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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The ultimate question, are you a Diva or a Dutiful Bridesmaid?

Hi Ladies!

As the title suggests, this could be a bit of a controversial post but i'm going to write it up nonetheless.

So firstly before we go any further, which one do you think you are? Because if you can honestly say you are a dutiful bridesmaid and doing everything you can within your power to keep the Bride happy then well done you.

If however you have had your moments then it could be that you are in actual fact a Diva... sorry but someone has to tell you and it just so happens to be me. Don't take it personal, in some respects I adore Diva's however in this situation it's a really big no NO!

You see in my humble opinion if you are asked to be a bridesmaid for a bride no matter how close or related you are to her it is without a doubt a privilege. There are no other words to describe it, you have been asked to assist the bride herself in the running up to the wedding and on the day, you are rated highly in her books to do this. Take it as a huge compliment!

What some ladies need not to do is make about themselves.

I agree very much that you have needs, preferences and some requests but they have to reasonable. Don't forget that the bride has been thinking about her wedding day probably since she was young, she has visioned it, acted it out and dreamt about it and now that the day is well on it's way she needs you to help her recreate what she imagined.

If you have voiced your blunt opinions on the following scenarios....

- You hate the dress

- You hate the shoes

- You hate the makeup

- You hate the hair

... then I have to ask you, why are you still being a bridesmaid?

The point is this day is not about you, it is about the bride and groom and guess what... when do you ever hear about the ushers acting this way about their suits and shoes etc? Hardly ever. I know us women are much more complicated but it's best to be a dutiful bridesmaid then a diva.

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