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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tips: What every office girl should have in their drawers

Hi Ladies!

If you're an office girl like myself you might benefit from this post if you have the constant need to have well moisturised hands.

Soap & Glory 'Hand dream'
Soap & Glory 'Hand Maid'

We all know that items in offices can harbour germs such as your keyboard, mouse and desk. Obviously yourself and the cleaner can keep on top of that with cleaning products ad disinfectant wipes, however just to make sure I always keep I team these two bad boys together. I hate the feeling on unclean hands, so I always make sure to sanitise with the Hand Maid and then moisturise with the Hand Dream. 

They are a fabulous pair of office pals and always kept in my top drawer so I definitely would recommend these to you fellow office girls.


1 comment

Sophie Howard said...

I always have a hand cream and sanitizer on my desk at work!

Sophie x

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