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Monday, 13 July 2015

How to be the best Maid of Honor...ever

Hi Girlies!

I have awesome news of which I couldn't be happier to announce and it's wedding related. I have been asked to be Maid of Honor in the last month by both my best friend and one of my closest cousins.. yes ladies and gentlemen I have been asked twice to hold this position and I really feel very privileged.

So I wanted to have a blog series so I could update you all every now and then, give tips and ideas. But mainly to document my thoughts and the progress of planning a wedding and helping as a bridesmaid/maid of honor as I've never had so much input to one before let alone two.

Let me tell you a little bit about my brides and the weddings due to take place.....

My close cousin
My cousin Sabrina has asked me to be maid of honor for her Greek Orthodox wedding in 2017. It will be humongous and just  like the film I think highly over the top, fabulous and a wedding not to be missed. There will be up to seven bridesmaids and this includes flower girls so although I have a lot of responsibility I will also have a lot of helping hands.

My best friend
My best friend, Rosalyn asked me and another friend to be joint maid of honors as she is only having us two as bridesmaids. Her wedding will be planned in a little over a year in 2016 and will be very small and intimate and not fussy in the slightest. I might not post an awful lot about this wedding due to my friend being one of the most private people around.

So stay tuned for updates, tips and inspirations of being 'The best maid of honor...ever'


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