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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Unusual Treat: New Kicks

Hi Y'all!

This week I received some awesome news which has made me a very happy bunny and so, as a treat, my boyfriend came home with an unusual treat to say well done. When I say unusual, this is because I'm not a trainer person at all... but these are just fabulous so I wanted to share.

There is a Nike outlet store, a hidden gem, in Stoke on Trent... I didn't even know it existed!!! Tom just so happened to be driving by it whilst working that way and decided to check it out the same day I received my fab news.  So without hesitation he purchased these two pairs for me.

Original Price £79 Our Price £15
These go perfectly with my work out gear, I usually like to stick with black and pink as a colour theme purely because they seem to be the most popular colours in fitness gear. I love the design of these and they're so so comfy which is great for my work outs.

Original price £72 Our price £30
These are a different colour to what I'd probably go for but I like to stand out so why not do it wearing green and orange.. haha! 😅  I'm not one to fade into the background and my footwear will definitely make sure that never happens. I'm looking forward to putting an outfit together with these, something simple like jeans and a white top?

All in all Tom saved £106 that he would've had to spend had he have gone to a standard Nike store! That's absolutely awesome and I'm so looking forward to visiting there myself at some point.

Will you be taking a trip to this outlet store?

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Jel O said...

seriously?? so cheap omg im jealous! i love the pink one

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