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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Chester Zoo: The Fabulous Favourites Tour

Hey Guys!

This past weekend I was invited to visit Chester Zoo and experience a brand new tour that has been added to a variety of tours available and I can tell you now, I was so excited for this!

When we got there I was given this goody bag full of some fun items too...

The Fabulous Favourites Tour is based around the top 5 animals that people come to see at Chester Zoo. It's reasonably priced at £12.50 per person which includes your own tour guide and the use of radio headphones. Our guide was absolutely fantastic, so informative and she really knew her stuff.

The favourite animals can change from time to time and this all depends on the general public, after all the favourites are deemed favourite by the Zoo's visitors. Here are the top five when we visited....

Number 5 - Elephants
These photos make it look like i'm in with the Elephants, but I can promise you I wasn't.. although I would've loved the opportunity to do so. This is a group of Elephants, all related except for one however she is very much apart of the group regardless. They were having their breakfast when we arrived, all of them eating from various options as the Zoo keepers like to make them work for their food as they would in the wild.

Number 4 - Giraffes
I learnt some key facts about Giraffes, there are actually more then one species and male Giraffes tend to have darker markings. This family of Giraffes were enjoying their breakfast too and weren't keen on going outside just yet... although one did take a quick peek.

Number 3 - Chimpanzees
I adore Chimps and it was wonderful finding out more about the hierarchy of this group and that they have even been featured on the TV show 'Secret life of Zoos' You'll see the guy sitting outside on some straw, he actually walked outside then straight back in the get some straw to sit on, so cute!

Number 2 - Komodo Dragon
I've got to be honest, I did not expect to see this guy in the top five. He didn't move much whilst we were there but he was definitely keeping an eye on us that's for sure!

Number 1 - Lions
I have zilch photos of the Lion's because they were sleeping behind the bushes, I was absolutely gutted! Typical of cats to do their own thing and mess up my plans, I guess I should be used to that by now!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Chester Zoo and would highly recommend you visit soon and check out the tour. We're planning to go back again in September for my birthday because we had to rush back to Wolves so Tom could go to the football match... typical men! haha! 

I Vlogged about the day.....

Thank you again to the guys over at Chester Zoo for inviting me up there, we had a blast! You can watch my latest YouTube video of the visit here!

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