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Monday, 23 February 2015

Primark Haul: Work out gear & more!

Hi Fashionistas!

This week I was determined to go and purchase some new work out clothes as my current gear is a bit shabby and as I'm not into spending a high amount on sportswear I took a trip to one of my favourite shops; Primark

Firstly I am very much like a Magpie, anything sparkly, bright or shiny will attract me pretty much without fail. So when I spotted this sports bra with is funky Aztec design and highlights of neon pink, I knew I had to focus around this for a complete outfit.

Bra - £4

Next to these were some standard leggings, I pondered over the matching leggings which also included the pink trim but went for plan black, which means I can mix and match the top half with those. I did however match the top to these trainers....

Trainers - £12
Leggings - £4

The complete set is so pretty... well if you can call work out gear 'pretty'...

Me being me couldn't just walk myself to the till and just purchase these items. Oh no, I didn't want to stop there so I also picked up the following items too, oops...

'My little pony' style sweatshirt - £5 (what a bargain)

Neon thong -£1

Neon brazilian knickers - £1.70

Nautical make up bag - £4

Doesn't a Primark haul always make you feel happy?!


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