also somewhere I can easily access them if I am in a rush etc.

Top tip:
- If your bride has a ribbon of the selected colour for the wedding going spare, no doubt she will forget it at least once whilst wedding planning her big day. If you are fortunate enough to given a piece, make sure you staple this to your pad/folder so you never loose it just like I have!


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