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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Review: Michael Kors 'Very Hollywood' Perfume

Hi Ladies!

I purchased this perfume from my recent trip to New York and wanted to do a review on it's packaging and scent as it is the very first Michael Kor's perfume I have ever owned.

Michael Kors 'Very Hollywood' Perfume

My Opinion
I adore the packaging, although it's not a very standout-ish bottle it is so pretty to me and light too - although this could be due to be having the 50ml bottle rather then a larger bottle. Considering it's call 'Very Hollywood' it's quite simple and could have been a bit more fabulous but I guess the guys over at MK wanted packaging that's not over the top.

The scent is a lovely light and floral which is a perfect type of scent for me and not heavy or sweet which is something I'm not a fan of. This would make a great daytime scent rather then evening, I don't think it's too strong as in staying power which for a night out I think we all need and look for, it seems to be better if you spray it on your clothes rather then your body. In staying with the name of the perfume if you sprayed a few spritzes of this on your body and clothes and then walked past a few people, I guarantee they would notice the scent and compliment you. 

But don't be fooled, it's not a 'glamorous' scent although it's call Very Hollywood it makes me think of sunny days, going shopping in a slogan t-shirt, skinny jeans, hi tops and sunglasses. This is not the fragrance for evenings on the red carpet unless you really only adore light fragrances.

For me this gets a completely positive review for it's bottle shape and size and it's lovely delicate fragrance with traces of Gardenia. For those who are looking for a stronger scent this is not for you, but for those looking for something to make the smell delicate then definitely purchase this fragrance.

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