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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Haul: Primark Summer Sale

Hi Cupcakes!

Now don't get your knickers in a twist Summer is not officially over yet even though the stores on the High Street think it is. I have yet to go on my beach holiday which is only two weeks away but I've completely taken advantage of the sales and here is what I bought

Sandals - £3
I needed some new exciting flats and these really did jump out at me

Bikini - £6
This design and colour will be absolutely perfect for me when I am sunbathing at the villa lol

Shorts - £2.50
These are such cool booty shorts and teamed with the right bikini will be a good look

Beach Towel - £5
Even the towels were in the sale so I had to pick this one up with it's cool design

Beach joggers - £2
Yes you read right that is how much these were, so why not?

So hands up, who else is going on a Summer holiday in Autumn/Winter? Will you be checking out the Primark sale because I really think you need to check out the lovely items they have left before they disappear until next year!

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