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Monday, 9 January 2017

Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection

Hi Loves!

I don't know if you're aware but I have really crappy eyesight? Like really rubbish which means I currently wear contact lenses; however I am in desperate need of some fashionable frames. And when I checked out the new Warby Parker collection I fell in love y'all.

Warby Parker are about to release their Spring 2017 collection of eyeglasses styles and trust me they have some fresh frames ready for you to choose from....

How cute are these? All prescription frames start at $95 with free shipping and free returns if it's not quite for you. But I did notice there is a Home Try On programme giving you the option to choose from 5 frames for 5 days with free shipping if you're not sure which one will suit you best.

My personal favourites are the geeky or feline style frames and that pale pink frame would definitely get me to purchase. What do you think? Go and check them out NOW!

The only negative I can see is this brand doesn't currently ship to the UK *super sad face*.. but to my US/Canadian readers you're in for a treat - I truly envy you!

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